Thursday, May 22, 2008

Featured break
Last Saturday, I picked up a blaster box of 2008 Bowman [$19.99 at Target] -
the smaller blaster boxes are much compact and nicer than the older ones. The bump in the road [with the blasters] was after talking about the BC autographs, I realized there were no odds listing for a Bowman autograph and realized it was probably a hobby only hit.

Regular Bowman isn't the popular Bowman Chrome and/or very popular Bowman Draft. Still, the product features Bowman Chrome autographs of Matt LaPorta, Jason Heyward and Josh Vitters among others.

Even though those players had 2007 first-year autographs [in Donruss Elite Extra Edition, Bowman Sterling], it will be their first Bowman Chrome autographs - will that distinction matter since for the key prospects, it won't really be their first year cards or are people deluding themselves into thinking these will be key cards if any of these players break out or since everyone loves Bowman Chrome, it will not matter as much [especially for any related parallels].

The borders around the base cards make it appear like a TV screen and while 2008 Bowman is similar to past years' designs [black borders] - the veteran cards are framed with an inner red border, while the MLBPA logo rookie cards are framed with an inner green border.

Veteran cards [particularly stars] don't interest me because I already have too many of particular players - I can't get them randomly autographed in-person/through the mail as easy as young prospects and/or a rank-and-file player.

Bowman prospects - Bowman has been Bowman for the last decade with a number of first-year player rookie cards. This year maybe the first to distinguish the prospect cards from the other cards, even though they are numbered differently anyway. The outer border of the prospect cards being white and the image framed with a light blue border/graphic.

My best pull out of the box was a Jonah Nickerson gold refractor serial #'d 30/50 - though the card is off-center just a little bit, it could have been worse.

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