Wednesday, November 18, 2009

2009 Fan Pak!

Sometimes there isn't too much fun to be had with trading cards anymore and it maybe fun to have a trading card product - where you have cards with players' images [to punch out, pop out and maybe display for a few hours].

2009 Fan Pak! will likely have a short shelf life, because with their odd size, the cards have a gimmicky feel to them - even though Enterplay [the company making these cards' aimed to produce these cards for young children, instead of advanced, adult collectors.

I ended up picking a couple of packs of these cards - to the credit of Enterplay, the cards are glossy, colorful and actually have players' images on them, so it makes the cards a little more collectible for traditional baseball card collectors.

The trivia and mini-games cards are OK, though seem boring without a player images -

The temporary tattoos are OK if you are going to actually apply them onto your skin - I'm not 12 years old though, so no dice here.

Team stickers would have been nice - maybe to put on a homemade card or flat paper item to get autographed randomly.

2009 Fan Pak by Enterplay [$1.99 each / two packs] -

Pack #1
56 Jimmy Rollins
- pictured
43 Brian Roberts - pictured
31 Kosuke Fukudome Top Stories
8 Ryan Howard Top Stories
8 Trivia and Mini-Games
T12 Fan Pak / Fan Tats

Pack #2
40 Derek Jeter
62 Alfonso Soriano
27 Placido Polanco Top Stories
3 Geovany Soto Top Stories
75 Trivia and Mini-Games
T18 Fan Pak / Fan Tats

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