Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Latest Angels pick ups

The Angels are gearing up for contention in the American League West by inviting retreads like Ian Stewart, John McDonald, Brennan Boesch, Carlos Pena and Chad Tracy to spring training - it will be amazing if anyone of these players actually make the Opening Day roster and contribute this season, though I can't say the Angels have had much bench strength the past two years, so maybe the team gets lucky with one or two of these guys.

I suppose Boesch has the best potential to stick as he's the youngest at 29 - it seems like the New York Yankees cut bait on him early last year even though in a small sample size, he was slugging .529.

Sunday, January 26, 2014

2013 Panini Elite Extra Edition blaster recap

I'm weird about purchasing blaster boxes - even though I may pick up 5-10 each year, I don't like the idea I'm plunking down $20 each for something that might be 'watered down' for retail.

It's even more peculiar when I spend $30 for any sort of single blaster, even with two autographs guaranteed per box - I tried a blaster of EEE because I don't want to buy a full hobby box and was curious since I've read on forums, an extra autograph and a Team USA jersey card were being pulled in addition to the two hits.

Pack one

#46 Jake Bauers

#60 Andy Burns - Franchise Future certified autograph serial #'d 121/399

#12 Hunter Dozier - Elite Series insert
#68 Taylor Garrison
#26 Dace Kime

Pack two
#4 Braden Shipley
#62 Anthony DeSclafani

#141 Dillon Overton - Aspirations parallel serial #'d 126/200
#83 Randy Rosario
#40 Josh Uhen - when I first saw this card, I thought his last name was spelled, 'Uren,' as in 'urine.'

Pack three
#20 Tyler Danish
#77 Yoel Mecias

#44 Brian Navarreto - Franchise Futures Signatures redemption
#97 Trey Michalczewski
#55 Garrett Smith

Pack four
#100 Dereck Rodriguez
#58 Trey Arbet

#4 Dereck Rodriguez / Ivan Rodriguez - Bloodlines insert

#13 Andrew Thurman
#70 Junior Arias

Pack five
#16 Johnny Field
#73 D.J. Baxendale

#83 Randy Rosario - Status parallel serial #'d 027/100

#2 Bryson Brigman - USA Game Jerseys insert
#27 Ivan Wilson
#51 D.J. Snelten

Pack six 
#30 Daniel Palma
#87 Sam Moll

#167 Jacob Nottingham - Prospects autograph serial #'d 863/899
#9 Ryne Stanek
#67 Joel Payamps

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

A Fairfield repack cube with a repacked hit

I picked up another 250 card Fairfield baseball cube [$9.99] at Target - this time I was able to slice through the plastic seal cleanly with a nipper, where I had 'made a mess' with the two other Fairfield cubes I've opened.

The two packs of cards with each cube add to the total number of cards - but not much more.

2012 Topps Chrome
#95 Matt Garza
#51 Torii Hunter
#170 Jesus Montero
#39 Jacob Turner

2011 Topps Gypsy Queen 
#65 Babe Ruth
#183 Rafael Furcal
#264 Jeremy Hellickson
#294 Garrett Jones
#317 Justin Upton - mini
A nick thick white dummy card
#GO 31 Thurman Munson - The Great Ones insert

With the 250 assorted cards, it looks like I was SOL - I don't know what I expected but most were 1986-1992 junk wax, which I seem to have railed about ad nauseum.

1984 Donruss Eddie Murray #22
1992 Pacific Tom Terrific Tom Seaver #95
1999 Topps Rafael Palmeiro #315
2010 Topps Manny Ramirez #55
1989 Topps Bazooka Tony Gwynn #13 of 22
1982 Donruss Al Cowens #207
1992 Topps Stadium Club Steve Frey #572
1992 Topps Stadium Club Keith Mitchell #551
1994 Pacific 4 Sports Brian Stephenson #176
1991 Classic Draft Picks Bobby Jones #82
1988 Donruss Luis Quinones #365
1989 Donruss Jeffrey Leonard #457
1990 Bowman Larry Walker #117
1989 Donruss Ray Hayward #521
1989 Score Traded Mitch Williams #32 T
1992 Topps Stadium Club Wayne Rosenthal #658
1989 Score Jesse Barfield #160
1989 Score Marvell Wynne #203
1989 Score Steve Sax #69
1989 Score Traded Randy Ready #60T
1993 Topps Stadium Club Mike Gallego #126
1992 Topps Steve Finley #86
1987 Topps Jeff Reed #247
1989 Topps Rick Sutcliffe #520
1989 Topps Mike LaCoss #361
1989 Topps Whitey Herzog #654
1989 Topps Rick Mahler #621
1989 Topps Wally Backman #508
1989 Topps Brian Fisher #423
1989 Topps Tom Trebelhorn #344
1989 Topps Donn Pall #458
1989 Topps Luis Rivera #431
1989 Topps Jim Pankovitz #153
1987 Topps Rick Husmann #187
1990 Score Dale Mohorcic #450
1991 Fleer Larry Walker #250
1991 Fleer John Cerutti #172
1989 Topps Oswald Peraza #297
1985 Topps Eric Show #118
1985 Topps Howard Johnson #192
1985 Topps Von Hayes #68
1991 Fleer Ron Kittle #480
1991 Fleer Greg Litton #266
1989 Topps Wayne Tolleson #716
1989 Topps Wil Tejada #747
1989 Topps Dennis Rasmussen #32
1989 Topps Lou Whitaker #320
1989 Topps Jamie Moyer #549 - Chicago Cubs Leaders
1993 Score Select Tom Browning #249
1989 Upper Deck Jack McDowell #530
1989 Upper Deck Mike Diaz #606
1987 Donruss Bruce Benedict #448
1989 Upper Deck Jim Pankovitz #100
1992 Topps Cito Gaston #699
1992 Topps Rob Mallicoat #501
1988 Topps Gene Garber #597
1986 Topps Traded Rich Bordi #14T
1981 Topps Cincinnati Reds #677
1993 Donruss Studio Bip Roberts #135
1988 Donruss Dan Gladden #491
1992 Topps Kelly Gruber #298
1993 Upper Deck Dave Valle #100
1988 Topps Andy Allanson #728
1988 Topps Eddie Murray / Cal Ripken Jr. #51 - Baltimore Orioles Leaders
1987 Topps Mike Schmidt #597
1988 Donruss Jim Sundberg #488
2008 Topps Heritage Matt Chico / Jason Bergmann - Pitching Partners
1988 Topps Charlie Hough #680
1988 Donruss Dion James #190
1988 Donruss Tim Raines #345
1988 Donruss Rickey Henderson #277
1987 Topps John McNamara #368
1990 Score Ozzie Smith #285
1989 Topps Brad Moore #202
1989 Topps Fernando Valenzuela #150
1989 Topps Jeff Blauser #83
1989 Topps Mike Schmidt #100
1989 Topps Wes Gardner #526
2010 Topps Trevor Crowe #646
2010 Topps Hanley Ramirez #553 - Florida Marlins team card
2010 Topps Doug Fister #421
2010 Topps Ryan Doumit #317
2010 Topps Jon Niese #249
2010 Topps Gary Sheffield #299
2010 Topps Michael Saunders #451
2010 Topps Chris Getz #508
2010 Topps Ramon Hernandez #554
2010 Topps Nate Robertson #84
1989 Donruss Walt Terrell #296
1989 Donruss Garry Templeton #483
1989 Donruss Andre Dawson #BC-8
1989 Donruss Von Hayes #160
1989 Donruss Keith Miller #623
1988 Donruss Wes Gardner #634
1988 Donruss Jose Mesa #601
1986 Donruss Goose Gossage #185
1986 Donruss Rick Surhoff #42
1988 Donruss John Morris #480
1984 Topps Odell Jones #734
1987 Topps Steve Boros #143
1989 Score Don Robinson #440
1990 Donruss Goose Gossage #678
1988 Donruss Bill Buckner #456
1992 Upper Deck Darren Lewis #565
1987 Topps Jeff Calhoun #282
1988 Donruss Domingo Ramos #622
1987 Topps Bob Knepper #722
1990 Upper Deck Bill Wegman #629
1987 Topps Dan Schatzeder #789
1990 Upper Deck John Smoltz #535
1990 Upper Deck Bill Wegman #629
1989 Donruss Bill Robinson #308
1989 Donruss Rolando Roomes #577
2002 Upper Deck Homer Bush #85
2007 Topps Jon Garland #359
2012 Topps Raul Ibanez #554
2007 Topps New York Yankees factory team set Andy Pettitte #NYY 4
1990 Donruss Mickey Tettleton #169
1981 Fleer Wayne Nordhagen #348
2010 Topps Nick Punto #407
1993 Upper Deck Kelly Downs #636
2010 Topps Joey Votto #48
1981 Fleer Los Angeles Dodgers / Montreal Expos team checklists #643
2002 Bowman Draft Chrome Chris Gruler #BDP 167 - certified autograph / refractor

This first-year certified autograph card is nice, shiny and autographed, even if it features a never has been - who [according to the back of the card] Johnny Bench curiously compared to Tom Seaver after watching him at a workout.

1987 Topps Ernie Camacho #353
1989 Donruss Ozzie Guillen #BC-23
1992 Upper Deck Mark Carreon #739
1990 Leaf Lloyd Moseby #377
1992 Donruss Les Lancaster #296
1992 Pinnacle Rex Hudler / Roger Staubach #589
1992 Donruss Mark Portugal #188
1989 Fleer Ken Patterson #508
1986 Topps Dan Spillner #423
1989 Upper Deck Bruce Ruffin #319
1989 Score Marvell Wynne #203
1991 Upper Deck John Russell #191
1989 Upper Deck Bill Spiers #745
1989 Score Andres Thomas #406
1989 Score Glenn Davis #164
1989 Upper Deck Marvell Wynne #154
1989 Upper Deck Zane Smith #71
1992 Upper Deck Kirk McCaskill #722
1984 Donruss Dick Schofield #35
1991 Fleer Ultra Doug Drabek #3 of 10 - Ultra Team insert
1992 Skybox Pre-Rookie Casey Waller #239
1984 Donruss Pete Filson #194
2012 Topps Allen Craig #402
2010 Topps Nick Swisher #65
1989 Topps Glossy All-Stars Jose Canseco #6 of 22
1991 Topps Glossy All-Stars Juan Marichal #22 of 22
1989 Topps Cap'n Crunch Mike Schmidt #16 of 22
1987 Topps Craig Lefferts #501
1987 Topps Bob Stanley #175
1993 Pinnacle Wilson Alvarez #441
1993 Fleer Frank Seminara #146
1988 Donruss Jim Sundberg #488
1985 Topps Joel Youngblood #567
1993 Fleer Wes Chamberlain #99
1985 Topps Joe Niekro #295
1985 Topps Ozzie Smith #605
1989 Topps Marty Barrett #155
1989 Donruss Tim Burke #274
1989 Topps Doc Edward #534
1989 Donruss Lloyd McClendon #595
1989 Fleer Jeff Lahti #231
1989 Donruss Jeff Ballard #495
1989 Donruss Gary Redus #605
1989 Donruss Tracy Jones #574
1992 Donruss Jose Rijo #223
1992 Donruss Tim Wallach #34
1986 Fleer Doug DeCinces #153
2000 Pacific Invincible Doug Glanville #109
1983 Fleer Steve Garvey #206
1984 Topps Burt Hooton #15
1985 Topps Sparky Anderson #307
2011 Topps Jose Reyes #380
1988 Topps Bill Long #309
1988 Topps Al Pedrique #294
1988 Topps Bert Blyleven #295
1988 Topps Mark McLemore #162
1989 Topps Mike Scott #180
1989 Topps Craig Worthington #181
1990 Topps Dave Dravecky #124
1990 Topps Mike Fetters #14
1989 Topps Traded Len Dykstra #27 T
1990 Topps Bobby Valentine #729
1989 Donruss Lenny Dykstra #353
1987 Topps Bill Almon #447
1986 Topps Dave Engle #43
1987 Donruss Dickie Thon #261
1990 Topps Terry Pendleton #725
1987 Donruss Ken Schrom #403
1986 Topps Doyle Alexander #196
1987 Donruss Randy Asadoor #574
1990 Topps John Wathan #789
1990 Topps Pascual Perez #278
1987 Topps Chuck Cary #171
1988 Score Ken Williams #112
1990 Topps Ken Phelps #411
1990 Topps Curt Ford #39
1990 Topps Mike Jeffcoat #778
1990 Fleer Nick Esasky #273
1990 Topps Curt Young #328
1990 Fleer Alex Trevino #239
1986 Topps Gary Ward #105
1990 Fleer Scott Sanderson #41
1985 Topps Wally Backman #677
1985 Topps Rick Sutcliffe #720
1985 Topps Andy Van Slyke #551
1985 Topps Candy Maldonado #523
1990 Upper Deck Tony Armas #58
1992 Topps Scott Scudder #48
1990 Upper Deck Andre Dawson #73
1990 Upper Deck Pat Borders #113
1989 Topps Randy Kramer #522
1990 Upper Deck Kevin Bass #302
2009 Upper Deck Signature Stars Scott Kazmir #91
2009 Topps Brandon Moss #104
2004 Topps Vernon Wells #120
2004 Topps Desi Relaford #174
1988 Donruss Curt Young #97
1981 Donruss Joe Nolan #302
2004 Bowman Chrome Brian Schweiger #239
2007 Topps Johan Santana #80
2008 Topps Juan Uribe #639
2008 Topps Carlos Zambrano #155
1989 Score Steve Searcy #627
1991 Leaf Mike Gallego #78
1990 Upper Deck John Kruk #668 
1991 Fleer Rafael Ramirez #513
1987 Topps Dave Righetti #40
1992 Topps Jimmy Gonzalez #564
1986 Topps Steve Trout #384
1988 Topps Denny Walling #719
1990 Donruss Ellis Burks #23
2004 Topps Ben Broussard #539
1991 Upper Deck Terry Steinbach #153
1986 Topps Al Cowens #92
1983 Fleer Duane Walker #606
1991 Topps Dave Henderson #144
1987 Fleer Frank White #383
1989 Topps Mitch Webster #36
1987 Fleer Ernie Whitt #240
1987 Donruss Lou Whitaker #107
1991 Fleer Ultra Charlie Hayes #263
1981 Donruss Steve Macko #535
1998 Donruss Studio Sean Casey #128
1987 Topps Bill Caudill #733
1991 Topps Todd Stottlemyre #348
1988 Fleer Star Stickers Cory Snyder #21
1991 Topps Rick Sutcliffe #415
1987 Topps Gene Michael #43
1989 Fleer Tom Herr #115
1987 Topps Frank Williams #96
1988 Fleer Star Stickers Larry Parrish #68
1990 Topps Mike McFarlane #202

Thursday, January 16, 2014

Another post about this guy

One of my favorite base cards of A-Roid early in his MLB career was his 1997 Upper Deck - part of me still likes the idea that this guy put up the numbers and was the best baseball player in the planet at one point, but then the other stuff is just too much.

Maybe a part of me wished he was A-Rod at some time in his life, but he's exposed himself as a sham and a bum - it's hard to consider anything positive without thinking about the supposedly unsavory things he's been involved with like performance enhancing drugs.

The sad thing is I'm probably looking forward to see if he has any juice left - see if he can prolong his career and past all the drama, can step up to the plate in an actual MLB game in 2015.

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

I bought an $11.99 Fairfield repack box with 10 assorted packs

2003 Fleer Flair #79 Aramis Ramirez #62 Eric Chavez #21 Tom Glavine #83 Nomar Garciaparra #40 Curt Schilling 2003 World Series contest card 2012 Topps Series II retail #612 Carlos Beltran #386 Ryan Zimmerman #622 Daniel Hudson #523 Jim Johnson #640 Jemile Weeks #597 Hank Conger #629 Gordon Beckham - Golden Moments parallel #659 Homer Bailey #521 Ruben Tejada #627 Justin Smoak #462 Brett Lawrie #649 Brandon Crawford 1990 Fleer Oakland Athletics logo sticker #180 Ben McDonald #238 Dave Smith #16 Mike Moore #545 Ken Patterson #446 Roberto Kelly #569 Dwayne Murphy #291 Kevin Brown #595 John Smoltz #632 Wade Boggs/Mike Greenwell #246 John Costello #496 Brad Komminsk #204 Dwight Gooden #174 Phil Bradley #316 Chris Bosio #112 Charlie Leibrandt 2010 Upper Deck #160 Grady Sizemore #239 Billy Butler #296 Braden Looper #129 Alexei Ramirez #441 Jeremy Affeldt #536 Shairon Martis #278 Casey Blake #320 Scott Baker #SE-51 Joe Nathan - Portraits insert #SB-148 Pedro Martinez - Biography insert #466 Yadier Molina #202 Curtis Granderson #207 Ryan Perry #510 Scott Downs #252 Brian Bannister #177 Seth Smith #552 Houston - Ballparks subset #584 Jered Weaver / Kendry Morales - Los Angeles team checklist 2010 Upper Deck #142 Justin Lehr #27 Dusty Hughes #71 Kris Medlen #394 Andy LaRoche #300 Jeff Suppan #102 Jason Varitek #413 Nick Hundley #SB-10 Zach Duke - Biography insert #S-60 Gordon Beckham - Supreme insert #389 Chad Durbin #120 Sean Marshall #435 Brian Wilson #483 Willy Aybar #218 Burke Badenhop #519 Roy Halladay #258 Kevin Jepsen #568 Arlington - Ballparks subset #587 Joe Mauer / Joe Nathan - Minnesota team checklist 2012 Topps Heritage #42 David Robertson #347 Chipper Jones #128 Seth Smith #147 David Freese #180 Mitch Moreland #BF-EW Early Wynn - Baseball Flashbacks insert #178 Devin Mesoraco #61 Aubrey Huff #378 Jeff Niemann 2006 Upper Deck Series I and II combo pack #531 John Halama #547 Glendon Rusch #539 Doug Mirabelli #682 Jeff Cirillo #626 Todd Wellemeyer #674 Rafael Furcal #720 Kyle Farnsworth #792 Jamey Wright #847 John McDonald #879 Carl Crawford #857 Alfonso Soriano #907 Sendy Rheal #985 Andre Ethier #961 John Koronka #MLB-2 Phillie Phanatic #SH-22 Ryan Zimmerman - Season Highlights insert/bonus card #241 Eric Gagne #412 Raul Ibanez #127 Miguel Perez #246 Jayson Werth #417 Yuniesky Betancourt #132 Luke Hudson #340 Brett Myers #406 Ichiro #473 Frank Catalanotto #258 Nelson Cruz #467 Jason Botts #182 Omar Infante #27 Jose Valverde #426 Ryan Theriot #141 Casey Blake #SH-8 Manny Ramirez - Season Highlights insert/bonus card 2012 Topps Series I - eight card pack #228 Brent Lillibridge #249 Trevor Plouffe #141 Brandon Belt #GG-52 Hank Aaron - Golden Greats insert #GS-4 Cal Ripken Jr. - Gold Standard insert #106 Mark Trumbo #244 Sergio Santos #52 Justin Verlander / Jered Weaver / James Shields - 2011 AL Earned Run Average Leaders 2012 Topps Series I - eight card pack #250 Jered Weaver #207 J.P. Arencibia #GG-69 Albert Pujols - Golden Greats insert #GF-4 Freddie Freeman - Gold Futures insert #95 Chris Parmelee #26 Kyle Lohse #238 Emilio Bonifacio #60 Hanley Ramirez 2008 Upper Deck X #88 Felix Hernandez #95 Josh Hamilton - Die Cut #X-MO Magglio Ordonez - Xponential insert #38 Troy Tulowitzki - Die Cut insert / Gold parallel? Mystery Rewards info card #50 Howie Kendrick #85 Aaron Rowand

Sunday, January 12, 2014

A pair of Dollar Tree repacks

I was looking for a cardboard fix at a Dollar Tree discount store - I found and picked up a couple of PressTine [apparently a Canadian company] of 20 card 'baseball trading cards' repacks.

I wanted to see what I could unearth - I was hoping for some interesting, but even with low expectations in hand, most of these cards put me to sleep.

Pack one 
2010 Topps Orlando Cabrera #11
1988 Topps Steve Kiefer #187
1988 Donruss Lenny Dykstra #364
1985 Fleer Rick Cerone #123
2010 Topps Orlando Hudson #290
1991 Score Mike Hartley #252

1985 Fleer Jim Rice #168
1989 Donruss Jerry Browne #529
1987 Fleer Lee Smith #574
1988 Topps Chuck Tanner #134
1988 Donruss Frank DiPino #570
1996 Topps Finest Jose Rijo #150
1988 Topps Jeff Hamilton #62
1991 Fleer Kevin Appier #549
2010 Topps Jeff Suppan #609
1991 Leaf Zane Smith #495
1992 Score Bruce Hurst #111
1992 Upper Deck Rob Deer #294
1988 Topps Barry Larkin #102

2004 Leaf Second Edition Brian Giles #177

Pack two
2010 Topps J.A. Happ #89
1987 Topp Tim Laudner #478
1988 Donruss Rick Reuschel #613
1987 Topps Terry Pendleton #8
2010 Topps Raul Ibanez #486

1985 Fleer Phil Niekro #138
1988 Donruss Mike Devereaux #546
1987 Topps Julio Franco #160
1988 Donruss Jay Bell #637
1988 Topps Rick Rodriguez #166
1988 Donruss Jim Morrison #543
1992 Upper Deck Brian Downing #483
1987 Topps Dale Murphy #490
1985 Fleer Franklin Stubbs #386
2010 Topps Freddy Garcia #550
1985 Fleer Mark Clear #154
1992 Upper Deck Sid Bream #495
1988 Donruss Jose Mesa #601
1987 Topps Eric Show #730
2012 Topps Gypsy Queen Michael Bourn #156

Friday, January 10, 2014

Trying to do something with my commons

When I can, I'm pulling cards out of my three 3,200 boxes representing my 'A-Z archive' of cards - I hope I'm not making more of a mess but I'm trying to see if there applicable cards to extract from the 'rank and file' cards I've hoarded over the years.

Inking it up - chasing for autographs at a baseball game is my other hobby besides collecting baseball cards, so it's nice to see moments where players signing for fans are captured.

PEDs - a backup, 'scrub' catcher in the mid 1990's found himself using steroids and years after his professional playing career was done, found himself in the Mitchell report.

Tools of ignorance - I've collected cards with catchers or other players [goofing off] pictured in catching equipment, though cards with catchers in game-action shots i.e. plays at the plate adds a little bit more exciting element to the collection.

Thursday, January 09, 2014

Bobby Abreu

Supposedly the former Angel is looking to make a comeback after playing in the Venezuelan winter league recently - the fact that he's just about 40 years old makes it doubtful that he makes any sort of impact.

If an opportunity was given and he took full advantage to play in the Major Leagues in 2014, maybe he'd still be able to get on-base with his superior batting eye - but maybe the ability to hit the ball with authority on a consistent basis will not be there for a team that needs some pop off the bench or as a fourth outfielder/DH.

I used to like Abreu in the early to mid 2000's not because I saw him play or anything on a regular basis [until he landed in Anaheim perhaps] - but because he put up metronomic numbers, his cards were easy finds out many quarter or dime boxes and may have been worth hoarding as perhaps he'd be a potential Hall of Famer one day.

Wednesday, January 08, 2014

Featured autograph - Hunter Green

I picked up a certified autograph of the Angels' first pick [second round, 59th overall] in the 2013 MLB draft - I think I want to see if I can pick up a certified first-year autograph card / maybe a certified autograph parallel for around $5-$10 of most 'future Angels,' hoping they develop into actual Angels.

I figure in five years, I'll see if my 'investment' of a few bucks per card pays off - if Green gets traded as a prospect who never appears in Anaheim, disappoints and/or is a bust, then I guess I'm still holding onto his Angels card (s) for my collection somewhere, though I'm really hoping he is someone who can rise up through the system with no major stumbling blocks.

Congrats Greg Maddux, Tom Glavine and Frank Thomas

Monday, January 06, 2014

Autograph card fails - Evan Scribner

The autograph didn't come out at all on the 2013 Sacramento team set card - I bought the set, thinking I'd have some extra cards to signed in-person, but the cards were too glossy and I didn't think to prep them well.

Jerry Coleman 1924-1914

I was able to take these pictures during one of my visits to a San Diego Padres game last year - I also got Mr.Coleman to sign a baseball before one of the games I went to.

Sunday, January 05, 2014

2014 trading card collecting goals

At the end of year - I want to feel like I was able to own some of these goals or objectives I've set.

I'd like to make updates to my collections every month and talk about it - I want to have control by working on my wantlists, listing and adding new cards, seeing how many cards I've added in a particular month, etc.

1.) Reboot my Angels collection [1/2/14]

A.) I'd like to put together a list of Top 30 PC cards in my Angels collection - by the end of the year, I want a collection of cards to showcase i.e. a wrinkle is while these cards should be centerpieces to my regional collection, value isn't going to be the focal point, but having a list and a physical grouping of cards to work from.

B.) Account for an A-Z singles collection - list in a database and have a physical place to store the cards in.

C.) Account for an insert collection of Angels - basically list cards in a database and be able to put away in binders.

D.) Account for loose Angels cards - my goal is to have a binder of random Angels cards as a 'jukebox' of sorts; cards that go into this collection should be listed in a database.

2.) Reboot my A-Z singles collection [1/2/14]

A.) Start looking to pick up after loose cards to see if there is anything I can put together - what I can weed out such as rookie cards, certified autograph cards and other inserts that are 'dated.'

B.) I want to store various singles in top loaders in a box, list in a database and file away - organized mostly by player in 'ABC' order and then possibly by card type i.e. basic rookie cards, parallels and certified autograph cards.

* Any card I picked up as a single and paid over $10 or any notable pulls
* Rookie cards and rookie year parallels - I want to put together a 'default collection' but find the MLBPA Rookie Logo cards to be junky, so I don't know if I really count most as good enough to be 'A-Z singles' worthy cards.
* Any notable parallels / inserts - numbered, certified autographed, game-used material / patch cards
* Notable oddballs like promos, minor league cards, et al

3.) Personal collection cards [1/2/14]

A.) Maybe find a better physical place to store my various PC collections

B.) Continue to add to my various PC collections - of course, I want something modern, blinged out, but also I'm not looking to bust a budget.

My Top 30 PC cards should feature my most prominent 'value' cards - I want to say this collection will be the easiest to sell off even though the values may fluctuate over time.

My Top 30 alternate PC cards - maybe a collection of cards that maybe an extension of my Top 30 PC.

My Top 50 common PC cards - is a collection consisting more of 'rank and file' keepers with some 'gems' I may have not ranked among the first two collections listed.

Top 50 fun PC - maybe the idea of a 'fun' PC becomes a little absurd when the state of my 'serious' PC collections are just a little thin all around.

4.) Inserts [1/2/14] - a couple of years ago, I tried to list my inserts in a spreadsheet and put them away in binders, but kind of lost interest over the last year as cards piled up.

A.) Try to restart what I was trying to do two years ago with the process of putting inserts away - make sure that most inserts are accounted for, even if organizing them really just means they are in a binder somewhere.

B.) It may not be a true goal, but try and figure out things about my spreadsheet - discover forgotten cards, try to sort cards by team to perhaps serve as trade bait.

C.) I'd probably like to see if I can generate 10-15 trades - by posting a listing of cards by teams.

5.) Collecting topics [1/2/14] - maybe not so subtly, I kind of what to make these cards the focus on my sports card collections.

Why do I fiddle with junk wax cards in the middle of the night, listing them in a database and covet cards that have been long forgotten [?] - it's something personal to me I guess, where I enjoy putting cards together that have the same theme.

It doesn’t mean what I'm doing with the cards is making me smarter, when it's not even particularly unique [checks out a number of other bloggers' sites] - but it’s neat to be 'playing' with a smorgasbord of assorted cards and sort of give them new life.

A.) My goal for 2014 is to have at least 500 new collecting topics cards with 250 either old-school [pre-1980] and/or vintage [pre-1973] cards - I feel like the older Topps cards do not have have as much personality, so it's harder to find cards with sort of unique images as opposed to cards I can possibly add to topics that go on and on i.e. nations, bloodlines, local guys, et al; it's easier to find cards from the past couple of years with unique images that makes an otherwise common card 'pop.'

B.) I'd like to have more cards for collecting topics that seem to be underrepresented - so maybe try harder to find and add at least 20-30 cards to certain topics i.e. broken bat shots, interesting backs, retro uniforsm, grips, cult baseball players / feats, beyond the glory and uncorrected errors.

C.) Scour loose signed cards and list at least 100 as adds to my 'collecting topics' tree - it maybe the easiest way to find use for signed in-person cards that I get signed.

D.) Find and list 20-25 ‘new’ subjects for topics that go on and on - nations, bloodlines, local guys, et al.

E.) For ‘bloodlines,’ try and complete ‘10-15’ relationships in a given year [knowing there maybe others along the way] - i.e. find the son, the cousin, the father’s card to go with what I may have in a collection already.

Official collections
Tools of ignorance
Broken bat shots
Facial hair
Awesome outfield action
Hats off
Pitchers hitting
Interesting backs
Bonus babies
Local [OC] guys
High socks
Inking it up
Awesome action
Retro uniforms
Cult baseball players / feats
Beyond the glory
Two-sport stars
Uncorrected errors
Players smiling

6.) Finish my Topps team runs and my Topps sampler runs from 1978 to 2014 [1/2/14] - it's not really something I've been seriously working on, but I'd like to knock out a bunch of years and complete at least a couple of MLB teams; I made a Google Sheets file so I take the cards I have or will pick up and be able to list them.

7.) Reboot my award winners [MVP, Cy Young and Rookie of the Year] collection [1/2/14] - it's not really something I've been seriously working on, but get a new binder for the cards, make sure I at least have a card for each award winner from the last three or four years covered, make sure I have appropriate cards for certain players and see where I can add a new card to fill a hole.

8.) Find semi-permanent storage solutions [1/3/13] - have a system in place where I’m not juggling around loose cards, but have storage answers that are viable and maintainable.

9.) Cardboard acquisitions [1/2/14] - I like a little bit of everything, but don't want to be a hoarder.

A.) I'd like to be able to pick up 20-25 assorted singles - such as rookie cards, certified autograph cards and other inserts that maybe interesting. Are there any certified autographs I need as far as an impulse pick up?

B.) Pick up 15-20 first-year autograph cards - it doesn't seem realistic to go after prospect cards that are already signed when I'm eventually going to go for the players in-person.

C.) I'd like to pick up at least 10-15 Angels prospect cards - who are the Angels Top 10 prospects / who are their top picks and can I get at least one certified autograph card and one certified autograph parallel of each of those players in a particular year.

E.) I'd like to pick up a regional PC card per month - I'm also not looking to bust a budget but cards that I can add towards my Top 30 PC; these cards could be towards a PSA graded sampler, a parallel, et al.

F.) I'd like to pick up a random card per month - something off-the-wall and completely random, probably for some sort of nostalgia.

G.) I'd like to bust five to 10 'guilt free' hobby boxes - try not to buy into hype when boxes first come out but pull the trigger on a couple.

H.) Build up a pack surplus [ideally about 10-15 packs at a given time] to bust at different times of the year - as a baseball card collector, I have to rip once I jump inside the car; as an in-person autograph collector, I can't hold onto an unopened pack when there might be a card inside I can try and get autographed; no repack packs or junk wax.

I.) Continue to find something in the dollar and under box [1/5/14] - maybe create a list of cards I fished out on the cheap.

Saturday, January 04, 2014

Brandon Wood

I wish this guy could have been better but he's just another failed Angels prospect - it looks like he has signed a minor league contract with the San Diego Padres, trying to extend his pro career and hopefully playing well enough that someone takes note.

Friday, January 03, 2014

Featured autograph - Justin Upton

I picked up a Justin Upton certified autograph because he has a nice signature when he takes the time to write it out- while not a personal favorite, he's been sort of a enigma [though not as up-and-down as brother B.J.'s MLB career] and like everyone else I'm still waiting for him to take his game to a whole new level, where he is locked in for pretty much an entire MLB season.

Thursday, January 02, 2014

Featured autograph - Mark Mulder

As far as pro sports are concerned, it's a noble thing for a Major League team to go see if Mulder has anything left - but if his comeback falls short, the Angels have lost an opportunity to give someone else a little younger and more able to make their pitching staff this upcoming season.

I remember picking this 2006 Upper Deck Sweet Spot card years ago and wondering why exactly - while never dominant, Mulder was really quite good as part of the Big 3 in Oakland and in his final full season with the St. Louis Cardinals in 2005, won 16 games and pitched over 200 innings.

After being out of the game for so long, maybe the more realistic goal is for Mulder to compete for a job in the Angels TV broadcast booth - he looks the part and has been doing ESPN the past two years, so why not give Mark Gubicza something to think about.