Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Autograph request through the mail received: Bill Schroeder

Bill Schroeder c/o Milwaukee Brewers - Schroeder signed three of my cards in black Sharpie. The ink from autographs on the other cards stained the back of two cards, but there was one 'clean card,' from front and back. I mailed my request in mid April 2009 and got my cards back in about two weeks or so.

Schroeder was a back-up catcher for the Brewers in the mid 1980s - and the California Angels just a few years at the start of the 1990s. I think he backed up starting catcher Lance Parrish.

Schroeder is another retied former Angel autograph to add for my Angels project - Andy Hassler, Bo Jackson [on a golf tournament pairing book/program], Jerry Reuss, Schroeder and Bob McClure [a recent in-person success].

I'm sure I've got some autographs of guys I haven't bothered to 'count' just yet i.e. Matt Palmer [2009 rookie, who I got this past spring training] and Rafael Rodriguez [2009 rookie, who I got in spring training the year before this one] - a lot of fun is discovering you already have autographs of Angels players who are rookies or players who end up becoming Angels through various transactions.

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