Sunday, July 31, 2011

2011 Bowman Platinum Value Pack recap #2

Value pack two

Pack one
#59 Justin Morneau
#73 Ryan Zimmerman
#BPP 17 Kolbin Vitek
- x-fractor
Filler card
#49 Joe Mauer
Retail checklist 2 of 2

Pack two
#86 Chipper Jones
#27 Jake McGee
#BPP 18 Zack Cox
Filler card
#53 David Ortiz

Pack three
#42 Ubaldo Jimenez
#72 Tim Lincecum
#BPP 95 Matt Lipka
- x-fractor
Filler card
#33 Madison Bumgarner
Retail checklist 2 of 2

Purple refractor pack
- more dusty white substance on the cards.
#BPP 81 Cesar Puello
#BPP 11 Kyle Seager
#BPP 75 Sean Coyle

2011 Bowman Platinum Value Pack recap #1

2011 Bowman Platinum Value Pack [$8.98 x2 purchased at Walmart] - four cards in a pack/three packs and a bonus pack of three Platinum Purple refractors in a 'rack.'

I like Bowman Platinum because it is a MLB licensed trading card product with prospect cards - like what I said last year, it gives me some options besides the typical Bowman / Bowman Chrome / Bowman Draft offerings from Topps.

Compared to last year's Bowman Platinum - the 2011 version seems so much nicer looking in hand.

Bowman Platinum might not ever be confused for a super premium product like Bowman Sterling, but the Bowman Platinum cards stand out on their own - with a shiny and have a refractor finish, this year's cards almost reminds me of 2002 Topps Gold Label cards, except the design is a little cleaner.

Value pack one - I'll have the recap from my second 'rack' in another post.

Pack one - the cards are facing from the back.
#64 Hunter Pence
#75 Josh Hamilton
#BPP 81 Cesar Puello
Filler card
#95 Kyle Drabek

Pack two
#47 Cory Luebke
#91 Troy Tulowitzki
- green foil?
#BPP 32 Dustin Ackley
Filler card

#56 Jered Weaver

Pack three
#37 Josh Johnson

#9 Derek Jeter - red foil?
#BPP 41 Delino Deshields [Jr.]
Filler card
#30 Felix Hernandez

Purple refractor pack - these cards had a dusty white substance all over them; maybe Topps wanted these to help out autograph collectors and degloss these cards.

#BPP 78 Brad Holt

#BPP 23 Josh Zeid
#BPP 86 Tim Beckham

Saturday, July 30, 2011

Mail day - 1971 Topps Bert Blyleven #26

I picked this Bert Blyleven rookie card about $8 shipped and it came in the mail several days ago - he is throwing out the first pitch before Tuesday night's Angels game at Angel Stadium and hopefully I can get him to sign the card sometime during the series.

He's been a pretty good signer before, though I'm afraid he may make himself a little more difficult - since he just entered the Baseball Hall of Fame.

Friday, July 29, 2011

2011 home brewed card set #3 - through the fire

2011 Home Brewed Baseball Card Set #3

Through the Fire explained
A.) Veteran players [ages 30-34] and younger players [ages 25-29] who have established themselves in Major League Baseball
- but have battled through injuries / personal problems, an off-year or two, being traded/signed onto new teams, dealing with expectations, hype, tragedy, et al.

B.) Super-veterans [age 35 and older] who are still kicking around - hanging on as useful players or just hanging on for one last year or two after enjoying productive MLB players.

C.) These cards are usually 'put together' at the beginning of the MLB season - with an initial set of 20-30 cards, an in-season update to bump the number up to about 31-36 cards and a 'final update' at the end of the season to add a final group [perhaps after the World Series].

D.) There is no set number of cards [minimum of 18 cards to about 63 cards maximum] - though multiples of nine applies, because nine is a number of cards fitting into one plastic sheet.

2011 Through the Fire - updated 7/25/11
1.) Albert Pujols - 2011 Topps #100
2.) Mark Teixeira - 2011 Topps #450
3.) Paul Konerko - 1999 Upper Deck Ultimate Victory #36
4.) Bronson Arroyo - 2011 Topps #98
5.) Jake Westbrook - 2010 Topps Update #US-101
6.) Aramis Ramirez - 2011 Topps #16
7.) Jhonny Peralta - 2010 Topps Update #US-199
8.) Josh Hamilton - 2011 Topps #29
9.) Ivan Rodriguez - 2010 Topps Update #US-155
10.) Francisco Rodriguez - 2009 Upper Deck #758
11.) Ryan Howard - 2010 Topps Update #US-265
12.) Livan Hernandez - 2010 Topps Update #US-29
13.) Carlos Quentin - 2011 Topps Heritage #129
14.) Jim Thome - 2010 Topps Update #US-252
15.) Lance Berkman - 2007 Bowman Heritage #27
16.) Todd Helton - 2010 Bowman Chrome #40
17.) Chase Utley - 2007 Topps Heritage #478
18.) Johnny Damon - 2009 Upper Deck O-Pee-Chee #439
19.) Josh Beckett - 2010 Bowman Chrome #7
20.) Jason Isringhausen - 2003 Upper Deck #164
21.) Carlos Beltran - 2010 Bowman Chrome #135
22.) Freddy Garcia - 2011 Topps #41
23.) Carlos Pena - 2011 Topps #163
24.) Bartolo Colon - 2007 Bowman Chrome #222
25.) Victor Martinez - 2010 Bowman Platinum #67
26.) Jorge Posada - 2010 Bowman Chrome #73
27.) Chris Carpenter - 2010 Bowman Chrome #15

2011 home brewed card set #2 - underrated idols

2011 Home Brewed Baseball Card Set #2

Underrated Idols explained

A.) Players who may not be nationally known and still flying under the radar
- younger players who have crossed over from promising talent into productive every day MLB players, players who are entrenched in the prime as the stars of their team and veterans who are still pushing along.

B.) These cards are usually 'put together' at the beginning of the MLB season - with an initial set of 20-30 cards, an in-season update to bump the number up to about 31-36 cards and a 'final update' at the end of the season to add a final group [perhaps after the World Series].

C.) There is no set number of cards [minimum of 18 cards to about 63 cards maximum] - though multiples of nine applies,because nine is a number of cards fitting into one plastic sheet.

Underrated Idols - updated 7/31/11

1.) Michael Cuddyer - 2011 Topps #21
2.) Adam Lind - 2010 Topps Target #472
3.) Howie Kendrick - 2007 Fleer #182
4.) Brett Gardner - 2011 Topps Heritage #338
5.) C.J. Wilson - 2011 Topps #323; autographed in-person / 2011
6.) Carlos Ruiz - 2009 O-Pee-Chee #286
7.) Anibal Sanchez - 2006 Topps 52 #265
8.) Alex Gordon - 2008 Upper Deck #527
9.) Ervin Santana - 2007 Topps Chrome #17
10.) Nick Swisher - 2010 Topps Update #US-127
11.) Wandy Rodriguez - 2011 Topps #241
12.) Adam Jones - 2010 Topps #543
13.) Yadier Molina - 2010 Topps Update #US-259
14.) Mark Buehrle - 2009 Topps 206 #238
15.) Jacoby Ellsbury - 2008 Upper Deck #435
16.) Francisco Cordero - 2009 Topps Update and Highlights #184
17.) Shane Victorino - 2009 Upper Deck #296
18.) Matt Cain - 2011 Topps #570
19.) Daniel Murphy - 2010 Upper Deck Biography insert #SB-173
20.) Jeremy Hellickson - 2011 Topps #165
21.) Gavin Floyd - 2009 O-Pee-Chee #385
22.) Kevin Correia - 2011 Topps #47
23.) Michael Brantley - 2011 Topps #274
24.) Nick Markakis - 2009 Topps 206 #122
25.) Jordan Zimmermann - 2011 Topps Heritage #79
26.) Brandon Phillips - 2009 Topps 206 #157
27.) Mike Morse - 2005 Topps Total #755
28.) Eric Hinske - 2011 Topps Braves #ATL 9
29.) Billy Butler - 2010 Bowman Platinum #59
30.) Miguel Cairo - 2009 Upper Deck Update #U17
31.) Erick Aybar - 2010 Topps #108
32.) Alex Avila - 2011 Topps #497
33.) Joel Hanrahan - 2010 Topps Update #US 257
34.) Nyjer Morgan - 2010 Topps Heritage High Series #653
35.) John Axford - 2010 Topps Update #US 257
36.) Madison Bumgarner - 2011 Bowman Platinum #33

2011 home brewed card set #1 - superstar talents

2011 Home Brewed Baseball Card Set #1

I get stuck with excess cards when busting random packs, blaster boxes, et al
- for the last several years I've been trying to put loose cards together featuring a theme like 'superstar talents,' 'underrated idols' and 'through the fire.'

Superstar Talents explained

A.) Players who have established themselves as superstars, if not recognized as such, at least in actual production - younger players who have crossed over from promising talent into all-star performers, players who are entrenched in the prime of their careers and older veterans who are still at the top of their game.

B.) These cards are usually 'put together' at the beginning of the MLB season - with an initial set of 20-30 cards, an in-season update to bump the number up to about 31-36 cards and maybe a 'final update' at the end of the season to add a final group [perhaps after the World Series].

C.) There is no set number of cards [a minimum of 18 cards to about 63 cards maximum] - though multiples of nine applies, because nine is a number of cards fitting into one nine-pocket plastic sheet.

2011 Superstar Talents - updated 7/25/11
1.) Justin Verlander - 2009 O-Pee-Chee #426
2.) Brian McCann - 2011 Topps Braves #ATL 4
3.) Jered Weaver - 2011 Topps #75
4.) Adrian Gonzalez - 2011 Topps #425
5.) Jose Reyes - 2008 Upper Deck Timeline #1
6.) Jose Bautista - 2011 Bowman #136
7.) Roy Halladay - 2011 Topps #11
8.) Prince Fielder - 2008 Topps #450
9.) C.C. Sabathia - 2011 Topps #102
10.) Cliff Lee - 2010 Topps Update #US-300
11.) Ryan Braun - 2010 ToppsTown #TTT24
12.) Clayton Kershaw - 2009 Upper Deck #984
13.) Josh Beckett - 2010 Topps Heritage #69
14.) Miguel Cabrera - 2011 Topps #150
15.) Matt Kemp - 2009 Upper Deck #457
16.) Justin Upton - 2009 Upper Deck #511
17.) Robinson Cano - 2010 Topps Update #US-230
18.) Jaime Garcia - 2011 Topps #23
19.) Joey Votto - 2011 Topps #5
20.) Cole Hamels - 2010 Topps Target #70
21.) Matt Holliday - 2010 Bowman Chrome #100
22.) Rickie Weeks - 2011 Topps Heritage #208
23.) Hunter Pence - 2011 Topps Gypsy Queen #77
24.) Johnny Cueto - 2010 Bowman Chrome #63
25.) Andrew McCutchen - 2011 Topps Heritage #10
26.) Dan Haren - 2010 Topps Update #US-306
27.) Adrian Beltre - 2011 Bowman #34
28.) Tim Hudson - 2011 Topps #77
29.) Tommy Hanson - 2011 Topps Braves #ATL 14
30.) Dustin Pedroia - 2009 Topps #66
31.) Brian Wilson - 2008 Topps Updates and Highlights #UH262
32.) Jay Bruce - 2008 Bowman Draft #BDP 11
33.) Craig Kimbrel - 2009 Tristar Projections #4
34.) Jair Jurrjens - 2010 Bowman Chrome #5
35.) Troy Tulowitzki - 2010 Bowman Platinum #26
36.) David Price - 2011 topps #61

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Featured autograph - Brian Downing

Brian Downing was a little bit before the time I started really getting into Major League Baseball in the early 1990s - but from what I assume now, he was probably the heart-and-soul of the Angels through the 1980s.

Downing may not have been a true star, but a guy who fans identified with more than some of the superstars the Angels had acquired back in the day - Downing showed up everyday and someone who was put all his efforts into becoming a productive player.

Diamond Giveaway trade - 1968 Topps Matty Alou #270

I thought the 1980 Topps Gary Carter I ended up trading for this 1968 Topps card of Matty Alou was a keeper - but I think I may have been compelled to trade after seeing 10-15 trade requests seemingly every time I log in.

Most on the Diamond Giveaway site want my Vladimir Guerrero and Jered Weaver Diamond Die-cut cards from my portfolio - though it seems like it is the only cards offered are from the junk wax era, so I try not to pay attention to it.

I also got two throw in cards of little consequence - a 1980 Topps Joe Wallis #562 and a 1985 Topps Danny Ozark [manager] #365.

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Congratulations Ervin Santana - no hit pitcher

The only time I thought about Ervin Santana before learning he threw a no-hitter was when I was at All-You-Can-Eat Japanese restaurant by the mall in Orange, California - I was headed to the restroom and among the pictures posted along the wall of patrons who have been to the restaurant, was a picture of Santana with one of the 'chefs.'

'Hey, that's Ervin Santana,' I said to myself.

I thought while Santana is not quite up there with Jered Weaver and Dan Haren, he's been pretty good when he is locked in - he has a nice and smooth pitching delivery and through the up-and-downs he's had, he has actually had a solid career record as an Angel.

When getting back to the table, I wondered if he had pitched today - I think the Angel game was at 9:30 a.m. and I wondered if I'd catch a replay later on.

I had no idea he pitched quite a game in Cleveland - I was flipping around radio stations and one of the local sports ones mentioned they were about to interview Angels catcher Bobby Wilson once the Angels got into Detroit for their next series, because the big story of the day was Santana's no-hit feat [despite allowing one unearned run in a 3-1 win].

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Featured autograph - the guy who Mike Trout's first MLB home run

It isn't a surprise, this guy caught it - I'll be looking forward to reading about it from his perspective as I'm sure he'll be talking about it on his blog for a while.

Angels broadcaster Mark Gubicza on TV was saying how great it was an Angels fan caught Mike Trout's first home run ball - but I don't think that is the case...congrats Trout and good job Zack Hample in catching the ball.

Saturday, July 23, 2011

2011 Topps Allen and Ginter value pack recap x1

2011 Topps Allen and Ginter value pack [$4.99 each at Target x1]

Pack one

Top part
#118 Rafael Soriano
#254 Denard Span
#56 Scott Kazmir

#236 B.J. Upton - mini parallel [black?]
#111 Pablo Sandoval
#113 Miguel Montero

Bottom part
#242 Cheryl Burke
#3 Lou Holtz
#339 Miguel Tejada - SP
#HH 54 Joe Mauer - Hometown Heroes insert
#115 Shin-Soo Choo
#106 Jonathan Broxton

Clayton Kershaw in-person autograph failure - not so close and even further away

Dodgers pitcher Clayton Kershaw is one of the best young pitchers in Major League Baseball and he made an appearance at a furniture store in La Mirada California Saturday - I see nothing wrong with wanting his autograph, because he's a future stud who has enjoyed at least a couple of strong seasons as a big league pitcher.

However, as a *gasp* Angels fan, I found myself in a sea of Dodgers fans at 8:15 a.m. - it felt a little suffocating, especially when the guy who was behind me ended up cutting [like it really mattered] in with guys a little bit infront of me [he just kept yapping, blabbering and blending in].

Despite knowing most local So. Cal Dodger signings are usually balls deep with fans wanting to get their stuff inked up - I still decided to go just because I thought I could really get Kershaw to sign something at a public appearance, when he has sort of cut down on signing for adult fans [he prefers kids] for the most part.

Die-hards types had lined up at 7 p.m. the night before - once Kershaw arrived at around 10 a.m., the lines for Saturday's appearance moved once an hour and he left about 200 fans hanging when he stopped signing by noon.

As an autograph collector in general, I expected not really getting him, but pissed since it looked like people were coming out with two or three things signed - when it was supposed to be a 'one per autograph' event.

It looks like the wristbands that were handed out a few hours before I got to the signing - were being 'recycled' by people who were getting Kershaw multiple times and just wasting everyone else's time.

One guy was even trying to sell his wristband, after getting an autograph - after no one bit, he went back in line to get another.

Just to finish up, it was sort of a frustrating morning - but something where the outcome wasn't too hard to predict, considering I probably should have gotten to the signing earlier than I did.

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Angels show life in ending Rangers 12-game win streak

In the Angels' 6-run sixth inning rally in Wednesday night's 9-8 win - Mike Trout used his speed to beat out what seemed like a routine ground out to the shortstop and help drive in a run.

With the Angels leading 3-1 through the first three innings in Wednesday night's game - Angels pitcher Dan Haren imploded in the fourth and through the fifth innings and by the bottom of the sixth inning, the Angels were down 8-3 and set for another loss against the Rangers.

However, a 6-run sixth inning for the Halos would reverse their fortunes - the Angels would win 9-8 and send home the fans in Anaheim in the most righteous sort of way.

I was watching the game from the tunnel in the right field seats and could sense a big inning taking place - I was hoping the Angels could string enough hits to keep it close, though 2002 was actually nine years ago and there are no guys like like Garret Anderson, Scott Spiezio, Darin Erstad, Tim Salmon or David Eckstein in this 2011 Angels lineup.

From the Yahoo! box score, this is the scoring summary for the sixth inning of Wednesday night's game - the frenzied hitting was in full effect as the momentum swaggered over to the Angels side in their eventual 9-8 win.

Bot 6th: LA Angels
- M. Trumbo singled to shallow center, H. Kendrick scored, M. Trumbo to second advancing on throw
- M. Trout singled to shortstop, M. Trumbo scored
- E. Aybar doubled to left center, M. Trout scored
- B. Abreu singled to right, E. Aybar scored
- H. Kendrick singled to center, B. Abreu and V. Wells scored, A. Callaspo to third

It is only one game but I was glad I 'relented' to go the Angels game - even though the Angels looked like they'd lost control, the game was probably one of their best during the 2011 season. I would put it up there with the extra inning win on the road against Boston on May. 4.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Ugh - Mike Napoli shows up old team as the Rangers win 7-0

Honestly I was probably the last Angel fan to realize it but the Halos could use a bat like Mike Napoli's in the middle of their lineup - the Rangers teed off on the Angels late in their 7-0 win Tuesday night and 'Naps' got on base four times, going 2-for-3 at the plate with two walks, a double and two runs scored.

It probably will not be last time I'll be shaking my head in the second half of the year - where will the Angels get the bats they need to match up with the Rangers?

Monday, July 18, 2011

Angels - back home for three games and then back on the road for a lifetime?

Right now, I think I've been paying attention to Vernon Wells' at-bats - cautiously optimistic that after his brutal start, after regaining some life up through the All-Star break, that he will go on a prolonged hot streak that perhaps pushes his average to around .240 and his on-base percentage to around .290...

My life partially revolves around the Angels' home schedule, so there hasn't been too much 'being at the game in-person' action - ever since the last time I was at Angel Stadium before the All-Star break.

The rest of the Angels home games in the will feature American League West teams making multiple trips to Anaheim
- so I'm hoping to see more of the Texas Rangers in particular, since they are leading the division.

I'm planning on going to the Angels games on Wednesday and Thursday
- if the Angels sweep or at least win this upcoming series against the Rangers, then I have some hope about the Angels' chances about overtaking the Rangers.

These three games may not be considered a 'make or break' series, but the Rangers are the frontrunners and it doesn't look like they are slowing down for anybody
- if the Rangers sweep or least win this upcoming series, it might just be enough to separate themselves where the Angels aren't going to be able to do enough to catch up.

After this brief three game homestand, the Angels won't be back home until August
- so I'd better try to get out to a game in the next couple of days.

Thursday, July 14, 2011

2011 Topps Allen and Ginter value pack recaps x2

2011 Topps Allen and Ginter value pack [$4.99 each at Target x2]

Pack one
Top part
#213 Xavier Nady
#152 Jordan Zimmerman
#80 Joey Votto

#164 Heather Mitts - mini parallel
#35 Adam Dunn
#291 Grady Sizemore

Bottom part

#24 Kristi Yamaguchi
#274 Stan Lee

#317 Brian Matusz - SP

#HH69 Yovani Gallardo - Hometown Heroes insert
#279 Brian Wilson
#61 Brian Roberts

Pack two

Top part
#171 John Lackey
#37 Fausto Carmona
#247 Yadier Molina

#PP 9 Thomas E. Dewey - mini / Portraits of Penultimacy
#142 Michael Young

#175 Jose Bautista

Bottom part

#228 Brandon Snyder
##81 Yonder Alonso
#177 Aaron Crow
#HH75 Carl Crawford - Hometown Heroes insert
#271 Chris Young
#258 Howie Kendrick

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Mail day - 1974 Topps Dave Winfield #456

I picked this Dave Winfield rookie card online up for $7.99 plus $2.50 s/h several days ago and it came in the mail Tuesday - I'm kind of surprised this came in the mail, since I hadn't actually sent payment for it yet.

I picked this card up because I'm hoping to build up a personal collection of rookie cards of mostly Hall of Famers who starred from mostly from the 1970s through the early 1990s - just so I can say, I have so and so's rookie card in my collection and I only bought it for a few bucks here and there [even if the cards aren't going to be in mint condition].

I'll probably get the payment for this card out sooner than later - after all I already have it in-hand and I don't want the seller to wondering where the payment for the card went.

2011 Topps Target $9.99 break

2011 Topps 72-card Target box [$9.99 each at Target] - I tried to look for any 2011 Topps Allen and Ginter retail this past Sunday but no luck, so I picked this up along with the $4.99 repack blister already posted.

Target Ruby Red insert
#THP-22 Ian Kinsler

#439 Ervin Santana
#400 Troy Tulowitzki
#476 Matt LaPorta
#628 Blake DeWitt
#410 Prince Fielder
#653 J.D. Drew
#448 Colby Rasmus
#399 Adam Moore
#599 Travis Ishikawa
#585 Dan Johnson
#425 Adrian Gonzalez
#482 Eric Hinske
#617 Joel Zumaya
#512 Octavio Dotel
#491 Fernando Abad
#488 Brayan Villarreal
#554 Cedric Hunter
#387 Danny Valencia
The Kinsler Ruby Red
#372 Jarrod Saltalamacchia
#409 Vin Mazzaro
#500 Kevin Youkilis
#539 Brandon Lyon
#362 Doug Fister
#520 Jorge Posada
#435 Elvis Andrus
#494 Drew Storen
#556 B.J. Upton
#433 Curtis Granderson
#375 Matt Kemp
#620 Luke Hochevar
#411 Josh Bell
#659 Clint Barmes
#355 Justin Verlander
#454 Alberto Callaspo
#341 Kyle Kendrick
#373 Trever Miller
#348 Landon Powell
#365 Adam Lind
#339 Alexei Casilla
#517 Fred Lewis
#523 Mike Nickeas
#343 Mason Tobin
#618 Josh Lueke
#635 Jason Heyward
#557 Wes Helms
- gold parallel serial #'d 1271/2011
#526 Jason Donald - Platinum Diamond parallel
#DD-1 Roy Halladay / Roy Oswalt - Diamond Duos insert
#T60-87 Clayton Kershaw - Topps 60 insert
#480 Roberto Alomar - SP

#TDG-15 Jason Heyward - Topps Diamond Giveaway code card; unlocked a 1977 Topps Doc Ellis
#KC-89 Duke Snider - Kimball Champions insert
#TT2-11 Kendrys Morales - ToppsTown insert
#DS-4 Adrian Gonzalez - Diamond Stars insert
#60YOT-105 Tony Gwynn - 60 Years of Topps insert
#513 Adam LaRoche
#497 Alex Avila
#632 Scott Kazmir
#342 Jorge De La Rosa
#537 Jake Peavy
#430 Trevor Crowe
#462 Daric Barton
#371 Taylor Teagarden
#456 Ryan Doumit
#601 J.J. Putz
#590 Tim Lincecum
#478 Mike Minor
#451 Livan Hernandez
#490 Matt Holliday
#656 Raul Ibanez
#528 Bobby Abreu
#424 New York Yankees team card

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Another misadventure with a blister repack

Generic red jumbo pack of 100 cards [$4.99 each at Target]
Part One
1987 Topps Robin Yount #773
1988 O-Pee-Chee Willie Fraser #363
1993 Topps Gold Jeremy Hernandez #388
1988 O-Pee-Chee Tim Burke #14
1988 O-Pee-Chee Tim Laudner #78
1995 Upper Deck Kirk Rueter #330
1991 Bowman Billy Hatcher #670
1989 Topps Joe Morgan #714
1992 Topps Stadium Club Mike Pagliarulo #152
1989 Topps Dave Martinez #763
1989 Donruss Kevin Mitchell #485
1990 Leaf Jim Deshaies #168

1991 Upper Deck Darryl Kile #774
1990 Donruss Mike LaValliere #211
1990 Leaf Alfredo Griffin #95
1988 Donruss Rafael Palmeiro #324
1990 Fleer Bill Krueger #328
1990 Fleer Mark Gubicza #109
1990 Fleer Bob Welch #23
1990 Fleer Ray Searage #408
1993 Leaf Jeff Blauser #86
2003 Fleer Platinum Ryan Klesko #76
1993 Leaf Billy Hatcher #109
2003 Fleer Splendid Splinters Luis Gonzalez #22
1987 Boardwalk and Baseball Top Run Makers Kirk Gibson #29
1995 Upper Deck Kent Mercker #291
1989 Fleer Dwight Gooden #36
2005 Topps So Taguchi #199
1989 Donruss Terry Puhl #472
1989 Topps Buddy Bell #461
1997 Fleer Orlando Miller #615
1991 Classic Draft Picks Eduardo Perez #63

1990 Star Dave Fricke #28 of 30

1991 Leaf Kirk Gibson #249 - the photo corner set...
1990 Topps Traded Bill Gullickson #34T
1990 Donruss Jose DeLeon #536
1999 Bowman's Best Mike Zywica #158
1989 Donruss Dave Meads #424
1991 Topps Stadium Club Mark McGwire #399
1992 Topps Devon White #260
1988 Score Reggie Jackson #500
1995 Upper Deck Jeff Conine #115
1993 Topps Gold Tom Lampkin #492
1991 Donruss Gary Redus #587
1990 Topps Traded Dana Kiecker #50T
1991 Upper Deck Bill Swift #498
1991 Donruss John Kruk #260
1991 Fleer Ultra Dwight Gooden #218

1989 Donruss Dwight Evans #240
1996 Score Steve Sparks #474
1989 Topps Glossy All-Stars Ozzie Smith #16 of 22

Part Two
1987 Topps Glossy All Star Mail In Rickey Henderson #21 of 60
1988 O-Pee-Chee Tom Niedenfuer #242
1993 Topps Gold Orlando Merced #378
1988 O-Pee-Chee Bruce Hurst #125

1988 O-Pee-Chee Dick Schofield #43
1995 Upper Deck Wil Cordero #324
1991 Bowman Billy Hatcher #670
1989 Topps Joe Morgan #714
1992 Topps Stadium Club Mike Pagliarulo #152
1989 Topps Brewers Leaders [Rob Deer] #759
1989 Donruss Ryne Sandberg #105
1990 Leaf Jim DeShaies #168
1991 Upper Deck Tim Raines #773
1990 Donruss Wallace Johnson #570
1990 Leaf Gary Gaetti #97
1988 Donruss Rafael Palmeiro #324
1990 Fleer Mike McFarlane #114
1990 Fleer Mike Pagliarulo #163
1990 Fleer Shawn Hillegas #535
1990 Fleer Tim Wallach #364
1993 Leaf Ozzie Guillen #85
2003 Fleer Platinum Ryan Klesko #76
1993 Leaf Andujar Cedeno #108
2003 Fleer Splendid Splinters Luis Gonzalez #22
1987 Boardwalk and Baseball Top Run Makers Kirk Gibson #29
1992 Classic Four-Sport Chris Roberts #238
1989 Fleer John Dopson #373
2004 Upper Deck R-Class Renyel Pinto #148
1989 Donruss Alex Madrid #604
1989 Topps Ryne Sandberg #387
1986 Topps Derrel Thomas #158

1989 Upper Deck Jeff Montgomery #618
1990 Upper Deck Dean Palmer #74
1990 Topps Traded Ernie Whitt #128T
1994 Upper Deck Alan Benes #529
1988 Donruss Darrell Miller #551
1989 Donruss Lloyd McClendon #595
1989 Topps Traded Randy Kutcher #64T
1993 Topps Brian Barnes #112
1992 Classic / Best Gary Mota #384
2000 Upper Deck MVP Cliff Floyd #112

1992 Fleer Juan Guzman #330

1990 Donruss Mauro Gozzo #6551990Topps Traded Junior Ortiz #85T
1987 Fleer Update Dickie Noles #U-91
1995 Upper Deck Minors Josh Booty #135
1992 Fleer Terry Bross #653
1987 Topps Tony Bernazard #758

1995 Donruss Carlos Baerga #326
1989 Topps Glossy All-Stars Wade Boggs #4 of 22

Saturday, July 09, 2011

Featured autograph - Mike McCready

Mike McCready, the lead guitarist from Pearl Jam played the National Anthem July 7 at Angel Stadium and during batting practice, he came over to the camera well closest to first base - signing autographs for the pros who got him on all sorts of photos and records.

I wasn't even aware McCready was going to be making an appearance, so assuming he was the guy in Pearl Jam who is apparently a Mariners fan - I got him to sign a 2009 O-Pee-Chee Seattle Mariners team card.

Featured autograph - Don Aase

Former Angel Don Aase threw out the first pitch before Thursday's Angels game against the Seattle Mariners - I was able to get his autograph on a 1989 Score card as part of his official appearance to sign autographs during the game.

Maybe my only gripe was not getting an Angels card signed - I only had three Baltimore Orioles cards [1988 Score, 1989 Score and 1989 Upper Deck] and no cards picturing Aase with the Angels.

In my quest to put together a collection of [mostly] autographed cards of as many former and current Angels players - I separate the signed cards in my little collection picturing players on different teams [including players pictured in their minor league uniforms] from the signed cards picturing players as Angels.

Friday, July 08, 2011

It's his time - Mike Trout

I assume Mike Trout won't be playing in the same outfield as Bryce Harper in the Futures Game on July 10 - since the teenage super prospect was called up by Angels and will be looking to get some opportunity to play in the Major Leagues for the first time just before the All-Star break.

Thursday, July 07, 2011

Featured autograph - Tom Satriano

Former Angel Tom Satriano threw out the first pitch before Wednesday's Angels game against the Detroit Tigers - I was able to get his autograph on his 1967 Topps card as he got to Angel Stadium with his family.

Wednesday, July 06, 2011

Mail day - 2011 Bowman Bryce Harper #BP 1

I picked this Bryce Harper card up for $6 shipped and it came in the mail Wednesday afternoon - hardly the most exciting looking or the most valuable card but something to file away in my collection.

With the burden of high expectations, Harper has made great progress in his first professional season
- already making the jump from Low-A ball Hagerstown to AA Harrisburg in the Washington Nationals system.

He will be playing for Team USA in the 2011 Futures Game in Phoenix
- hopefully he puts on a show so we are all reminded why he is the next great hope in Major League Baseball.