Wednesday, February 23, 2022

Showing off some card show stuff #2

To bide my time, I was rummaging through this couple’s table where the I'd overheard the husband say at previous shows he's looking get rid of his cards- the table might have some interesting loose singles to dig for and the person usually offers a discount if at least a couple of cards are purchased.

I might have finally bit on a $5 [off-grade, off-centered vintage card of an all-time fan favorite] but was just kind of idle and looking closer
- realized the card has a crease down the middle where the eye appeal wasn't there.

I had second thoughts where I really wanted the card - but had to pivot towards finding others.

2005 Upper Deck Justin Verlander RC #430 [$5] - it depends on what I may actually find, but I maybe on the hunt for loose, low end rookies of star players with significant playing careers.

2003 Fleer E-X X-Tra Innings Ichiro 1 of 10XI [$5] - this might be a type of insert I might have pulled back in the day and say, ‘meh’ where it’s not really a hit in my book, especially out a $6 pack, but the die-cut design and the use of black color scheme makes this card stand out.

I was going to get those two [for $8], but just make it an even $10 - the seller had me grab a 2019 Topps Chrome 1984 Ichiro 84TC-14, which was fine by me.

Monday, February 21, 2022

Showing off some card show stuff #1

These were there results of pick ups from a couple of trips to a table with dollar boxes - last year, I picked up $20 worth of cards from the same table [different location at the show], but the last few times I was at this show towards the end of October, I didn't see the seller setup.
The lure was finding the occasional loose old-school [early 1980s and before] and vintage [1973 and before] cards - where the boxes ended up being sort of a treasure hunt for notable names on cards at least 40 years old.

I ended up spending $21 on the cards pictured above and while it's not high brow material - I can make believe my finds are better than picking up a $20 blaster or comparable to the results, of one of those specialty, collector repacks I've seen online.

I'd moved on in my day, but still trying to see if I can rummage around cards at various tables when I was ready to leave - I ended up back at the dollar boxes, wondering if I can fish out at least 4-5 other cards I might have overlooked.

I grabbed the Russell Martin pack pulled autograph because I remember him being among a core of rising stars for the Los Angeles Dodgers through the late 2000s - at some point, while still trying to get autographs in-person, I felt he had gotten stingier about signing, so this random card ends up being a winning find in my book after Martin's career was over and done with.

I don't ever need a Troy Glaus memorabilia card again but 20 years ago, he was the Angels' young superstar slugger - where for at least a couple of years, the sky was the limit.

I'm not sure if I've ever had a 1987 Fleer Bo Jackson RC, which may have actually been his most popular rookie issue at his peak - to the naked eye, maybe it's a little off-center, but clean enough for me to overlook anything else.

Maybe I wasn't finding anymore 'cool' old-school and vintage cards, but grabbed this Topps insert game card of Orlando Cepeda - thought it has creases running along the card, where I wasn't paying much attention.

Finally I grabbed a really shiny Topps Finest parallel of Trevor Hoffman from the late 1990s - he was a notable relief star through the time he played, but maybe only years after the fact he's gets into the Hall of Fame, might I consider the occasional card I find as a keeper.

Thursday, February 17, 2022

2021 Topps Heritage Mike Trout puzzle

I've been on a 'run' to create binder pages for players in my decade stars collection - I only had five cards so far for a Mike Trout page and decided to rejigger the arrangement to display the 2021 Topps Heritage puzzle I was able to put together last year.

I like cards for the way they are, but once in a way to get into something a little more cutesy - where there are some fun and games involved.

I was lightly annoyed the In Action subset cards showing the front are not oriented the same way - what I'll end up doing is seeing if I can add more loose Trout cards to fill those 'odd' spots.

Wednesday, February 09, 2022

Some card show material to dwell on

Through last year, the promoters of the monthly show I attend have tried to branch out into a hotel venue - the first couple of 'new' shows were held at a hotel about 10-15 minutes away from my house compared to the 'flagship location' each month, which takes about 35-45 minutes through traffic.

However the promoters may have had to change things up to a different hotel location [same chain though] - not as close to my house but only really a couple of cities over. 

I ended going to the first hotel show of the year, which is just a little different than being in a gym - though it's still about finding that accessible table where I can dig around for some stuff rather than be idle.

I ended up at a table with a younger guy [maybe at least 25-30] who partners up with an older, guy whose booth at another card show was actually a go-to outlet for me through the late 2000s - I know it's the same person, but I don't know how he is still around and still looks virtually the same.

I was setting aside random dollar cards, because I saw a 2021 Bowman Blaze Jordan #BP71 and found at least four in the table's dollar bin - I'm not a serious prospector, but I've been really out of the loop the last couple of years.

I haven’t really harvested as many loose prospect cards of the younger guys where it's almost 'out of sight, out of mind' - until guys break through to the big leagues for the most part. 

I was going through a row of cards that had some rookie year Shohei Ohtanis and I found a 2018 Topps Gallery #116 and a 2018 Topps RC #700 for $10 each - there were other Ohtanis from Panini branded products, but I wanted to dig for some licensed singles.

I might have the Topps Ohtani since it’s fairly common, but if I didn’t, it might be worth picking up [along with the Topps Gallery] - where I’m would be trying to some squirrel away cheap rookie cards for my regional PC.  

I grabbed those cards and built up a miscellaneous stash of dollar cards - as long as I had a couple of Jordans in-hand, then I was good. 

I spent $15 on dollar cards [and a $3 Nolan Ryan insert], which were from the younger guy’s portion of the table - while the pair of Ohtani’s cost me $15 and were actually from the older guy’s boxes. 

The top row features 2019 Bowman Heritage, which I assume was an on-demand product that wasn't too popular - the second year cards of Ronald Acuña Jr. and Juan Soto off the set are kind of 'oddballs' in my book.

Even though numbered prospect parallels are a dime a dozen it seems and end up cards no one really wants - I bit on cards of Triston McKenzie and Ethan Hankins because I don't know any better.

At least McKenzie has reached the big leagues with some promise - while Hankins is a Tommy John case who looks to be on a mound pitching in some games again.

The second row features some serial #'d Topps Heritage Chrome parallels - maybe the values don't reflect it at all, but for me, it maybe a case where contemporary cards [from the last 10-15 years] turn into old school material where enough time has passed to make them novelties depending on player and card type.

I might have left a Josh Hamilton behind and would have left the Felix Hernandez - the last part of big league career stalled, but King Felix was a pitching superstar at his peak and deserves some post career love.

The last row featured a 2021 Topps Archives 1989 Big Foil Ryan #89BF-6 - it might be a case where I'd be getting one card for $3 instead of three more random dollar cards, but I had to put a newer shiny card of an Angels legend in my pile.

I've lost track of the Topps Stadium Club releases since 2014 where they don't have that same impact for me - but any loose TSC cards I think I might not have are nice finds, like this 2019 Topps Stadium Club Jackie Robinson #70 where he is inking it up over the dugout.

Finally, I don't know if it's a personal vow or anything, but any loose Satchel Paige cards should be made keepers - like a 2021 Panini Diamond Kings Gallery of Stars insert #GS3.

Monday, February 07, 2022

2021 Topps Chrome Update Series mega box recap #2

Pack one
#USC85 Shane McClanahan - Rookie Debut
#USC19 Andrew Vaughn - Rookie Debut
#USC91 Adam Duvall - Purple parallel
#USC67 Zack Wheeler

Pack two
#USC66 Geraldo Perdomo RC
#USC61 Michael Taylor - Purple parallel
#CPDC-22 Robin Yount - Platinum Players insert
#USC93 Rougned Odor

Pack three
#USC7 Ka'ai Tom RC
#USC58 Jorge Mateo
#USC2 Jarred Kelenic - Rookie Debut; Purple parallel
#USC59 Brent Honeywell RC

Pack four
#USC63 Ke'Bryan Hayes - Rookie Debut
#USC81 Clarke Schmidt - Rookie Debut
#USC100 Nolan Arenado - Purple parallel
#USC79 Taylor Trammell RC

Pack five
#USC42 Jameson Taillon
#USC80 Gilberto Celestino - Purple parallel
#CUSA-PW Patrick Weigel - autograph
#USC12 Ha-Seong Kim - Rookie Debut

I'd rather get a 'hit' from a Topps branded product opposed to Panini, where it might be worth something if it's a decent player - however, I don't know if pulling a fringy big league reliever sticker dump auto from Topps is that much better than finding a 'Chase Antle' sticker dump auto from a Panini baseball product.

Pack six
#USC49 Hirokazu Sawamura RC
#USC14 Victor Gonzalez - Purple parallel
#BGC-8 Cody Bellinger - Topps Black Gold 
#USC76 Marcus Semien

Pack seven
#USC27 Akil Baddoo RC
#USC6 Kevin Pillar
#USC56 Huascar Ynoa - Purple parallel
#USC57 Lance Lynn

Pack eight
#USC99 Charlie Morton
#USC5 Garrett Whitlock - Purple parallel
#ASG-35 Nelson Cruz - 2021 MLB All-Stars insert
#USC62 Khalil Lee RC

Pack nine
#USC24 Mark Melancon
#USC74 Jonathan India RC
#USC26 Tyler Stephenson - Rookie Debut; Purple parallel
#USC70 Logan Gilbert RC

Pack 10
#USC71 Bryan Garcia RC
#USC64 Adolis Garcia
#USC15 Ryan Weathers - Rookie Debut; Purple parallel
#USC86 Joey Bart - Rookie Debut

Sunday, February 06, 2022

2021 Topps Chrome Update Series mega box recap #1

Pack one
#USC99 Charlie Morton
#USC32 Tyson Miller - Purple parallel
#CPDC-49 Fernando Tatis Jr. - Platinum Players insert
#USC84 Vladimir Gutierrez RC

Pack two
#USC24 Mark Melancon
#USC79 Taylor Trammell - Purple parallel
#BGC-19 Clayton Kershaw - Topps Black Gold insert
#USC-21 Jake Odorizzi

Pack three
#USC74 Jonathan India RC
#USC71 Bryan Garcia RC
#USC67 Zack Wheeler - Purple parallel
#USC45 Blake Snell

Pack four
#USC64 Adolis Garcia
#USC93 Rougned Odor - Purple parallel
#ASG-31 Brandon Woodruff - 2021 MLB All-Stars insert
#USC-37 Yermin Mercedes RC

Pack five
#USC40 Jo Adell - Rookie Debut
#USC89 Sixto Sanchez - Rookie Debut
#USC76 Marcus Semien - Purple parallel
#USC75 Josh Reddick

Pack six
#USC8 Taylor Trammell - Rookie Debut
#USC25 Jake Cronenworth - Rookie Debut
#USC57 Lance Lynn - Purple parallel
#USC77 Nick Maton RC

Pack seven
#USC9 Dane Dunning RC
#USC62 Khalil Lee - Purple parallel
#CPDC-59 Juan Marichal - Platinum Players insert 
#USC39 Ryan Mountcastle - Rookie Debut

Pack eight
#USC68 Kohei Arihara RC
#USC70 Logan Gilbert - Purple parallel
#BGC-21 Ke'Bryan Hayes - Topps Black Gold insert
#USC54 Dylan Carlson - Rookie Debut

Pack nine
#USC44 Francisco Mejia
#USC3 Josh Bell
#USC86 Joey Bart - Rookie Debut; Purple parallel
#USC12 Ha-seong Kim - Rookie Debut

Pack 10
#USC94 Joc Pederson
#USC41 Estevan Florial - Rookie Debut; Purple parallel
#ASG-43 Chris Taylor - 2021 MLB All-Stars insert
#USC51 Cristian Pache - Rookie Debut

Friday, February 04, 2022

2021 Panini Mosaic mega box recap

Even with the lure of Shohei Ohtani on the packaging, a $34.99 price tag was a no go as far as an impulse purchase of a Panini Mosaic baseball blaster at Walmart - with a Target gift card handy, maybe I was looking to buy a mega box [$49.99], until settling for a couple of mega boxes of 2021 Topps Chrome Update.

As is, I am on the mailing list of an online retailer offering mega boxes for the same price as the blasters from Walmart - there was still some interest and while I've tried not to be a Panini baseball guy, I was looking for something different. 

I also got a 2021 Panini Chronicles mega box - which was priced a little less than they would outright from a big box store. 

Pack one - right side
#28 Rowdy Tellez
#83 Framber Valdez
#107 Carlos Correa
#165 Kyle Seager
#249 Luis Garcia
#289 Yermin Mercedes
#33 Josh Donaldson - Prizm parallel
#PD16 Nick Madrigal - Pro Debuts

Pack two - bonus Reactive Red parallels
#5 Roberto Alomar
#63 Isiah Kiner-Falefa
#21 Buster Posey
#168 Eugenio Suarez
#126 Max Scherzer
#183 Ryan Zimmerman
#283 Andrew Vaughn
#233 Jorge Mateo

Pack three
#85 Kenya Maeda
#43 Keston Hiura
#138 Gleyber Torres
#195 Trevor Story
#264 Ian Anderson
#215 Deivi Garcia
#V2 George Kell - Vintage insert
#ACE13 Aaron Nola - Aces insert

Pack four
#1 J.P. Crawford 
#153 Alex Bregman
#111 Will Smith
#258 Ha-Seong Kim
#209 Anderson Tejeda
#250 Jake Cronenworth
#198 Corey Seager - Silver Prizm parallel
#BF3 Marcelo Ozuna - Big Fly insert

Pack five 
#10 Albert Pujols
#68 David Fletcher
#134 Ramon Laureano
#191 Cavan Biggio
#149 Mike Soroka
#201 William Contreras
#ATG11 Alex Rodriguez - All-Time Greats
#PD8 Brailyn Marquez - Pro Debuts; Reactive Blue parallel 

Pack six - left side; bonus Reactive blue parallels
#91 Trent Grisham
#49 Starling Marte
#7 Andrew Benintendi
#194 Devin Williams
#152 Donovan Solano
#176 Jack Morris
#283 Andrew Vaughn
#249 Luis Garcia

Pack seven
#40 Aaron Nola
#97 Jacob deGrom
#123 Fernando Tatis Jr.
#180 Anthony Rizzo
#240 Tucker Davidson
#281 Jonathan India
#P10 Joey Votto - Producers insert; Mosaic Green parallel 
#P11 Billy Williams - Producers insert

Pack eight
#55 Hanser Alberto
#137 Salvador Perez
#194 Devin Williams
#152 Donovan Solano
#232 Mickey Moniak
#275 Nick Niedert
#56 Walker Buehler - Silver Prizm parallel 
#WT4 Nolan Arenado - Will to Win insert

Pack nine
#13 Kwang-Hyun Kim
#70 Trevor Bauer
#176 Jack Morris
#133 Dylan Bundy
#226 Brent Rooker
#271 Jahmai Jones
#SCR-CA Chase Antle - Scripts auto
#ACE7 Justin Verlander - Aces insert; Prizm Mosaic parallel 

Pack 10
#27 Early Wynn
#190 Cedric Mullins
#148 Adam Wainwright
#222 Dane Dunning
#ATG10 Larry Doby - All-Time Greats insert
#208 Evan White
#239 Keegan Akin - Prizm parallel
#V12 Bob Feller - Vitnage parallel 

I pulled no cards of the cover boy Ohtani but that's how it goes - I just had to shake my head at my guaranteed autograph hit, where I saw another copy pulled in another break and thought it would just be the worst that was my pull as well.   

I still don't get how a pitcher who has barely pitched in the past 3 years is my guaranteed autograph hit - I realize retail is a real crap shoot, but Panini should have done better besides inserting an autograph of an undrafted free agent who hasn't logged 1 inning in pro baseball. 

Thursday, February 03, 2022

2021 Topps Heritage High blaster recap

It looks like my local Walmart has been getting cards once again with a dedicated display area - when I don't plan to go to a Walmart [but end up doing so] and/or I don't expect to see anything on the shelves, I'm more likely to stumble upon cards.

For the most part, it's still hit or miss, but I tend to believe baseball is actually the least collected sport for retail flippers - so if there ends up something left over on the shelves, it probably ends up being loose baseball product.

Pack one
#640 Jose Iglesias
#606 Joe Musgrove
#651 Dane Dunning RC
#591 JoJo Romero RC 
#511 Brent Rooker RC
#587 Gary Sanchez
#698 Greg Holland
#501 Francisco Lindor
#529 Michael Fulmer

Pack two
#579 Marcus Stroman
#566 Manny Machado
#504 Jorge Ona RC
#687 Albert Pujols - Chrome Red Border parallel serial #’d 148/372
#711 Andrew Knizer - SP
#537 Garrett Crochet RC
#638 Edwin Diaz
#609 Kohei Arihara RC
#684 Mitch Haniger

Pack three
#558 Ozzie Albies
#675 Nivaldo Rodriguez RC
#674 Patrick Weigel RC
#528 Eddie Alvarez RC
#546 Alex Kirilloff
#564 Hunter Harvey
#624 Andrew Vaughn RC
#605 Reynaldo Lopez
#589 Josh Palacios RC

Pack four
#503 Avisail Garcia
#597 Taylor Rogers 
#551 Sean Murphy
#690 Francisco Mejia
#RP-13 Bobby Dalbec - Rookie Performers insert
#660 Lorenzo Cain
#567 Willie Castro
#554 Paul De Jong
#693 Salvador Perez

Pack five
#695 Cole Tucker 
#639 Travis D’Arnaud
#630 Santiago Espinal RC
#555 Codi Heuer RC
#701 Zach Plesac - SP
#617 Mike Minor
#625 Jake Fraley
#655 Trey Mancini
#678 Taylor Trammell RC

Pack six
#523 Brent Honeywell Jr. RC
#610 Ashton Goudeau RC
#687 Albert Pujols
#547 Aristides Aquino
#532 D.J. Peters RC 
#572 Andrew Benintendi
#682 Geraldo Perdomo RC
#611 D.J. Stewart
#628 Kolten Wong

Pack seven
#657 Josh James
#560 Mike Ford
#677 Matt Carpenter
#604 Steven Matz
#577 Victor Gonzalez RC
#533 Adam Eaton
#607 Jameson Taillon
#629 Julian Merryweather RC
#510 Miles Mikolas

Pack eight
#658 Jose Marmolejos RC
#620 Jonah Heim RC
#601 Nico Goodrum
#AW-6 Kevin Cash - Award Winners insert; AL Manager of the Year
#710 David Dahl - SP
#562 Eddie Rosario
#688 Ryan Pressly
#600 Trevor Story
#514 Jose Urena