Monday, September 20, 2010

Another 2010 Topps II Jumbo Pack recap

2010 Topps Topps II Value Pack [$4.99 x1 at Target] - I was disappointed I pulled a Million Card Giveaway code card and end up with a 2005 Topps Sean Casey...what a crock.

Top compartment

#509 Todd Helton

#464 Francisco Liriano
#391 Manny Parra

#397 Colorado Rockies - featuring Troy Tulowitzki
#577 Jason Jaramillo
#375 Mike Leake

#636 Celeb "Rays" tion Time - featuring Evan Longoria and B.J. Upton
#467 Fausto Carmona
#572 Clay Buchholz
#377 Felix Hernandez
#564 Houston Astros
Jason Bay Topps Attax
#614 Kelly Johnson
#660 Brandon McCarthy
#585 Dioner Navarro
#631 Marc Rzepczynski
#519 Alexi Casilla

#621 Aaron Cook

Bottom compartment - first part of the jumbo I actually busted through.

#607 Ubaldo Jimenez - after pulling four Colorado Rockies cards, it figures I don't show the card picturing the ace of the team's staff.
#344 Brett Myers
#394 Luis Castillo
#547 Brett Gardner
#649 Casey McGehee

#471 Drew Butera
#452 Allen Craig

#510 Arizona Diamondbacks to Back Jacks checklist - featuring Justin Upton and Mark Reynolds
#640 Matt Diaz

#CMT-75 Rod Carew
#HWS 7 Mel Ott
#PP-82 Yogi Berra

#TR-78 Dan Haren
#346 Taylor Teagarden
#420 Shin-Soo Choo
#448 Joakim Soria
#529 Carlos Lee

Sunday, September 19, 2010

2008 Topps Stadium Club pack break recap

2008 Topps Stadium club retail [$1.59 x1 at Target] - this was the only pack that interested me out of the cheap-o "Power Pack" box I find at Target.

I'd like to say nearly all the packs out those "Power Pack" boxes are junk - there non-sport packs, a handful of packs from other sports and 'full priced' loose packs collected randomly from the shelves.

Still, if there was more baseball packs - maybe I would look through those boxes a little bit more for that elusive $1.59 discarded baseball pack [or two].

#103 Nick Adenhart - R.I.P.
#20 Jorge Posada
#8 Mark Teixeira
#19 Jason Bay
#84 Daisuke Matsuzaka - First Day Issue stamp

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Sayonara Hideki Matsui

Though he didn't help the Angels get anywhere close to the playoffs in 2010, the Angels need to keep designated hitter Hideki Matsui for at least one more season - he is still a productive offensive player and at 36, is probably still a gate attraction [for Japanese MLB baseball fans].

The reality however Godzilla will probably not be with the Angels in 2011 - outfielder Bobby Abreu will probably have to see more time at the designated hitter position in 2011.

More importantly, the Angels are probably looking to see what minor league slugger Mark Trumbo is going to be capable of in the Major Leagues - Trumbo is about as ripe as they come at 24 / 25 and 2011 will dictate his future as a Major Leaguer.

A realistic place for Matsui to land for 2011 is back in New York with the Yankees - it really isn't a stretch to assume if Matsui is intent on continuing his MLB career, he'll go back to the organization where he first started, where it maybe assumed there is a comfort zone.

Sunday, September 12, 2010

2010 Topps II Jumbo Pack recap

2010 Topps Topps II Value Pack [$4.99 x1 at Target] - I was disappointed I didn't pull a Million Card Giveaway code card.

Top compartment

#388 Joel Pineiro - an injury wiped out any success he may have enjoyed in his first season with the Angels in 2010.
#505 Andy Marte - I'll keep getting his cards and he'll keep disappointing anyone who ever expected big things from him.
#586 Roy Oswalt
#423 Brad Bergesen
#402 J.P. Howell
#365 Logan Ondrusek

#572 Clay Buchholz
#377 Felix Hernandez
#CMT 104 John Smoltz
- 1997 Topps reprint
#HWS 13 Yogi Berra
#PP-78 Mark Reynolds

#NOTR 98 Ubaldo Jimenez
#499 Michael Bowden
#605 A.J. Pierzynski
#633 Daniel Bard
#581 Chris Dickerson
#419 David Aardsma

Bottom compartment

#567 Mike Pelfrey
#493 Travis Ishikawa
#441 Clete Thomas
#367 Wandy Rodriguez
- it looks like Eny Cabrera has rebounded from his early-season struggles.
#645 Texas Rangers

#527 Brandon Wood
#651 Mike Aviles
#496 Rajai Davis
#357 Scott Downs
#640 Matt Diaz [DIE-yaz]
#VLC 2 Johnny Mize

#T1 Ryan Braun - maybe it is because of the graphics [i.e. like the little stars in the background and the colors] but tilting this card for a moment really helps create a 3D illusion.

It makes the card appear like a little shadowbox frame with Braun's image popping out - it looks like I'm going to have to find more of these cards because they are kind of 'cute' as opposed to your rank-and-file baseball card types.

Alexei Ramirez Topps Attax
#484 Mike Fontenot
#396 Jake Westbrook
#444 Jeremy Guthrie
#511 Cubs Franchise
#380 J.D. Drew
#426 Mark Reynolds

2010 Topps T-206 Value Pack recap

2010 Topps T-206 Value Pack [$4.99 x1 at Target] - I don't like the idea of the 'hatless' images used for these cards, but an unintended consquence [that is actually a good thing] is I have cards to add to my 'hats-off' collection of cards [where players are pictured without wearing any caps and/or batting helmets].

Top compartment of the rack

#211 Jered Weaver - looking kind of grim faced; probably the side effect for pitching so well as the ace of a decidedly mediocre Angels' team in 2010.
#236 Johnny Bench
#227 Chad Billingsley mini - Piedmont back
#46 Carlos Quentin
#21 Jason Kubel
#263 C.C. Sabathia
#281 Melky Cabrera

I've only experienced the wrath of Johnny Bench when trying to get his autograph for free at golf tournaments [on something other than a piece of paper] - but this is a nice card featuring the same image used on Bench's 1969 Topps second year card.

Bottom compartment of the rack

#193 Buster Posey - looking to go neck-and-neck against Atlanta Braves catcher Brian McCann as the best hitting catcher in the Naional League.
#183 Carlos Pena - gold border parallel
#99 Christy Matthewson
#70 Luke Hochevar
#277 Johnny Evers

Monday, September 06, 2010

Featured autographs - the Hairston Brothers

It looks like the San Diego Padres are about to choke up the lead in the National League West - is it a coincidence they've lost 10 games in the row without older brother Jerry in the lineup? Probably, but the Padres won six straight games before the older of the two brothers was apparently injured and had to go on the disabled list.

As an 'infrequent visitor' to Petco Park this season, it was fun watching Major League Baseball's feel good story [at least for parts when I was actually in the stadium during the Padres games I was at instead of next door at Lolita's] - now it is really starts getting to be a thrill ride to the finish line to see who ends up with the NL West crown.

Sunday, September 05, 2010

The Angels could use this guy - Colby Rasmus

The Angels need to trade for St. Louis Cardinals centerfielder Colby Rasmus - before some team like the Boston Red Sox or New York Yankees pick him up on the cheap and watch him cash in on his immense talent.

Rasmus has apparently had problems with manager Tony LaRussa not just this season and while the animal rights advocate is getting long in the tooth [and may not manage the Cardinals past this season] - Rasmus isn't doing himself any favors after being called out by teh Albert Pujols himself.

Despite Rasmus' ability to play a premium defensive position while being able to hit a little bit, hit for power, run and maybe pick up 40-50 walks in a season - at the ripe old age of 24, he is just another guy on the Cardinals' roster right now.

Thursday, September 02, 2010

Featured card: 2010 Bowman Chrome Prospects Jean Segura #BCP 7

While uber prospect Mike Trout in the Angels' farm system getting much of the Midwest League accolades [despite already being promoted] in 2010 - Segura has had a pretty good year himself down in Cedar Rapids and is likely slated to play in advanced Class-A ball in 2011.