Sunday, October 26, 2008

Collecting topics cards

Infamous - a tragic figure perhaps

Awesome action - The Human Vacuum Cleaner

Awesome action - making a Web Gem

Inking it up - obliging the fans

Awesome action - dirt is the name of the game

Cards like these is what makes up a bulk of my 'active thinking' collection - cards picked up here and there, not worth much at all, but are always guaranteed to make me smile and/or think a little deeper.

I've been getting back into collecting topics and database work - maybe it is the most cost-effective, yet interesting way to collect sports cards [though baseball is still the only one I actively collect] if you are on the sidelines as far as busting new product or picking up new singles.

I sort these cards out pack-war style - using unique collecting topics classifications, which may not be original, but ones I've adopted them for my own collecting use. I only store these cards in boxes, but it is a moral victory to see cards featuring the same theme, coming to life.

I look through the diversity, the numbers and enjoy rank-and-file cards and what they now represent - besides just the thousands of base cards I have no use for.

Any card maybe a collecting topic card and the idea almost no card is a common in my eyes is something challenging - but also encourages me to collect something, without resorting to having to pick up something like 7th Inning Stench repack boxes at my local retail store.

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