Friday, November 27, 2009

National League MVP Award winner Albert Pujols

After winning his third National League MVP award, what can be said about Albert Pujols that hasn't been uttered already - he is the best player in the Major Leagues not named Joe Mauer.

Pujols has done his thing since his rookie year - the numbers are staggering and the numbers don't seem real in the sense they are 'video game numbers. Pujols is a living, breathing baseball legend who is a slam-dunk Hall of Fame candidate, based on the numbers so far.

Contrary to any age-gate rumors, Pujols is finally hitting '30' in 2010 - I wonder how long his metronomic excellence will continue into his 30s, particularly how how goes about his business as a Major Leaguer, when he has accomplished so many achievements.

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