Sunday, January 04, 2015

My wallet card - 1993 Upper Deck Joe Boever #310

I was browsing through other card blogs and spotted this on the Baseball Card Breakdown, which inspired me to stick a baseball card in my wallet through 2015 - I was vaguely thinking about doing something like this after reading accounts of sportscaster Bob Costas carrying around a Mickey Mantle card because Mantle was Costas' boyhood hero.

In my second year of Little League, my team was the A's - so I might have stuck a Carney Lansford card under my cap, just because I played a little bit a third base.

Maybe if I was 12 now, I'd stick a Mike Trout card in my wallet since I'm an Angels fan and he's the franchise - though I wouldn't want any of his cards to succumb to the wear and tear.

As is, Boever has never been one of my idols, but there was his 1993 Upper Deck card lying around in my kitchen counter - I'm thinking can I use the card as a coaster? What if it just sat on my counter for the entire year? Why am I just stuck with several of Joe Boever's 1993 Upper Deck cards, in addition to this lone one?

I'm think I picked up the 1993 Upper Deck Boevers in a bin of free cards at the 2000 National in Anaheim - I don't know what I was thinking [to get as much freebies on the show floor as possible perhaps?] and maybe misremembering things now, but maybe whomever had them allowed for one 'dig' into the bin [ideally for younger collectors I guess].

In addition to the Boever cards, I ended up with several 1993 Upper Deck George Bell cards, which was equally as pointless - a lot of fun times to be had at the National, wish it would come back to Anaheim at some point, even if the West Coast isn't particularly desireable spot for the promoters.

Looks like Boever was a typical, serviceable MLB relief pitcher from the junk wax era - Boever was mentioned at some point in a conversation between an old friend and I one time.

I pronounced Boever's last name as BO-ver while my friend said it was supposed to be pronounced Boo-vi-yay - I'm like, WTF are you trying to say, I know how to pronounce these guys' names and it's not Boo-vi-yay dummy.

I guess it was just one of those back-and-forth things - to my chagrin, I finally looked up Boever's page and we both had it wrong as Boever is pronounced BAY-ver.

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The Angels In Order said...

"I'm like, WTF are you trying to say, I know how to pronounce these guys' names and it's not Boo-vi-yay.."

Too funny!