Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Featured autograph - Jerry Reuss

While Jerry Reuss was a little bit before my time - he was a solid performer, who won 220 games in the Major Leagues and was a two-time all-star.

He made an appearance to sign autographs at a minor league baseball game in Rancho Cucamonga California last Sunday - I needed to get his autograph for my ongoing Angels' autograph collection. He played for the Angels in 1987 and posted a 4-5 won-loss record and a 5.25 ERA.

I only had the 1984 Donruss in-hand - I offered to get a couple of cards signed for an acquaintance I sometimes see getting autographs, if I got one card picturing Reuss as a Halo.

Reuss ended up signed three cards on a clipboard [one for me, two for the acquaintance with his Angels card going to me] - I had maybe two or three other cards with me [again for the acquaintance] and while Reuss saw them [I didn't put them on the clipboard], he said I'd have to get back in line to get them signed.

I gave the cards [one signed, two unsigned] back to the acquaintance but got back in line because Reuss had a stack of 1986 Topps cards he was signing if you didn't have anything to get signed by him - I got two of those cards, though I didn't bother to ask him to sign it with a specific color Sharpie this time.

I think Reuss was cordial, though maybe a little reserved - he was accomodating, signing from the start of the game [2 p.m.] to about 4 p.m.

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