Friday, May 30, 2008

Travis Hall points to the sky after an apparent sack.

It looks like Zack Thomas just gave Dorsey Levens a licking, but at least you can see Levens securely clutching onto the pigskin.

The question is whether Strahan would ever do Brett [Favre] like this to Drew Bledsoe?

Sacks the quarterback in triumph and lingers over his prey.

Featured players: Travis Hall, Zack Thomas, Michael Strahan and Leon Lett

1999 Topps #107, 1998 Topps Stadium Club #27, 2004 Fleer Ultra #6 and 1995 Topps #103 - It is one thing to delve into the world of baseball cards looking for some nice action shots, but it seems almost too easy to find cards from other sports, where the action screams at you. I'm a casual football fan at best and don't actively collecting football cards, but these cards are favorites of mine.

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