Monday, May 05, 2008


I'm going to see if I can dump out some of the cards I picked up as part of the 80 cards I got for $2 and blog about them.

1994 Bowman Tim Salmon - an ugly card perhaps, because the one thing you think about is the image is a 'butt shot' and I simply don't admire him like that.

1998 Upper Deck Tim Salmon - a better Salmon card; capturing him sliding headfirst.

1992 Bowman Kevin Flora - while I don't claim to religiously remember every player who toiled for my hometown Major League team's organization, I remember Flora suffering through some sort of tragedy that somewhat derailed his professional baseball career. After some searches, there is New York Times story, dated February 28, 1996 floating about, talking about losing his wife and nephew in fatal car crash back in 1993.

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