Saturday, January 31, 2015

Random mail day - Josh Hamilton

Picking up anything picturing him is kind of a downer because he's not the same player he was as a Texas Ranger - it's kind of like picking up a Vernon Wells card when he was stinking it up as Angel.

Still, I picked up this 2014 Topps Museum Collection card for $5 since the jumbo jersey swatch caught my eye - the card might look pretty good if I can get the swatch area scribbled on by Hamilton.

As is, Hamilton still has his fans despite the injuries and the general malaise that has infected his ability to produce as an Angel - since the Angels are saddled with the guy for the next three years [at $25-$32 million a year, dang!], I'm going to have to be 'all in' on rooting for the guy until he isn't an Angel anymore.

Monday, January 26, 2015

Autograph request through the mail received: C.C. Sabathia

This was a forgotten request sent years ago and received today - Sabathia's had a long, fruitful MLB career and after dealing with injuries along with mediocre results, it maybe interesting to see if he bounces back his mid 30's.

The Angels, In Order odds and ends

Out of the blue I found a bubble mailer in my mailbox - Tom from The Angels, In Order sent me a bunch of assorted cards to go through [apparently his leftovers from a repack he purchased as well as cards he hunted down from my wantlist].

When I keep running out to the mailbox on impulse, just to see if I get something like a lost TTM request - thanks to Tom for taking the time to send something, so I actually had something pop in my mailbox.

Off my wantlist
1981 Topps Mario Soto #354 - hats off
1989 Upper Deck John Cangelosi #67 - awesome action; I love this card
1989 Upper Deck Bruce Hurst #792 - pitchers hitting
1992 Fleer Les Lancaster #384 - pitchers hitting
1993 Upper Deck Omar Olivares #194 - pitchers hitting

1993 Upper Deck Kenny Lofton #262 - inspecting his Oakleys

Cards not accounted for on my wantlist but needed anyway

1982 Topps Ron Hassey #54 - tools of ignorance / catchers card

1993 Upper Deck Mike Stanton #90 - inking it up
1993 Upper Deck Mark Portugal #99 - inking it up

1993 Upper Deck John Burkett #160 - either inking it up or a retro uniform card

1993 Upper Deck Ron Karkovice #199 - awesome action card just because it's kind of an odd shot where he is on the bullpen phone, maybe trying to order a pizza or something.
1993 Upper Deck Jose Melendez #288 - presumably with his kid on the field

1993 Upper Deck Scott Radinsky #298 - inking it up; looks like someone attached a ball on a string to toss over the dugout.

Cards I probably have
1993 Upper Deck Mike Perez #204
1993 Upper Deck Roger McDowell #250
1993 Upper Deck Ricky Bones #328

Other loose cards
2010 Topps Adam Wainwright #136
2011 Topps Stephen Drew #269
2011 Topps Derrek Lee #273
2011 Topps Melky Cabrera #332
2011 Topps A.J. Pierzynski #153
2011 Topps Jonathan Sanchez #229
2011 Topps Tyler Flowers #395
2011 Topps Rod Barajas #575
2011 Topps Atlanta Braves #319
2011 Topps Kerry Wood #189
1990 Score Kevin Mmahat #643
1992 Fleer Scott Terry #593
1995 Mega Cards Babe Ruth #23
1992 Donruss Chris Nabholz #170
1991 Donruss Jim Vatcher #753
1996 Topps Michael Tucker #92
1990 Topps Kevin Brown #136
1990 Donruss Jeff Reardon #119
1988 Topps Mike Scioscia #225
1990 Leaf Terry Leach #360
1992 Topps Darren Lewis #743
1993 Donruss Rico Brogna #41
1990 Donruss Jerry Kutzler #503
1990 Fleer Greg Smith / Stu Tate #643
1993 Donruss Bill Swift #232
1994 Score David Nied #528
1994 Score Kevin Tapani #351
1990 Upper Deck Atlee Hammaker #620
1995 Score Select Dave Nilsson #69
1990 Leaf Jim DeShaies #168
1993 Donruss Tim Pugh #162
1988 Score R/T Jack McDowell #85 T
1993 Upper Deck Tony Phillips #195
1991 Upper Deck Ted Higuera #341
1991 Topps Carlos Baerga #147
1990 Score Joey Belle #508
1991 Score David Wells #474
1987 Topps Eddie Murray #120
1993 Upper Deck Les Grandes Expos #481 - feat. Marquis Grissom, Delino DeShields, Dennis Martinez and Larry Walker
1990 Fleer Bud Black #486
1992 Donruss Jack Morris #216
1991 Donruss Eric Davis #84
1989 Topps David Cone #710
1991 Leaf Rick Honeycutt #210
2006 Topps Chrome Felix Hernandez #148
2008 Topps Bobby Crosby uniform #TR-BC - still in wrapped in plastic

2006 Bowman Heritage Justin Christian #BHP 43 - he has played in 76 MLB games, spanning 143 at-bats in parts of three seasons [2008, 2011 and 2012].

It looks he the 34-year old is still on the grind after having a good 2014 season with AAA Durham - did I mention I had 13 of his 2008 Bowman card.

2004 Bowman Jose Valdez #243 - another journeyman; thought he may have been one of these guys never to make it out of the low minors after being signed off the island [the Dominican Republic], but he is still active as of 2014 and has just a little bit of MLB time under his belt with the Houston Astros.

2005 Bowman Draft Matt DeSalvo #181

2001 Leaf Rookies and Stars Jeff Bagwell #37
- terrific career numbers, though I have no problem making him wait as far as the Hall of Fame goes, considering the era he played in [with juiced up players, juiced up balls, smaller ballparks and expansion teams].

2008 Donruss Elite Extra Edition Ryan Perry / T.J. Steele #CTC-2
- College Ties insert serial #'d 1251/1500; I don't get it how some players like Perry can zoom up to the major leagues at 22, yet find themselves on the journeyman track when in theory, they should be in their prime.

2013 Topps Archives Curtis Granderson #94
2013 Topps Archives Alfonso Soriano #145
2013 Topps Archives David Price #127
2013 Topps Archives Dan Uggla #164
2013 Topps Archives Hanley Ramirez #17
2013 Topps Archives  Coco Crisp #84
1993 Fleer Russ Springer #8 of 18
- Major League Prospects insert
1993 Fleer J.T. Snow #7 of 18
- Major League Prospects insert

1993 Fleer Dave Fleming #5 of 10
- Rookie Sensations insert; when I collected back in the 1990's, I kind of remember trying to chase cards of the 'hot rookies.'

My wallet card - Joe checking out a mural

Go Angels!

Sunday, January 25, 2015

Featured autograph - Ernie Banks 1931-2015

I got him to sign a reprint of his rookie card years ago - the last time I saw him was at the All-Star break in 2010; he seemed kind of spacey and had a drink in his hand.

I'm pretty sure I tried asking him to sign something but he was evasive and as he was getting into a vehicle he was driving - he tried to give the empty glass to me.

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

2014 Panini Extra Edition pack breaks

I don't know why I paid nearly $6 a pack for this product - I suppose it's easier to pull autographs from loose packs compared to a Bowman Draft box, but from what I've read, any particular EEE auto is never as good as BDP auto; it also means there are more filler guys who end up signing for this product.

Pack one
#17 Jordan Brink
#12 Mark Payton
Dummy card
#26 Jake Reed - autograph, serial #'d 428/799; I got him to sign in-person a few times during the Arizona Fall League, so this is a redundant pull to me; to make things a little worse, Reed's hack graph goes off the sticker on this card.
#95 Carson Sands
#92 Max George

Pack two
#8 Luke Dykstra
#5 Forrest Wall
#18 Luis Severino - Elite Series
#88 J.B. Kole
#83 Jared Robinson

Monday, January 19, 2015

Featured autograph - Matt Joyce

Was digging around for this one to add to my all-time Angels collection once Joyce plays a game with the Halos this season - instead of one of these bums the Angels sign off the street, Joyce gives the Angels a capable platoon [he sucks against lefties] bat who can be a semi-regular in case someone gets hurt or doesn't feel like playing on a whim.

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

My wallet card - Joe at a Vietnamese place

Looks like Mr. Boever is a wanna-be foodie - in Little Saigon, California.

Monday, January 12, 2015

My wallet card - Joe out for a walk

A future Angel - Ian Desmond?

Assuming the Angels let their own regular shortstop [Erick Aybar] walk after this year - Desmond would be at the top of my wishlist as far as a position player.

I'm not sure how it's going to happen, though I assume it is going to be through free agency - Desmond will not come cheap as a fairly complete, athletic package, with the ability hit for power, steal bases and play defense at shortstop.

When the Washington Nationals picked up shortstop Trea Turner from the San Diego Padres this off-season - it probably means Desmond is as good as gone after he plays out his contract unless of course Turner gets hurt playing for the Lake Elsinore Storm or something.

Sunday, January 11, 2015

Six finds from the quarter box

I'm going through miscellaneous, older cards at the LCS and at times I feel I'm scraping at the bottom of the barrel, particularly when it's a dead period for newer cards - I like to spend time finding so-called keepers as adds to my mini-collections, though I feel like I'm paying a premium for cards I see are otherwise discarded, traded and/or usually gifted to others.

1974 Topps Traded Kurt Bevacqua #454 T - I think I have his 1976 Topps bubble gum champion card autographed.

2003 Fleer Ultra Dmitri Young #161

2003 Fleer Ultra Aramis Ramirez #182
2003 Topps Milton Bradley #415 - Jim Thome cameo

2004 Upper Deck Jose Valverde #281 - chilling out at Wrigley Field, inking it up for fans perhaps

2004 Topps Total Danny Graves #94  - inking it up

Monday, January 05, 2015

Featured autograph - Josh Rutledge

After being acquired from the Colorado Rockies, I assume Rutledge will be part of a mix of guys [among them Grant Green, Johnny Giovatella, Taylor Featherston and perhaps Cuban import Roberto Baldoquin] - who will get an opportunity in the spring to work at second base for the Angels.

Regardless of who ends up as the Opening Day second baseman in 2015 - Angels manager Mike Scioscia and his coaches are probably anticipating seeing how Baldoquin, a Cuban import plays in spring training games against MLB pitchers.

Rutledge on the other hand, looks like he can hit a little bit, though had the usual Coors Field home / away batting splits - I don't think he is going to be terrible with the bat, but it's 50/50 whether or not he'll be able to hit well enough at sea level to be the every day guy for the Angels at second base.

R.I.P. Stuart Scott 1965-2015

He wasn't an athlete on the field, but he made as big of an impact as some of the ballplayers who have entertained me in pro sports - there were others of course, but Scott always kept me tuned in to SportsCenter, because it seemed he was having the most fun, sharing his love of sports with audience.

It was refreshing to watch highlights with all the catchphrases that would come out from his mouth [that I'd find myself repeating and smiling about when appropriate] - boo yah!

Don't hate the playa, hate the game

You don't got to go home, but you gotta get the heck up outta here

Cool as the other side of the pillow.

Gettin' his freak on! (or ...his schwerve on!)

I ain't sayin' nothin', but that ain't right.

When other ESPN sportscasters had their schticks, I realized Stuart got the most blowback for what he did on the air and it kind of bothered me - as much as I enjoyed him personally, there were sports fans who didn't care for what he did, because it was too urban and maybe just too black.

Sunday, January 04, 2015

My wallet card - 1993 Upper Deck Joe Boever #310

I was browsing through other card blogs and spotted this on the Baseball Card Breakdown, which inspired me to stick a baseball card in my wallet through 2015 - I was vaguely thinking about doing something like this after reading accounts of sportscaster Bob Costas carrying around a Mickey Mantle card because Mantle was Costas' boyhood hero.

In my second year of Little League, my team was the A's - so I might have stuck a Carney Lansford card under my cap, just because I played a little bit a third base.

Maybe if I was 12 now, I'd stick a Mike Trout card in my wallet since I'm an Angels fan and he's the franchise - though I wouldn't want any of his cards to succumb to the wear and tear.

As is, Boever has never been one of my idols, but there was his 1993 Upper Deck card lying around in my kitchen counter - I'm thinking can I use the card as a coaster? What if it just sat on my counter for the entire year? Why am I just stuck with several of Joe Boever's 1993 Upper Deck cards, in addition to this lone one?

I'm think I picked up the 1993 Upper Deck Boevers in a bin of free cards at the 2000 National in Anaheim - I don't know what I was thinking [to get as much freebies on the show floor as possible perhaps?] and maybe misremembering things now, but maybe whomever had them allowed for one 'dig' into the bin [ideally for younger collectors I guess].

In addition to the Boever cards, I ended up with several 1993 Upper Deck George Bell cards, which was equally as pointless - a lot of fun times to be had at the National, wish it would come back to Anaheim at some point, even if the West Coast isn't particularly desireable spot for the promoters.

Looks like Boever was a typical, serviceable MLB relief pitcher from the junk wax era - Boever was mentioned at some point in a conversation between an old friend and I one time.

I pronounced Boever's last name as BO-ver while my friend said it was supposed to be pronounced Boo-vi-yay - I'm like, WTF are you trying to say, I know how to pronounce these guys' names and it's not Boo-vi-yay dummy.

I guess it was just one of those back-and-forth things - to my chagrin, I finally looked up Boever's page and we both had it wrong as Boever is pronounced BAY-ver.

Thursday, January 01, 2015

2014 trading card collecting goals recap

With another year in the books - I wanted to see if I was able to own some of these goals or objectives I've set at the beginning of 2014.

I've gone through various incarnations as a baseball card collector and I feel like I'm getting twisted around - I feel like I want to be 'in' on 'everything,' but may need to reign in my interests because I don't want things out of control.

I feel I don't really have the breadth / resources to be interested in all sorts of cardboard - I'm a card guy, I like to flip through cards, but I'm just making things up to just to sort of HOARD.

I get overwhelmed thinking about the mash up of assorted tasks I have to keep up with - not collecting, not enjoying but having to work on sorting a large number of cards, putting them into a database, the physically sorting cards into a variety of collections, maybe I've created on a whim.

Still baseball card collecting is a thing and I have to push for a prolonged collecting experience – which means I've got to always be working on my collections, so every thing is still sort of fun, yet I'm top of things.

The date on brackets is the last time I jotted something about a particular goal - while anything marked under update is my actual recap for the year.

1.) Reboot my Angels collection [1/2/14]

A.) I'd like to put together a list of Top 30 PC cards in my Angels collection - by the end of the year, I want a collection of cards to showcase i.e. a wrinkle is while these cards should be centerpieces to my regional collection, value isn't going to be the focal point, but having a list and a physical grouping of cards to work from.

B.) Account for an A-Z singles collection - list in a database and have a physical place to store the cards in.

C.) Account for an insert collection of Angels - basically list cards in a database and be able to put away in binders.

D.) Account for loose Angels cards - my goal is to have a binder of random Angels cards as a 'jukebox' of sorts; cards that go into this collection should be listed in a database.

UPDATE - a work in progress, it's tough for me to sit down and do the things I've listed and maybe my regional collection is all over the place as opposed to being concise and organized.

2.) Reboot my A-Z singles collection [1/2/14]

A.) Start looking to pick up after loose cards to see if there is anything I can put together - what I can weed out such as rookie cards, certified autograph cards and other inserts that are 'dated.'

B.) I want to store various singles in top loaders in a box, list in a database and file away - organized mostly by player in 'ABC' order and then possibly by card type i.e. basic rookie cards, parallels and certified autograph cards.

* Any card I picked up as a single and paid over $10 or any notable pulls
* Rookie cards and rookie year parallels - I want to put together a 'default collection' but find the MLBPA Rookie Logo cards to be junky, so I don't know if I really count most as good enough to be 'A-Z singles' worthy cards.
* Any notable parallels / inserts - numbered, certified autographed, game-used material / patch cards
* Notable oddballs like promos, minor league cards, et al

UPDATE - a work in progress, I just haven't pushed through with a permanent system in place to account for my singles.

3.) Personal collection cards [1/2/14]

A.) Maybe find a better physical place to store my various PC collections

B.) Continue to add to my various PC collections - of course, I want something modern, blinged out, but also I'm not looking to bust a budget.

My Top 30 PC cards should feature my most prominent 'value' cards - I want to say this collection will be the easiest to sell off even though the values may fluctuate over time.

My Top 30 alternate PC cards - maybe a collection of cards that maybe an extension of my Top 30 PC.

My Top 50 common PC cards - is a collection consisting more of 'rank and file' keepers with some 'gems' I may have not ranked among the first two collections listed.

Top 50 fun PC - maybe the idea of a 'fun' PC becomes a little absurd when the state of my 'serious' PC collections are just a little thin all around.

UPDATE - a work in progress, there might be a 'foundation' in place with my personal collection cards, but I just haven't pushed through with doing more.

4.) Inserts [1/2/14] - a couple of years ago, I tried to list my inserts in a spreadsheet and put them away in binders, but kind of lost interest over the last year as cards piled up.

A.) Try to restart what I was trying to do two years ago with the process of putting inserts away - make sure that most inserts are accounted for, even if organizing them really just means they are in a binder somewhere.

B.) It may not be a true goal, but try and figure out things about my spreadsheet - discover forgotten cards, try to sort cards by team to perhaps serve as trade bait.

C.) I'd probably like to see if I can generate 10-15 trades - by posting a listing of cards by teams.

UPDATE - a work in progress, where I maybe looking to store inserts by teams in boxes, instead of in random order in plastic sheets.

5.) Collecting topics [1/2/14] - maybe not so subtly, I kind of what to make these cards the focus on my sports card collections.

Why do I fiddle with junk wax cards in the middle of the night, listing them in a database and covet cards that have been long forgotten [?] - it's something personal to me I guess, where I enjoy putting cards together that have the same theme.

It doesn’t mean what I'm doing with the cards is making me smarter, when it's not even particularly unique [checks out a number of other bloggers' sites] - but it’s neat to be 'playing' with a smorgasbord of assorted cards and sort of give them new life.

A.) My goal for 2014 is to have at least 500 new collecting topics cards with 250 either old-school [pre-1980] and/or vintage [pre-1973] cards - I feel like the older Topps cards do not have have as much personality, so it's harder to find cards with sort of unique images as opposed to cards I can possibly add to topics that go on and on i.e. nations, bloodlines, local guys, et al; it's easier to find cards from the past couple of years with unique images that makes an otherwise common card 'pop.'

B.) I'd like to have more cards for collecting topics that seem to be underrepresented - so maybe try harder to find and add at least 20-30 cards to certain topics i.e. broken bat shots, interesting backs, retro uniforsm, grips, cult baseball players / feats, beyond the glory and uncorrected errors.

C.) Scour loose signed cards and list at least 100 as adds to my 'collecting topics' tree - it maybe the easiest way to find use for signed in-person cards that I get signed.

D.) Find and list 20-25 ‘new’ subjects for topics that go on and on - nations, bloodlines, local guys, et al.

E.) For ‘bloodlines,’ try and complete ‘10-15’ relationships in a given year [knowing there maybe others along the way] - i.e. find the son, the cousin, the father’s card to go with what I may have in a collection already.

Official collections
Tools of ignorance
Broken bat shots
Facial hair
Awesome outfield action
Hats off
Pitchers hitting
Interesting backs
Bonus babies
Local [OC] guys
High socks
Inking it up
Awesome action
Retro uniforms
Cult baseball players / feats
Beyond the glory
Two-sport stars
Uncorrected errors
Players smiling

UPDATE - I may or may not have added my 500 assorted cards in 2014, but I'm not sure if I can keep up with the minutia of counting out the vintage, underrepresented topics, autographed, new subjects, bloodlines, though it’s kind of an ideal.

Maybe I need to make anything to do with collecting topics / mini-collections a broader goal - since the minutia that may make these collecting goals hard to keep up with on a regular basis.

6.) Finish my Topps team runs and my Topps sampler runs from 1978 to 2014 [1/2/14] - it's not really something I've been seriously working on, but I'd like to knock out a bunch of years and complete at least a couple of MLB teams; I made a Google Sheets file so I take the cards I have or will pick up and be able to list them.

UPDATE - a work in progress, I want to to sit down and list all the cards I have, so I can work towards finding cards I need towards this set.

At times I feel don’t have the right cards, when I feel like I want specific cards for specific years for certain teams - even though this collection is meant to built through random Topps cards.

7.) Reboot my award winners [MVP, Cy Young and Rookie of the Year] collection [1/2/14] - it's not really something I've been seriously working on, but get a new binder for the cards, make sure I at least have a card for each award winner from the last three or four years covered, make sure I have appropriate cards for certain players and see where I can add a new card to fill a hole.

UPDATE - at times my attention wanes and I’m not sure if I want to do anything with this collection since I feel like it’s just a claptrap of assorted cards.

For a particular year and player - do I use a base card, a memorabilia / autograph card, an in-person / TTM autograph, et al?

For old-timers, I'll use a retro card because it's what I have, but maybe I have to make an effort to find a card that fits within the time period - or at least correct uniform pictured when player won a particular award]

What am I going to do about players who don't really seem to have any cards [maybe early, formative years of a particular award] - when I want this collection at least concise and up-to-date.

I still try to update the award winners each year - but I'm not sure if I want to spend time going through an actual reboot.

8.) Find semi-permanent storage solutions [1/3/13] - have a system in place where I’m not juggling around loose cards, but have storage answers that are viable and maintainable.

UPDATE - sadly, I can’t say I’ve done much toward this particular goal, because I'm iffy on how I store assorted cards; I have a hard time dealing with all the cards I've gotten in-person after the fact as well as finds / pulls / A-Z singles / person collection.

I may do a better job with the dollar and under cards I find at the card shop [the ones I sort by teams for in-person graphing] and collecting topics cards - but it's all kind of a work in progress.

9.) Cardboard acquisitions [1/2/14] - I like a little bit of everything, but don't want to be a hoarder.

A.) I'd like to be able to pick up 20-25 assorted singles - such as rookie cards, certified autograph cards and other inserts that maybe interesting. Are there any certified autographs I need as far as an impulse pick up?

UPDATE - most of the time, any notable singles maybe pulls from assorted pack / blaster / box breaks rather than seeking out specific cards.

I'm not really focused on picking up singles and at times wonder if I really need particular cards and maybe create a random a wantlist - when I feel like it is just to have something to chase as opposed to really ‘falling in love’ with a specific type and/or specific card, picturing a favorite player or something.

B.) Pick up 15-20 first-year autograph cards - it doesn't seem realistic to go after prospect cards that are already signed when I'm eventually going to go for the players in-person.

UPDATE - I’d like to have some potentially nice cards for my collection, but I sunk actual money into prospect cards of guys that were straight up busts or disappointments, so maybe I‘ve quit the idea of being any sort of wanna-be baseball card prospector.

It is a completely different thing to chase first-year, certified autograph cards of potential top prospects and to chase the actual, players themselves for random scribbles on random cards - I'm not building up my card collection through in-person / TTM autographs, but I lean towards trying to meet the players themselves [since it's more fulfilling than going to eBay and trying to hunt down pack pulled, first-year autograph cards].

C.) I'd like to pick up at least 10-15 Angels prospect cards - who are the Angels Top 10 prospects / who are their top picks and can I get at least one certified autograph card and one certified autograph parallel of each of those players in a particular year.

UPDATE - I can’t say I’ve done much toward this particular goal, though maybe doing my homework to preview a product’s checklist to look for any Angels listed is the least I can do, to add some new prospect cards to my regional collection.

D.) I'd like to pick up a regional PC card per month - I'm also not looking to bust a budget but cards that I can add towards my Top 30 PC; these cards could be towards a PSA graded sampler, a parallel, et al.

UPDATE - the cards I like to add feature Mike Trout, but he’s a guy everyone wants at the moment and regardless, there are a lot of his cards [so I don’t know if I could add one that makes my PC pop].

E.) I'd like to pick up a random card per month - something off-the-wall and completely random, probably for some sort of nostalgia.

UPDATE - I’m not sure if this one works at all as a serious goal, though a part of me wants something to pick something impulsive and not planned out.

F.) I'd like to bust five to 10 'guilt free' hobby boxes - try not to buy into hype when boxes first come out but pull the trigger on a couple.

UPDATE - I am more of a hand collated set guy, though I bought into the hype of 2014 Topps Stadium Club and picked up a box 'early on' and also tried two boxes [packs] of 2014 Topps Supreme.

Stadium Club wasn't a dud product, it usually just had dud autos and now can be found rather cheaper than when they first came out - I thought Supreme may have been a decent product, though I think I maybe more of a guy who likes a midlevel product with more cards and one or two per box hits as opposed to a midlevel 'all-or-nothing' product.

G.) Build up a pack surplus [ideally about 10-15 packs at a given time] to bust at different times of the year - as a baseball card collector, I have to rip once I jump inside the car; as an in-person autograph collector, I can't hold onto an unopened pack when there might be a card inside I can try and get autographed; no repack packs or junk wax.

UPDATE - the only two packs in my surplus include two repack packs that are junk wax [a couple of old and moldy smelling Benchwarmer non-sport packs from the 1990’s].

I bust packs to rip, for the thrill of the gamble, not to hoard the packs for later on that may never happen - maybe I should buy an extra pack or two to save, but what for?

H.) Continue to find something in the dollar and under box [1/5/14] - maybe create a list of cards I fished out on the cheap.

UPDATE - I don’t know about creating a list, but I guess I find something decent in the dollar and under box once in a while; maybe the best card I found was a 2004 Topps Heritage rookie card of Yadier Molina that maybe worth $5 on a good day on the bay.