Monday, December 21, 2009

Collecting Vlad

Finding a way to add new cards to the teams/types/players [I'm currently collecting] was one of my collecting goals at the beginning of the 2009 - however, I kind of tend to lose track or neglect what types of cards are out there.

I'd probably annointed Vladimir Guerrero my favorite player to collect for the last five or six years - even though I'd conceded he had a personality of a rock when it came to dealing with most fans off-the-field.

However, there will always be mad respect to the guy who has a wacky strike zone and the innate ability to cream the ball a long way - for my home team.

I just don't know if the enthusiasm to collect has stagnated to the point I really don't care anymore if I pick up one more card picturing him - that seems a little odd, but I dodn't have enough interest his in base cards or low-budget [$1-$5] parallels/inserts/GU.

However, I'm less enamored by seeking particular cards out, if I have to pay more than I am willing to spend - that may mean not anymore than $20 on any single card purchase.

I've always wanted one 'nice' Vlad but didn't pick one up in 2009 - maybe a button, superpatch or unique auto card.

I didn't end up finding 25 Vlad inserts/parallels/patches in 2009 - cards picturing him on the Halos.

With Vlad likely leaving the Angels, I wonder if my interest in collecting 'his stuff' will continue - but I guess now, there will be a time period to focus on, as far as collecting Vlad's cards related to the time when he was a Halo.

Maybe I just need to flip through the Vlad cards I have in my collection - just to remind me the moments he had as Angel.

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