Saturday, December 26, 2009

Old school flavor - current year cards featuring retro players

I have mixed reactions when I pull retro players from current year products - I feel like if I didn't have the access to pulling the original cards [as in released in 1909, 1952, 1959, 1960 or whatever year] of retro players, then associating 'value' to the process, I don't have as much fun pulling cards of retro players, if it is just going to be another card in a set [and not really worth anything].

For deceased players - pulling their cards out of a current-year product is a problem because they have passed away.

For players still living - most charge a chunk of change to get a basic flat item signed, so it is really a challenge to get a card signed for example, without having to pay a minimum amount for their signing fees at a card show and/or through a private signing.

Of course, I would have no complaints if I pulled a retro players' card - featuring a piece of game-worn memorabilia card or a cut autograph.

It maybe unreasonable, but regardless of style of set [i.e. a tribute to a past trading card product or design] - I want current day product to featured more current day players.

I still want my current year, retro themed products - but to keep the retro player content to a minimum or be in a product of their own.

It would give the old school guys a proper 'tribute' and give me a choice as far as picking up a trading card product - slanted towards active players.

Old school flavor – my idealized retro players

1.) Mickey Mantle
2.) Willie Mays
3.) Ted Williams
4.) Hank Aaron
5.) Jackie Robinson
6.) Babe Ruth
7.) Sandy Koufax
8.) Roberto Clemente
9.) Stan Musial
10.) Roy Campanella
11.) Frank Robinson
12.) Yogi Berra
13.) Harmon Killebrew
14.) Al Kaline
15.) Brooks Robinson
16.) Ty Cobb
17.) Ernie Banks
18.) Bob Gibson
19.) Lou Gehrig
20.) Don Drysdale

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paulsrandomstuff said...

I think I'd like retro-themed cards a little better if they used retro-style photos of current players.

Unless you're doing a tribute to a retired player (recognizing a player's induction to the Hall of Fame, marking a legend's death, etc.) I don't think they belong in a current set with active players.