Tuesday, October 07, 2008

The season is over for the Angels

One run could have given the Angels the chance to win - despite another 'shut down' outing by Boston's Jon Lester in Game 4.

The Angels lost, 3-2, to the Boston Red Sox in Game 4 of the American League Division Series - it means no prolonged in-person autograph opportunities for me and it is time to really get focused on sorting cards for fun and for my autograph endeavors next season.

Angels' hitters were getting hits left and right during the series - with a runner at third base and one-out in the ninth inning, a 'lousy single' would have scored the go-ahead run and these stumbling, bumbling, sloppy Angels may have escaped with a win.

All game long, I kept waiting for the Angels to come through and when Torii Hunter got his game-tying hit top of the eighth inning - I had a temporary reprieve, feeling there was no way he'd let me down, with the dire situation the Angels were in.

In the ninth inning, Kendry Morales doubled, was pinch-run for by Reggie Willits and Howie Kendrick laid down a sacrifice bunt - advance Willits to third base.

I'll echo the sentiments of many and with a runner on third base and one out - you let your batter hit the ball and take two shots to get the potential game-winning run home. It kind of defeated the purpose, watching Erick Aybar botch the bunt on a squeeze and to see Willits get caught off third base.

Now the year is done and it is back to the drawing board - the Angels' franchise has never been more healthier in its 48 year history, but then all the franchise success, the season success doesn't matter, if you aren't the last team standing at the end of October.

Willits - maybe depended on this guy too much, but wasn't a good late-inning defensive replacement and it was kind of sad the Angels were forced to trot this guy out since Gary Matthews Jr. is a just a bum.

PS: Jed Lowrie - seemed like he was hitting rockets and a guy who made adjustments when he needed to.

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