Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Qualifying Major League Baseball players' careers - the rank-and-file guys

When flipping through players' cards, it seemed important to figure out who was destined to go straight to the commons box - without a care for cards of players who may deserve a second look.

Over the last five years, I've been more exposed to the sentiment there is more ways to view players besides saying whether a guy is a star or a scrub - it is interesting to redefine my perceptions of players as part of understanding the game more as a fan.

The rank-and-file guys - are basically the so-called common players who fill up a 25-man roster. Often serviceable and competent in spurts, as great as these players are for reaching the Major Leagues, often they are expendable and always have to re-invent themselves in order to stick around for a prolonged period of time. Often you have to root for these guys, because for the most part, they offer the illusion of being the every day guy who just happened to work hard enough to reach his goals.

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