Tuesday, November 03, 2009

2009 Topps Updates and Highlights - pack three

Pack three yields a numbered Nolan Ryan insert to 99 - Angels-Jo

UH 255 Omir Santos
UH 166 Mike Redmond
UH 158 Wilson Valdez
UH 90 Orlando Cabrera

UH 93 Pedro Martinez
UH 244 Johan Santana

UH 232 Tim Lincecum

UH 136 Raul Ibanez Gold parallel serial #'d 0385/2009
LGU 11 Nolan Ryan Legends of the Game insert serial #'d 46/99
TTT 60 Dan Uggla Topps Town insert
UH 109 Orlando Hudson
UH 17 Classic Combos - Derek Jeter and David Wright

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Sharpe said...

Nice work on the Nolan. I really like that subset and would love to run across something gold.