Saturday, March 28, 2009

Pedro Martinez

With the Los Angeles Angels pitching staff hurting, I wouldn't mind it if this guy was given an opportunity to fill in - while John Lackey and Ervin Santana recover. Of course Pedro's hitting is the least of anyone's concerns, but if he can make 20-25 starts for a team - I think it would be a pleasant surprise. He may not be the Pedro of 1999, but any contributions from this pitching legend will be welcomed.

There is some grumblings Pedro wants 'John Smoltz' money - which is about $5 million for 2009. If I was a general manager I'd probably offers Pedro around $3 million plus 'favorable' incentives he can realistically hit.

Looking at the Angels' primary competition in the American League West - I would think the Oakland Athletics can give Pedro a shot as well and give their rotation someone to immediately lean on while Justin Duchscherer is on the shelf. It maybe a good thing for Angels' fans, but the A's rotation seems thin or at least a rotation with no definite starters to jump on.

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Dave said...

Pedro could still pitch in the majors - at 85% capacity he is still better than most guys at 100% I saw him in the World Baseball Classic and he pitched well. Not as good as he was 10 years ago but he will give you some valuable innings.