Monday, March 23, 2009

2008 Topps series one blaster break

2008 Topps Series 1 Target blaster with one three-card Target exclusive bonus pack [$4.99 each] - I was browsing through the blasters and briefly saw this for $4.99, marked down from $9.99.

2008 Topps was a 'meh' product - but who knows what I can pull from any unopened box of cards. I also like the feeling of busting any unopened box [even though it maybe no better than a 'fat pack'] for $5.

Bonus pack - T-205 style retro design, according to this Cardboard Junkie post.
#TCP 4 Luke Hochevar
#TCP 9 Joba Chamberlain - looks like someone pressed hard in the middle, leaving a crease.
#TCP 3 Matt Holliday

Pack one [10 cards per pack]
#107 Shawn Green
- was this his last regular issue Topps card?
#209 Andy Phillips
#327 NL League Leaders strikeouts
- Jake Peavy/Aaron Harang and John Smoltz

#198 Shannon Stewart - Green and Stewart were the two up-and-comers in the Toronto Blue Jays' outfield towards the late 1990s, just a couple of seasons before the arrival of Vernon Wells.
#167 Jason Hirsh
#185 Yunel Escobar

#OTG 21 Jake Peavy - Own the Game insert
David Wright Topps of the Class - blah, blah, blah
#86 Scott Podsednik

#93 Kenny Lofton - sometimes I think 1992 was just a few years ago, but reality says it was 17 years ago when a friend and I called a card shop to see what the value of a Lofton minor league card [out of a pack as opposed to a team set] was [apparently around $3 back then].

#72 Mike Piazza - this must have been my 'super veterans' pack; I don't realize how the years have flown by and how long someone like Green, Stewart, Lofton and Piazza had played professionally.

Pack two

#4 Rick Ankiel - - I'm not too impressed with the off-centered image and how Ankiel's face is sort of obscured.
#19 Robinson Tejeda#324 NL League Leaders saves - Jose Valverde/Chad Cordero/Trevor Hoffman
#127 Steve Pearce - was looking for a card of this guy in 2008 to get signed in-person.
#197 Melky Cabrera
#48 Zach Duke

#AR 46 Derek Jeter - 50th Anniversary all-star rookie team insert
#C08-BO Barack Obama - candidates insert; the 'first' card of the leader of the free world would have been a more interesting pull when he was still on the campaign trail.
#121 Mike Cameron
#308 Felipe Lopez

Pack three
#206 Geoff Jenkins

#112 Jacque Jones - despite struggling to do anything in 2008, he has been a 'decent' Major League player; he was a 1996 U.S. Olympian and like Jenkins, went to USC.
#326 NL League Leaders BA - Matt Holliday/Chipper Jones/Hanley Ramirez
#273 Rafael Soriano
#162 Andy LaRoche

#252 Dmitri Young - battled through lots of personal problems; he and his brother were the showcase of a baseball documentary shown on the MLB Network.

#MHR511 Mickey Mantle - home run card insert.
Topps All-Star rookie - promo/info card
#169 Adam Lind
#119 Jeremy Hermida
- maybe some proof that careers of top prospects like Hermida are more up-and-down than meteoric.

#104 Kevin Youkilis - points to a teammate who likely hit a home run; a hot dog vendor in the background claps his hand to celebrate as well. Youkilis seems like the toughest hitter to face on the Boston Red Sox, because the count seems like it is 2-0 once he steps up to bat. He fouls off a ton of pitches, works the count and BAM, he hits an extra-base hit or a home run.

Pack four
#225 Hunter Pence
#77 Angel Guzman
#261 Josh Barfield
#106 Josh Bard
#149 Hochevar
#195 Todd Helton
#YR 7 A-Roid - Year in Review insert
#41 Rich Aurilia
#92 Ross Detwiler
#29 Anibal Sanchez

Pack five
#251 Dan Johnson
#12 Jason Bartlett
#247 Edgar Gonzalez
#88 Jack Cust
#6 Felix Pie
#321 J.R. Towles

#FS 1 Kazuo Uzuki - if he actually existed, would he be on Japan's World Baseball Classic roster?
#115 Johan Santana
#250 Jonathan Papelbon
#210 Mark Teahen

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