Saturday, January 31, 2015

Random mail day - Josh Hamilton

Picking up anything picturing him is kind of a downer because he's not the same player he was as a Texas Ranger - it's kind of like picking up a Vernon Wells card when he was stinking it up as Angel.

Still, I picked up this 2014 Topps Museum Collection card for $5 since the jumbo jersey swatch caught my eye - the card might look pretty good if I can get the swatch area scribbled on by Hamilton.

As is, Hamilton still has his fans despite the injuries and the general malaise that has infected his ability to produce as an Angel - since the Angels are saddled with the guy for the next three years [at $25-$32 million a year, dang!], I'm going to have to be 'all in' on rooting for the guy until he isn't an Angel anymore.

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