Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Card show trip #3 the finale - 2011 Bowman Draft hobby box recaps

I wanted baseball cards of young professional players, guys drafted or signed this past year by Major League teams I've never heard about before - I think I got a stampede of them in the 2011 Bowman Draft boxes I picked up for $58 each as my 'main' hauls from my card show trip.

It remains to be seen which various base prospect cards I'll be able to get signed and which ones I'll be stuck with for a while - hopefully for the guys that do 'wash out,' I'll be able to get their cards signed sooner than never.

There are also cards of 2011 MLB rookies and USA players featured in this set - I think the USA players are from the U16 team, so it maybe a couple of years away before we find a particular guy is either going to play professional baseball out of high school or go to college of some sort.

The black borders on the non-Chrome prospect cards remind me of the black bordered wrapper redemption cards from 2010 Bowman Chrome - I like how these prospect cards came out for 2011 BDP, though they maybe more condition sensitive than the plain ole' white border prospect cards from regular Bowman.

I don't know if the stated odds really bear it out - but I was expecting to pull more 'color' as in various refractors. There is no sugarcoating the fact that the refractors / colored parallels I pulled were a bit 'lackluster.'

My two autographs were two Chicago Cubs - Javier Baez [9th overall] and Dan Vogelbach [68th overall]; I didn't realize Baez was picked within the first 10 overall picks and I've seen Chris Farley lookalike Vogelbach from his Power Showcase highlight video.

Box one
#14 Matt Carpenter - Chrome refractor
#BDPP 91 William Abreu - blue parallel serial #'d 217/499
#BDPP 108 Dany Toussaint - Chrome refractor
#BDPP 99 Jake Jarvis - Chrome refractor
#BDPP 35 Todd Frazier - Chrome refractor
#BCAP-DV Dan Vogelbach - Chrome refractor certified autograph; serial #'d 187/500
#6 Bruce Billings - Chrome refractor
#BDPP 8 Matt Barnes - Chrome refractor
#85 Everett Teaford - Chrome blue parallel serial #'d 095/199

Box two
#BCP-JBA Javier Baez - Chrome certified autograph; not numbered
#39 Graham Godfrey - Chrome; blue parallel serial #'d 052/199
#13 Mark Hamburger - Chrome refractor
#BDPP 33 Tyler Goeddel - Chrome refractor
#21 Henry Sosa - Chrome refractor
#BDPP 49 Scott Woodward - blue parallel serial #445/499
#BDPP 42 Nick De Santiago - Chrome refractor
#BDPP 81 George Springer - Chrome refractor
#5 Pedro Beato - Chrome refractor

2010 Donruss Elite Extra Edition box break recap

#79 Ross Wilson - Status parallel autograph serial #'d 2/5.

I ended up picking a box of 2010 Donruss Elite Extra Edition baseball for about $70 at a card shop 15 minutes away from my house - I haven't been to the shop during the last three months since the shop had opened and wanted to see what they had during Black Friday.

It was a typical card shop with overhead costs [rent and everything else that makes the store look good / attractive] to worry about - so the 'wax' in the shop probably reflects those costs, though it looks like they may have a little better prices for online consumers [as opposed to guys who randomly walk in from the cold like I did].

I settled for box of 2010 EEE on impulse and busting through the boxes on my way to work, these were my autograph pulls - I also pulled some inserts, maybe a parallel of little consequence.

#151 Jason Mitchell - certified autograph serial #'d11/50

#111 Mike Kvasnicka - certified autograph serial #455/530

#7 Bobby Doran - certified autograph serial #'d 523/644

#98 Tyler Holt - certified autograph serial #260/694

#10 Nick Castellanos - certified autograph serial #191/699

#190 Erick Goeddel - certified autograph serial #'d 521/810

Monday, November 28, 2011

Card show trip #2 - random vintage / old school cards

I normally don't dig around for vintage / old school cards and after deciding decided to make my own mix of 24 out of the 12 for $2.50 box - I shoved them back in the box to go look for supplies instead.

After getting a box of plastic sheets, a plastic card box and three packs of penny sleeves, I had some money left and decided to pick the 24 random vintage Topps cards up and an additional dozen from 12 for $1 box - I figure it is easier picking up a handful of old cards this way, than trying to find them in repacked jumbo packs at Target and/or hoping I redeem one from the Topps Diamond Giveaway.

Card show trip #1 - random singles

I was looking to score some new cards and decided to take a trip to the only card show I know to go - I've been on a self-imposed exile since early in the year, so I was hoping to make this particular trip worthwhile.

I got myself jammed up at one boss' booth, flipping through a bunch of cards out of his $0.50 junk boxes
- I picked up 20 including some Marquee / Tier One base cards and some numbered parallels; most of the shiny stuff [2010 Bowman Chrome prospects, 2011 Bowman Platinum, 2011 Topps Finest, etc] were scratched up so I didn't bother.

I think it was hard to put down the Marquee / Tier one cards once I started finding them - considering they come out of premium priced products.

2011 Bowman Chrome Best Anthony Ranaudo #BBP 70
2011 Bowman Chrome Futures Jonathan Singleton #12 x2
2011 Bowman Platinum Jake Marisnick #BPP 45 - refractor
2011 Bowman Platinum Leon Landry #BPP 46 - refractor
2011 Bowman Platinum Jimmy Paredes X-Fractor parallel #BPP 19
2011 Bowman Platinum Matt Harvey X-Fractor parallel #BPP 66
2011 Bowman Platinum Allen Webster X-Fractor parallel #BPP 68
2011 Topps Marquee Jered Weaver #9

2011 Topps Marquee Josh Hamilton #88

2011 Topps Marquee Brett Anderson #92

2011 Topps Marquee Joe Morgan #40 - serial #’d 79/99

2011 Topps Marquee Shin-Soo Choo #71 - serial #’d 45/99

2011 Topps Marquee Johnny Mize #84 - serial #’d 131/199

2011 Topps Marquee Miguel Cabrera #53 - serial #’d 203/299

2011 Topps Tier One Jim Palmer #22 - serial #’d 012/799

2011 Topps Tier One Dustin Pedroia #31 - serial #’d 200/799

2011 Topps Tier One Robinson Cano #75 - serial #’d 793/799

2011 Topps Tier One Brian Wilson #76 - serial #’d 005/799

2011 Topps Tier One C.C. Sabathia #77 - serial #’d 507/799

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Panini Black Friday pack recaps

Pack one
#15 Albert Pujols - we all are waiting to see where he'll end up, how much he'll be getting paid and for how many years.

#201 Terrelle Pryor - serial #'d 173/199 - this one looks like a card from 2011 Donruss Elite; I'm vaguely aware Pryor as more of a 'project,' considering how his college career at Ohio St. ended and how he profiles more as an athlete than quarterback; needless to say he is now Cam Newton...

Pack two
#18 Matt Kemp - the typical modern day metrosexual baseball player exemplified on a trading card.

I didn't pull anything special in these two-card packs, given as promotional items when I made a Black Friday box purchase at a local card shop
- I didn't realize Panini inserted cards of baseball players in these packs, giving baseball cards collectors a sneak peek of what the cards look like out of their non-MLB [but MLBPA] licensed baseball product.

NNO Terrelle Pryor - this one looks like a subset card from Playoff Prestige.

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Featured autograph - Greg Halman

Learning about Seattle Mariners outfielder Greg Halman's death, it kind of hits close to home when I learn his brother may have been a suspect - my younger brother and I still live at home with our parents and at times there are petty feelings that sort of linger over the most mundane things.

There have been times over the years when things have escalated into arguments and while we obviously play for the same team - my brother and I haven't been particularly close and it seems like it has quite a while when we've seen each other eye-to-eye.

R.I.P. Greg Halman

Saturday, November 19, 2011

2011 Bowman Chrome blaster recap

I was sort of excited to find this 2011 Bowman Chrome blaster [$19.99 each] at the card aisle of a Target in Brea, California - I want to mention this is the first time I've visited a two-story Target with a parking garage like a mall.

However even with an apparent insert or a parallel lurking in each retail pack - there is just something lacking about only having three cards per pack / eight packs per blaster for a total of 24 cards. I was hoping against all odds to pull some 'ink,' though no autographs were pulled from this particular blaster.

I do like the inserts though it's probably better to purchase them individually or a set - rather than looking to pull random ones through loose pack / blaster box purchases.

Pack one
#BCP 155 Chase Whitley
#24 Jacob Turner - Futures die-cut insert
#173 Mark Trumbo

Pack two
#BCP 162 Brody Colvin
#188 Mark Rogers - refractor
#63 Carlos Beltran

Pack three
#118 Mike Minor
#BCP 148 David Rohm - refractor serial #'d 091 / 500
#145 Brian Roberts

Pack four
#218 Ivan De Jesus Jr.
#BCP 219 Fernando Abad
#BBP 65 Jacob Turner - Bowman's Best insert

Pack five
#BCP 216 Andy Dirks
#BCT 13 Anthony Rizzo - Bowman Throwbacks insert
#35 Jon Lester

Pack six
#8 Hanley Ramirez
#BCP 209 Mariekson Gregorius
#22 Mike Montgomery - Futures die-cut insert parallel

Pack seven
#BCP 203 Cameron Garfield
#15 Brandon Phillips - refractor
#116 Clay Buchholz

Pack eight
#107 Jayson Werth
#BCP 153 Miguel Velazquez - Purple refractor parallel serial #'d 794/799
#6 Carlos Santana

Fairfield red jumbo pack recap

Fairfield red jumbo pack of 100 cards [$4.99 each at Target] - these repacks guarantee three 'vintage' cards from the 50's, 60's and 70s, though I'm not holding my breath.

I thought I was over these things but I'm fascinated with just wanting a brick of cards to flip through
- I'd probably buy four or five of these at one time if I knew there was a real good mix of cards from over the years.

However, pulling cards from the 'junk wax years' get redundant quickly - how much more 1987 Topps, 1989 Topps and 1990 K-Mart Superstar cards can I really take in without just wanting to hurl the cards against the wall?

I say this tongue firmly planted in cheek - but I just don't think it's fair that a company can prey on the hoarding aspects of this baseball card collector.

Top section
1989 Topps Glossy Rookies Ron Gant #9

1989 Topps Steve Peters #482

1989 Topps Jeff Blauser #83 - my opinion on a 23-year old set may not matter, but these cards have no redeeming quality; the images lacked a certain sharpness, were often dark and drab.
1989 Topps Oddibe McDowell #183
1989 Topps Doyle Alexander #77

1989 Topps Steve Curry #471
1989 Topps Larry Owen #87
1989 Topps Jim Leyland #284
1989 Topps Terry Kennedy #705
1989 Topps Wayne Tolleson #714
1992 Leaf Ramon Martinez #297
1992 Leaf Jose Offerman #322

1996 Upper Deck Collector's Choice Joey Hamilton #701
1996 Upper Deck Collector's Choice Pete Schourek #114
1994 Upper Deck Gregg Jefferies #265
1993 Upper Deck Phil Plantier #774
1996 Upper Deck Felipe Lira #71
1989 Donruss Rick Honeycutt #328
1990 Score Bobby Rose #604
1987 Donruss Mike Moore #70
1992 Donruss Scott Sanderson #227
1991 Donruss Kevin Elster #304
1990 Topps Willie Fraser #477
1991 Upper Deck Greg Blosser #70
1991 Donruss Tim Crews #294
1999 Topps Carl Pavano #264
1990 Donruss Jack Armstrong #544
1989 Fleer Bryn Smith #394
1999 Topps John Jaha #307 x2
1999 Topps Kerry Ligtenberg
2000 Topps Chrome Francisco Cordova #171
1992 Fleer Bobby Bonilla / Will Clark #699
1987 Donruss Jimmy Key #244

1991 Topps Larry Andersen #761
1992 Pinnacle Gregg Olson #61
1991 Topps Juan Agosto #703
1994 Upper Deck Ryan Klesko #64
1990 Donruss Jeff Reardon #119
1992 Upper Deck Kirk McCaskill #128
1987 Donruss Glenn Braggs #337
1989 Topps Terry Blocker #76
1990 Topps Jeff Reed #772
1992 Upper Deck Kurt Stillwell #705
1991 Leaf Pat Borders #23
1990 Fleer Luis De Los Santos #105
1991 Fleer Ultra Jerome Walton #70
1992 Score Jerome Walton #457
1997 Upper Deck Collector's Choice Chris Snopek #77
1988 Topps Benito Santiago #7
1987 Topps All-Stars Wade Boggs #18

Bottom section

2001 Upper Deck David Ortiz #129

1969 Topps Bill Stoneman #67 - this card is the 'vintage one,' though I have it already and I got it signed through the mail.

1977 Topps Carl Morton #24

1977 Topps Jerry Koosman #300
1981 Topps Ron Reed #376
1985 Topps Greg Minton #45
1990 K-Mart Superstars Wade Boggs #19
1990 K-Mart Superstars Mickey Tettleton #24
1990 K-Mart Superstars Dennis Eckersley #29
1990 K-Mart Superstars Tony Gwynn #5
1987 Hygrade Baseball's All-Time Greats Bob Feller NNO

2005 Upper Deck ESPN Mike Piazza #56
1991 Donruss Dave Righetti #275
1991 Donruss Geno Petralli #137
1993 Donruss Jeff Brantley #100

2003 Upper Deck Sweet Spot Classic Chris Chambliss #13
2003 Upper Deck Sweet Spot Ivan Rodriguez #49
2003 Leaf Certified Materials Richard Hidalgo #74
1991 Donruss Ivan Calderon #203
1993 Leaf Jose Mesa #374
1980 Topps Bill Stein #226
1994 Fleer Ultra Randy Myers #462
1993 Topps Daryl Boston #399
1993 Topps Terry Pendleton #650
1995 Donruss Tom Gordon #494

1993 Topps Stadium Club Jeff Bagwell #384
1989 Donruss John Dopson #392
1989 Donruss Rick Aguilera #526
1993 Topps Albert Belle #635
1993 Topps Stadium Club Brian Harper #95
1988 Fleer Bill Long #404
1988 Fleer Shawon Dunston #419
1988 Fleer Mike Campbell #372
1988 Fleer Dan Gladden #12
1988 Fleer Bruce Ruffin #313
1988 Fleer Mike LaCoss #86
1988 Fleer Wally Joyner #493
1988 Fleer Rob Mallicoat #452
1988 Fleer Mario Diaz / Clay Parker #649
1988 Fleer Keith Hernandez #136
1987 Topps Bill Swift #67
1987 Topps Dan Schatzeder #789
1987 Topps Astros Leaders #531
1987 Topps Chuck Tanner #593
1987 Topps Ronn Reynolds #471
1987 Topps Ted Simmons #516
1987 Topps Dave Gumpert #487
1987 Topps Scott Bankhead #508
1987 Topps Scott Sanderson #534
2004 Upper Deck Morgan Ensberg #136

Friday, November 18, 2011

Featured autograph - Brandon Wood

One of the things I do is try and keep up with the off-season Major League Baseball transactions so I can update the collection of cards I try and get autographed in-person - as well as build a 'small set' of about 100 cards reflecting various players moves up through the end of spring training.

After spending parts of last season in-between the minors, Anaheim and Pittsburgh - I guess Brandon Wood is going to spring training next year with the Colorado Rockies.

He's still relatively young and may turn it around in a place like Colorado - but as a professional baseball player, it looks like he's bound to take Mike Hessman detour or the Wily Mo Pena one.

Angel insert mailday - Scott Downs

Card blogger Justin from Justin's World was interested in a 2011 Topps Update Matt Stairs Gold parallel I'd pulled from a break and I ended up mailing the card out in exchange a 2011 Topps Update Gold parallel card of Scott Downs - I think he said he still had to actually to get the Downs card from another trade he was working on and I had to wait about two weeks before I could actually get the card in-hand.

The Downs card arrived safely in the mail a couple of days ago - it is a nice looking card and regardless of the delay, I was glad to have traded for it.