Thursday, May 14, 2009

Blog Bat Around VI - why I blog

All of the people who are participating in this have a blog, or at least something similar. For this question, I just want to know about the reasons you do what you do. Why do you blog? What made you choose Sports Cards as your topic of choice? What got you started? What has been your favorite post from your own work?

Collecting baseball cards/autographs are my last links to what I was doing when I was an adolescent through my teens - I never really stopped collecting, though like the blog, the interest ebbs and flows.

I blog in order to show people I have an interest in collecting baseball cards and collecting autographs - at a time, when the reality is all I have are other blogs to read as opposed to real life interactions with actual collectors I might see on a regular basis. I don't have a cute banner, I don't have agenda against the card companies or known experts. I blog to showcase more stuff from my collection and talk about hobby related issues I may find interesting.

My interests evolved from having a now-defunct through the mail autograph 'collecting' page 10 years ago - when people still had web pages instead of Web sites. In the last five years, it seems like every other collector has a blog instead of a Web page.

My roots are in baseball card collecting and I liked the idea of someone being able to have fun with their cards - they randomly picked up at a card show or swap meet.

I said if Ben Henry can have fun blogging about his baseball cards - then I can post a regular basis.

Other 'fun sites' have influenced me through their postings include - the Cardboard Junkie, Dinged Corners, Wax Heaven, et al.

My favorite posts probably come from the reflective posts - it adds some conscience to what I consider a site discussing the esoteric qualities of collecting baseball cards and autographs.

i.e. Why we care about performance enhancing drugs.

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