Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Featured card: 2005 Upper Deck Origins Hideki Matsui Old Judge Materials jersey #OJ-HM

More or less, the beat goes on for the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim - two of the team's 'core players' gets poached by Seattle and Boston and they go out and plug a hole by signing veteran Hideki Matsui to a one-year deal worth around $6.5 million.

Losing Chone Figgins and John Lackey isn't really great, especially when the Angels were out of play as far as landing a pitcher like Roy Halladay or even Cliff Lee - however signing Matsui gives them a slugger who can be patient enough to take a walk [like a Bobby Abreu], but hit the ball out of the park.

Obviously the key to Matsui is his health - will he be able to play 120, 130, 140 games as the Halos primary designated hitter? At this stage of Matsui's career, there is no way he should be playing the outfield.

The Angels will be fine because they have a pretty good system in place - as far as the manager, the starting rotation and how young players are eased into the starting lineup.

Hopefully the signing of Matsui is part of a bigger plan to win more than just the American League West - though it remains to be seen what the Angels' next move will be.

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