Thursday, March 24, 2005

There is something missing with my spring training requests that I've already mailed out in the last month.

There are 'dead periods' where you feel like you should be receiving more Self Addressed Stamped Envelopess, than the one or two that trickle in every few days. You hope that your rightful mail doesn't get lost, but it probably happens more than I'd like to imagine. If I've seen a handful of successes reported from a player and I either haven't gotten my own success or it was a player that I feel I need to write to and subsequently did so, have I missed out already?

Where are my requests buried? As these days wane, you wonder how many more can you send out, without sacrificing even more cards? It gets irritating.

Get more envelopes and stamps. Type out more requests. When do I stop continuing to put together and mailing off spring training requests? I'm not going to call it work, but I put time in and my efforts aren't all that effective. It hasn't really been more than a month since I've sent autograph requests out, but I'm feeling the limitations of just trying to get stuff done in the mail.

Maybe I made a mistake. I forgot to put a stamp on my SASE. Maybe my requests are buried at the bottom of a pile, where players and maybe a coach/manager I wrote a request to only relent to sign only so much 'fan mail.'

Maybe I'm just impatient.

Monday, March 07, 2005

My computer crashed in mid February and it represents the third time within the year, I've lost important information such as my 'records' of autograph request sent in the mail. I keep telling myself that at least isn't the actual items, but makes me a little weary(though maybe not much more careful anyway) to input personal data about my hobby and my life.

I like to send cards away and get them back at a healthy pace. The work as far as autograph requests in the mail goes, is to put together requests and not merely done infront of the computer screen. I worry about accounting for the cards I've sent to particular players in order to see if they can get signed, but I've lost them anyway if I don't get them back. It is just I want to get a beat on things. If I've sent out some 'set cards,' that are long gone, I need to know what to replace. I need to know that I've already written to a player several times with no response. All that is gone and I don't know if I'd trust the next reincarnation of my PC to store personal data.

Who knows