Friday, November 06, 2009

Debating whether to get the great Vladimir Guerrero's scribble

For $70 a pop, Vladdy can sign my 8x10 photo on Saturday, November 7 at an Orange County, California card shop - it will probably a last minute, impulsive decision whether or not I go for this.

Stateside and away from his Dominican Republic homeland, Vlad is aloof towards most fans to approach him and his autograph is basically hard to get - but why is he worth something to me then if he won't give me the time of day? I don't particularly need to get another autograph from him, especially when I have gotten him to sign for me before during his first year with the Angels in 2004.

On the other hand - I can throw away the same amount [$70] to spend Angels baseball tickets for several games and know I'm not going to get his autograph.

He is a free-agent and may not be back with the Angels - but then considering his signing habits, does it matter whether or not he returns?

It was maybe eight or nine years ago already, I ended up getting Willie Mays' autograph at a public appearance - his fee then was $100.

That is only $30 more than Vlad's signing fee for small items - while a great player himself, Vladdy is no Willie Mays [though The Say Hey Kid does pop up at #6 of Vladdy's comparables through the age of 33, but then Vlad is actually 34, so who knows].

I think it would be great to get Vlad's autograph - but I won't lose sleep if my 8x10 still as no scribble on it by the end of the day on Saturday.

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tastelikedirt said...

$70 Ouch. I like Vlad though. Supply and demand I suppose. He's kinda hard to get so...