Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Featured cards: Scott Pose 1993 Upper Deck Scott Pose #762 and 1998 Fleer Ultra Scott Rolen #70 -

Though Pose made it to the Major Leagues as the first batter in Florida Marlins' history, he seemed to be strictly expansion draft fodder. Still his 1993 Upper Deck leaps out at you because it frames the action succintly. You can see Pose has already dirtied his uniform up and you can see the tension in his face as he is trying leg out a triple. He doesn't know where he is going, but he knows the only way to get there is through 100 percent hustle.

Scott Rolen was the 1997 National League Rookie of the Year and while things haven't always been good for the third baseman, he's enjoyed an otherwise successful career as a Major League star. He's played hard and he's played hurt. He's won a World Series and depending on how he finishes his career, is probably in the borderline Hall of Fame class. The card is symbolic of his successful career, though it has been a while since he has starred for the Philadephia Phillies.

These two cards will never be someone's showcase cards in their collections, but these two have probably become my favorites because of how the photographers were able to capture compellings image of these two players to put into a little hand-held piece of collectible cardboard.

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