Sunday, June 25, 2023

Showing off a $5 card show duo

I pulled these and added them to a separate pile from my last post - I do not know much about either card, but the Barry Bonds insert was too loud to put back and the vintage minor league card pictures a Veterans Committee Hall of Famer.

Tuesday, June 20, 2023

Showing off my $2 card show hauls

These cards were my pick ups from a table with $2 bins off a show I go to once a month - from a father and college age son seller duo, who wouldn't have a reason to recognize me, but I've seen them set up around over the past couple of years.

From what I may have overheard and assumed, with the son going to school, the pair ends up spacing out in their card show selling appearances - until the son has the free time to help out.

I've looked forward to seeing what they might tease in their value boxes when they've shown up - maybe due to rising costs all around, maybe their cheap stuff was mostly $2 boxes and up, where it was mainly dollar bin set ups through the past two years.

Because I was trying to rummage for keepers out of the $2 boxes in a limited amount of time, I didn't even realize they did have a dollar box - which seemed otherwise hidden or out of view.

Oddball action - the Wally Joyner card caught my eye, picturing him in college.

The card may not be a true pre-rookie issue, but likely from a smaller set - producted during his rookie season in 1986 to capitalize on his Wally World fame.

I grabbed the magazine insert card of Kirk Gibson because it's a little different than his mainstream junk wax era issues - even though it could be easily a card probably weeded out at the final stage of my rummage, I'll give myself a high five for making it a keeper.

Old-school and vintage mix - I found a copy of the infamous 1972 Topps Billy Martin finger card a couple of years ago and it made sense to pair it with the In Action subset, where he's in his element as a manager.
1975 SSPC Superstars and 1976 SSPC mix - I didn't realize these cards came from different sets until I started looking them up.

These basic cards are unlicensed, but are relatively nice looking - where singles of notable players might be keepers as a complement to same-year or same-era Topps cards.

Other sport / non sport - collecting anything other than baseball cards has never been my thing, but I had to grab the card of Ke Huy Quan [Short Round] since he won an Academy Award for best supporting actor in the movie Everything Everywhere All at Once.
Centerfield contemporaries - 1990s edition - Ken Griffey Jr. was an all-time great, but Bernie Williams was a great part of the New York Yankees dynasty from the late-1990s through the early 2000s.

Monday, June 12, 2023

Card show odds and ends

Beforehand I had these FOMO thoughts of possibly seeing three or four more familiar sellers at a show date teasing these value boxes [$2 and under] - where it was going to be a challenge to divide and conquer each table, to take ownership of cards that tempt me.

At a particular show I go to, maybe the vibe gets disorienting where the bumper to bumper foot traffic makes it hard to move around, especially with the aisles so narrow - maybe it's just business, where the promoter tends to overbook the rooom, but with the scattered tables jumbling together, it’s hard to find a landing spot to really start rummaging.

Go figure, at least a couple sellers I might have anticipated showing up are not there this time around - I didn’t know if I was going to be able to spot and count on the familiar sellers that have had me going in a routine of sorts.

As is, I ended up at a familiar seller's table and a there was a portion where his non-showcase cards were two for $1 and then a portion where it was priced as is marked or $2 for anything unmarked - I ended up being charged $10 for the following, where the top loaded cards were $2 each and the rest below were the '2 for $1' cards.

It's hard to imagine this seller's main focus is on baseball - but I assume he breaks boxes from all sorts of sports, where there might be leftovers from newer products not so long ago.

Wednesday, June 07, 2023

Free Stuff Tuesdays/Fridays hauls

Jon over at A Penny Sleeve for Your Thoughts had some card giveaway posts I was able to claim cards from - besides the cards themselves, I appreciate the note written, which was a nice personal touch to tie together the pair of PWEs sent.

I also liked the careful means to ship my claims - as well as the shiny cracked ice Cal Ripken Jr. parallel he sent as an extra.