Wednesday, June 28, 2017

TTM autographs received: Gary Pettis

The former Angels outfielder signed my cards in black Sharpie in about three weeks c/o Houston Astros - where he is the third base coach.

Pettis as an all-world center fielder and while he didn't hit much - he got on base at a decent enough clip, was a speedster and in his prime, no one matched his prowess as a defender.

Like Devon Whyte, I saw at least one TTM success posted on Instagram this year and figured I might as well send off a letter to see - if I could get ink on four of my random junk wax era cards.

Pettis was a long time coach with the Texas Rangers, where I probably got his autograph in-person at least a couple of times - he wasn't really a tough guy to get, but it still felt like a chore to actually try and get him

He just didn't care for signing and didn't pay much attention to signing his autograph - when he did sign, the autograph on your item might be upside down, sideways, over his face, but never upright and neat.

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