Friday, September 02, 2022

I thought I had a 2008 Joey Votto (RC) here

I'm still trying to gather up some of my loose decade stars binder material and as I'm going through my 2000s debut cards with some 'numbers,' I wouldn't have looked this Votto rookie over twice in my micro-mini stash - it's was a nice dollar card find earlier in the year that may end up as a centerpiece to a page.
I decided to look really closer at the copyright on the back of the card and it looks like it was from 2010 rather than 2008 - I'm thinking not again with this reprint [business], so I look things up on eBay to see that this was actually from a Topps insert set in 2010 I mostly associated with retired greats.

I don't think there would be any reason not to think this was from 2008 - it just gets confusing 10-15 years later when all the cards jumble together, where at least for rookies I have to pay attention sometimes to see if I have the real deal in hand.