Tuesday, June 20, 2017

The 30-Day Baseball Card Challenge - Day 28

"A favorite relic/manufactured relic card."

2001 Upper Deck SPX Ken Griffey Jr. #KG1 jersey bat relic - when memorabilia cards were still kind of a thing, the concept of having one card featuring pieces from a players' game 'worn' or 'used' material appealed to me.

Besides the really harder to pull super patch cards, with a huge swatch from some patch off a player's jersey - I had the idea these dual relic cards was the next best thing, if couldn't secure the player's certified autograph for one reason or another.

Even if the sentiment towards game-used cards has tailed off due to being too common or with collectors just not being able to trust card companies as far as authenticity of the relics used - dual relic cards still catch my eye depending on the player shown, what types of 'worn' or 'used' materials are used and whether or not the card just looks good.

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Fuji said...

Nice Griffey. Even with their authenticity in doubt... I still really enjoy collecting a great looking relic card.