Monday, May 05, 2008

Featured pick-ups

1.) I dug out 80 cards out of a scrap commons bin for $2
- whenever I go to the card show, I usually spend a buck or two digging out random cards. The cards are usually 20 for a dollar but when I last went on Saturday, it was double the cards for a buck.

2.) Some of the cards I found maybe be blogged about, particularly commons with unique qualities, filed under the 'collecting topics' part of my collections - some cards I found are just cheap finds like 2000 Bowman Scott Linebrink x3, Eric Byrnes x2, Carlos Silva x2, Vicente Padilla x2 and Phil Dumatrait x2.

3.)While, it may not be the most spectacular collecting activity - pointing out something unique about otherwise common cards adds value to the collecting experience. It is also a challenge at times to point out something unique about otherwise common cards, but it is what makes it fun.

4.)My favorite collecting topic are 'bonus babies,' where a star player makes a cameo in common players' cards - I've got about 15-20 different categories to file certain cards in and each stack of commons is a new opportunity to find cards featuring great action, personality and otherwise unique images.

5.)It seems like I'd be happy if I can just have stacks of scrap cards to go through- as long there are interesting qualities to them that maybe overlooked.

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