Wednesday, January 21, 2015

2014 Panini Extra Edition pack breaks

I don't know why I paid nearly $6 a pack for this product - I suppose it's easier to pull autographs from loose packs compared to a Bowman Draft box, but from what I've read, any particular EEE auto is never as good as BDP auto; it also means there are more filler guys who end up signing for this product.

Pack one
#17 Jordan Brink
#12 Mark Payton
Dummy card
#26 Jake Reed - autograph, serial #'d 428/799; I got him to sign in-person a few times during the Arizona Fall League, so this is a redundant pull to me; to make things a little worse, Reed's hack graph goes off the sticker on this card.
#95 Carson Sands
#92 Max George

Pack two
#8 Luke Dykstra
#5 Forrest Wall
#18 Luis Severino - Elite Series
#88 J.B. Kole
#83 Jared Robinson

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