Sunday, January 07, 2007

Featured Breaks
From a card show

Can anyone justify spending $40-$50 on a pack of trading cards that probably features no more than four cards?

Waited all afternoon until we got home for me to open my pack of 2006 Bowman Sterling [$45] that I picked up from the card show.

I figure that one way of looking at it is that I'm going to get at least two autographs per pack and one relic. That is almost like pulls from a full box, except you don't get any extra cards.

It took about a minute to open, though it was only a pack and not a box.

1.) Sean Watson auto - looks like a reliever
2.) Pedro Beato auto - saw this pulled online on; he has potential though he is a pitcher and he likely has to clear so many hurdles to be somewhat decent.
3.) Josh Johnson (RC) - I was thinking about writing an autograph request to him in the spring; his true rookie card was in 2002 Bowman Draft.
4.) Barry Bonds bat - I was hoping for an autograph, but wasn't going to get one. He has lots of game used cards out and he isn't liked at all. Still, he is a Topps exclusive and this wouldn't be a bad pull, if there was more to the pack.

It was a so-so pack - though it is kind of painful to say that when you spent $45 on it.

2005 Topps Updates and Highlights [x4 @$1.25 each] - cheap break, looking for a Ryan Zimmerman base rookie card.

Jered Weaver - rookie card
Chris Young [Arizona] - rookie card?
John Mayberry Jr. - rookie card
Barry Bonds [x2] - two of his home run cards