Thursday, June 29, 2017

My cardboard of doom - organizing inserts

Presumably my collecting life will be over at some point - so what would someone make of the remains of what animated me?

Would the snapshot be of someone who managed to have some cool stuff and knew what he was collecting or would the picture be less flattering - where I built upon scattered interests that have left my collections incomplete, unfinished and abandoned?

I may have good intentions, I may have a plan but maybe the focus isn’t there - things fall kind of flat and I end up feeling like a hoarder at times, which maybe the truth.

At the most basic level, I want to be able to go through the cards I've collected and feel like I'm not such a hoarder at times - as is, one of the things that bug me are the countless inserts I've pulled over the past five or six years.

I don't really think I bust enough of anything to have all sorts of inserts - but I may have assorted cards 'all over the place,' maybe squirreled away to give them the most minimal of protection, but otherwise loose.

Which ones I do list out in their own A-Z archive of sorts to be jammed away in a box and which ones can I just add to my 'binder collection' of decade stars - I think the most common inserts associated with a particular decade star can be stored with the players' other cards because it's not like I'm going to need some random, cheapo insert.

Anything that ends up falling under 'misc' where it's kind of a more notable card nicer than a common insert and/or base card - can be listed in a Google Sheets file and put away.

I guess the biggest benefit of having a list and also keeping up with the physical collection is for trade purposes, which I don't really do because the hobby is really self-absorbed for me - still, in order to feel a little bit more organized, to be a 'pro' if you will, I'd like to harp on accounting for inserts coming into my hands.

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