Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Trading card reflections

I'm afraid I'm suffering from a 'trading card coma -' where I can't get excited about stacks of cards I already have no use for.

I get excited to buy cards here and there but sometimes I get disconnected from trading card endeavors
- busting a few packs, maybe a blaster, maybe buying some singles may signal I'm still a collector and I'm going to be here in the long run.

At times, I get so excited about a stack of commons I dug out card by card - only to realize it is all crap.

Every other 'break' of something just adds to the misery - seeing cards pile up makes me think twice.

On the other hand, I tend to think everything has a caveat and I tend to realize nothing matters
- most of my collecting endeavors are impulsively based on simplistic means [i.e. like picking up common cards to get randomly autographed]. I don't know if there is a bigger picture for me to pursue and while I know it is just isn't true, my earth is flat.

You visit blogs, forums and you want to be like everyone else, but who in real life shares your delight [?] - I am more like a pack rat instead of a dedicated collector.

What do I do with all my stuff? If I was such a great collector, every I pick up has both a place and a purpose - unfortunately it seems my collections are a little fractured.

Various purchases here and there in my room, but nothing every showcased into a particular theme - I think I talk a good game about collecting cards, but do I take a moment to seriously blog about my endeavors? Do I show the world what I'm doing, in a positive way?

For the most part, I'm not as attached to the hip to strictly collecting cards here and there - my interest tends to wane and I just get a little frustrated because my enthusiasm for collecting is just for show.

I have to find a way to make collecting fun again - where I'm not grousing about excessive stacks of cards I can't deal with and other dysfunctions related to my collecting endeavors.

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