Monday, October 06, 2008

Card show purchases #2

Spent $14 on an assorted number of common cards - I actually found a stack of random Projections Tristar minor league cards [I am sure these cards are from their 'high series']. They were in a box listed as '6 for $1' and I jumped at a chance to pick about 18 cards up, after not being able to find any during a card shop trip.

Projections seems like a comphrensive minor-league card product but they remind me of 1991 Classic Minor League and/or 1992 Upper Deck Minor League - mass produced minor league cards released through packs [as opposed to perhaps minor league cards released through team sets] where you seemed to have an endless number of names [including guys were never going to make a 40-man roster].

Tristar is a niche product for casual collectors who thinks the company can offer something a little different - on the other hand, while the cards are not bad looking at all, one thing annoying me is the birthdates listed in the bio on the back of the cards. They are at least three to four years off and I wonder if a team of monkeys proof read the back of these cards.

#221 Jake Arrieta - Baltimore Orioles organization
#242 Sean Rodriguez - Angels

#272 Adam Olbrychowski - New York Yankees organization
#287 Barry Enright - Arizona Diamondbacks organization
#291 Jeffrey Locke - Atlanta Braves organization
#295 Jeremy Haynes - Angels organization
#298 Tommy Hunter - Texas Rangers
#307 Andrew Romine - Angels organization
#311 James Simmons - Oakland Athletics organization
#326 Mason Tobin - Angels organization
#331 Brett Anderson - Oakland Athletics organization
#332 Chris Carter - Oakland Athletics organization
#378 Eric Hurley - Texas Rangers
#396 Dexter Fowler - Colorado Rockies' organization
#397 Matt Harrison - Texas Rangers
#399 Desmond Jennings - Tampa Bay Rays organization

#327 Jordan Walden Reflective - Angels organization
#385 Chris Carter Reflective - Boston Red Sox organization

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