Wednesday, November 17, 2010

2010 Topps Million Card Giveaway Results

I busted two jumbo packs of 2010 Topps Update and pulled an off-center Stephen Strasburg rookie card, which seem to be an otherwise common pull - among the other cards were a couple Million Card Giveaway code cards [one from each pack].

I don't know much about Glen Gorbous but his 1956 Topps card is the oldest out of the six I redeemed this year - he apparently was a journeyman outfielder [deceased] from Canada who holds the record for the most longest throw of a baseball.

Don Baylor was a decent player who won the American League MVP in 1979 with the then California Angels - he has also gotten a little bit of experience in the Major Leagues as a hitting coach and manager. Baylor was named by Kirk Gibson to be the hitting coach for the Arizona Diamondbacks in 2011.

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Featured cards: Hisashi Iwakuma Japanese cards

I've had these cards for a couple of years as my friend gave them to me in anticipation of the 2009 World Baseball Classic - now Iwakuma is trying to get to the major leagues after the Oakland Athletics won the bid to be able to negotiate a contract with Iwakuma for about 30 days.

Apparently other Japanese players are itching to join Iwakuma - looking to cross over into Major League Baseball and hopefully be paid well to have some success.