Thursday, December 10, 2009

Featured card: 2009 Topps Heritage High Numbers Jim Thome #650

This image used for Thome maybe a preview of at least one type of image Upper Deck will be using in 2010 to skirt past the issue of not being licensed by Major League baseball - it seems like the image is boring because Thome is looking out at something, maybe towards the end of his career and he is just in a daze.

I will not try to foist any sort of significance on the 'retro-style' card since it is one I assume pictures this brave, old-school, heroic baseball warrior at the twilight of his successful baseball career - I do wonder if the original image used actually pictured Thome with the Dodgers or it was created from a White Sox image.

If 2009 was his last Major League season - he ended it as a pinch-hitter on one leg instead of this guy who'd emerged big and strong through his prime years with the Cleveland Indians.

The card will probably go with the rest of the Thome cards I've collected over the years and now are stored away - among the cards of players with the last names starting with a 'T.'

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Ken said...

I often wonder what would have been had the steroid scandal not reshaped history.

I think players like Griffey Jr, Frank Thomas and Thome would be better appreciated for just how great they were.