Saturday, March 28, 2009

Autograph request through the mail received: Nomar Garciaparra

Nomar Garciaparra c/o Oakland Athletics [spring training] - personalized and signed one card in black Sharpie.

I assume Garciaparra was one of those players who didn't sign through the mail once he reached the Major Leagues - since he was essentially a star from the beginning of his Major League Baseball career and was inundated with 'fan mail.'

Maybe I wrote to him 10-12 years ago, but that possible request is long gone - if it was ever made. I remember getting him in-person during opening night for the Anaheim Angels in 1997, where he signed a baseball for me and my brother. I got him several years later in 2000, but Garciaparra started to sign less and didn't seem to be as accomodating.

In 2008, I got Nomar in-person for the first time since 2000 - but I lost my autograph book with my Garciaparra set card signed. I was bummed out about that one, since the book also contained my Josh Hamilton [1999 Bowman Chrome] cards I'd expected to get signed.

In 2009, I'm glad Garciaparra signed with a West Coast team - you figure he should be a little mellowed out and it won't be as difficult to get in-person, especially considering the number of times I maybe able to see him.

I saw a recent Garciaparra success posted on this autograph forum I am a member of - found a random 2008 Upper Deck card [I'd 'relocated' my Garciaparra cards from sheets in a binder to a box] and sent a request ASAP.

This request was mailed out on 3/21 and was received 3/28/09 - it was rather quick. I didn't care if it was personalized or in black Sharpie, but then I didn't send one of my set cards and the signed card I received looks pretty good to me.

In other autograph related matters

From this post, I received baseball uber prospect Matt Wieters, who signed an 8x10 photo for me - too bad the autograph had smudged to the point where sending to him had become a waste of time. I had to take an eraser in order to rub the autograph off the 8x10, which is still in decent shape.

Since that last post, I also sent a few more spring training requests - which likely finishes the spring for me as far as requests go, though maybe I'll send a request or two to minor leaguers.

Justin Masterson c/o Boston Red Sox 3/21/09
Nomar Garciaparra c/o Oakland Athletics 3/21/09
Pat Burrell c/o Tampa Bay Rays 3/21/09
Madison Bumgarner c/o San Francisco Giants [minors] 3/26/09
Travis Fryman c/o Cleveland Indians [complex] 3/26/09
Trevor Hoffman c/o Milwaukee Brewers 3/26/09
Ubaldo Jimenez c/o Colorado Rockies 3/26/09
Daisuke Matsuzaka c/o Boston Red Sox 3/26/09
C.C. Sabathia c/o New York Yankees 3/26/09

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