Saturday, August 26, 2023

Oddball card find - what do I have here?

I found this card in one of the $0.50 portions from my 'local' stack sale seller - I claimed it because I knew it was kind of odd off the bat, featuring not a baseball player, but an author who has written his fair share of baseball books.

I keep thinking he is one of the experts they kept showing in Ken Burns' Baseball miniseries from the 1990s - the authority figures that look to be at least in their late 70s or older that share an anecdote about an old-timey player and/or talk about the good old days.

I'm not sure how the card came to be to be - I assume it was a custom card printed professionally, so the cards can be casually passed around at various book signings and other events.
I wasn't even really paying attention the the idea that it looks like it was signed on the back of the card - that's kind of a nice bonus.
While it's not the strangest card printed, it's just not like a regular card - maybe having it in hand, takes me different places in my collecting mind.

Friday, August 25, 2023

Feeling down and out with Ohtani and the Angels

I got these cards from a purchase a day after news broke Shohei Ohtani’s UCL crapped out - I'll probably continue picking up random cards that catch my eyes, but there might be less FOMO over Ohtani's real high end cards or at least some of the nicer ones that might have been a little easier to get when he got hurt the first go-around.

Ohtani's future on the mound seems murky at best and it's buyer beware for the impending free agent - where the Angels probably got his best years as a two-way player.

I guess it's just how the passage of time all goes, where maybe it's not our reality to be a pro athlete of the highest magnitude - but it’s fleeting to be this larger than life figure, only to be broken [again] and perhaps the great times don't last.

Unless Ohtani just won’t be allowed to, I still see him DH’ing and finishing possibly his last season as an Angel - but it’s likely that Ohtani is going to have his arm rebuilt, where there will be uncertainty whether he makes it back to the mound in 2024 or even through 2025.

Unless proven otherwise, I'm just as convinced that the Angels franchise is nothing but hexed or cursed - it's laughable and depressing where the Angels end up being this big league franchise that can’t get anything right, where everyone hates the owner now and every misstep is magnified.

Mike Trout is back on the injured list and it is probably realistic that he might as well be out for the season - where whatever is lingering with him drags on and the only real solution is putting him on the shelf for rest.

Tuesday, August 22, 2023

Some random Ted Williams pick ups

Maybe retro cards of legends end up being like junk wax era cards for me, where they are stlll everywhere and kind of redundant - however I'll still make many of them keepers just, because I like to think of myself as being able to appreciate the all-time greats, rather just than the 'here and now' guys.

Scrolling through some social media sales, I ended up picking up a couple of retro Ted Williams cards - the Project 2020 cards are $2-$4 paperweights in their magnetic one-touch holders after being originally $20 a pop from the Web Site back through the pandemic.

I wouldn't go out of my way to seek these cards because they are the Beanie Babies of the pandemic - but may end up being nice enough finds at the right price.

For a $1 and change, I'll make a keeper out of a 2022 Topps Stadium Club Williams refractor - it maybe anachronistic, where a card from 2022 just isn't like an old-school vintage Topps card that would cost so much more, but it is fun seeing an unconventional image of an all-time great 'pop' in a modern card.

To amuse myself, I snuck in a different Ted Williams' card for $0.15 as part of my first [in four years] and only order I've received so far [out of three or four made] from a Web site - at times, I'm looking for the dumbest reasons to make miscellaneous cards keepers and a card of a guy sharing the same name as an all-time great maybe just what I'm looking for.

Sunday, August 20, 2023

Showing off some dollar bin gettings

The monthly card show I usually attend has not had an 'event' in a few months and their latest show date was at a venue further than I normally venture to - go figure, I had a reason to be in within five miles of the area and was able to be at this card show for several hours.

I ended up really digging for my usual value box and/or bulk quality cards - I'm semi-pro compared to the big time wheeler and dealer speculator types, but going through cards that are accessible and can make keepers out of gives me some satisfaction reguardless.

These were my notable hauls from a dollar bin I rummaged through - I think I was able to round up 25 cards and get five of them for free.
I didn't really know much about Topps' MLB / Garbage Pail Kids mashup, though I remember briefly seeing preview images last year - I like baseball cards to picture real life ballplayers and not caricatures or parody images that tend to be off-color, but these cards were too odd to pass up, where stupid ends up being cool.
Maybe it wasn't my intention but I wanted to grab the loose 2023 Topps All Aces inserts I could find [sans a Gerrit Cole I left behind] - I probably want the Shohei Ohtani but have to settle for these guys, plus Sonny Gray [not pictured].

Friday, August 18, 2023

2023 Topps International Trading Card Day Angels SGA

My niece got some of the team specific, stadium giveaway cards from the 2023 Topps International Card Day promotion on Aug. 5 - she was showing them off to me the following day, but insisted on keeping them and was planning to give one Shohei Ohtani dupe to her friend.

Before a recent visit for some babysitting duties, I wondered if I should bother bringing along the random Disney cards I bought from a card show months ago - I felt like my cards was going to be no brainer trade ammo for the ones she had.

When I got to her house, I told her about having my own cards to show off and as we leafed through cards with images of different Disney characters, she really liked them - I was now certain I was getting my SGA Angels cards, though we still had to get some breakfast.

After getting back to her house, she brought down the cards and while I didn't know if they were a complete set where counted out eight - there was still an Ohtani, Mike Trout and Logan O’Hoppe rookie.

Sunday, August 13, 2023

Showing off a random stack purchase

Maybe there is a little existential crisis where I wonder what I can really do with my cards and whether I can go on moving forward - I like going through assorted cardboard, whether they are new cards or stuff that is a little more dated.

I do feel it's sham on my end if I cannot talk about my pick ups, take some card pictures and finally be able to put cards away for some closure - I need to catch myself at times and flesh out the card-by-card narrative when possible, but it's hard to make stuff up that means something.

As it goes, I need to avoid invalidating my experiences - where I'm not down and out and there is always a part of me always enthused, especially when getting something in the mail like this haul of odds and ends.

Taylor Ward was not having a great season, but his bat had heated up in July before he got beaned with an Alek Manoah pitch - effectively ending his 2023 season.I grabbed a dual bat or jersey card that looks to be player worn and/or used - I'm not sure there is much demand for Los Angeles [Angels] cards besides Shohei Ohtani and maybe Mike Trout, but it's kind of a reward to find a more random 'hit.'
To front load things with more Los Angeles [Angels] content, here is a Trout card from a couple of years ago - it's an unlicensed Panini issue and the boring picture looks as if Trout is watching a fly ball out, but the see-through acetate makes the card almost worth the $3 and change I paid.
Out in the wild, I'll make bulk, common cards of visiting players for my stadium project instant keepers when that might not have been originally the case - but it's fun to really focus on snatching up cards featuring star players and better.
I do not really get nostalgic about MLB teams that don't exist anymore like the Montreal Expos - but the pair of HOFer cards look good paired up.
The fandom over Ken Griffey Jr. is a little dated when he is closer to 60 than he is to 20 - but I'll chase his random cardboard because he is an all-time great.
This might be one lousy card, but maybe I've been tempted to build on little runs of four to five cards for any number of players from 30-40 years ago - that I have some lingering sentiment or nostalgia over, even when it's a disgraced PED slugger Mark McGwire.
I've dismissed relic cards are not being 'real enough' with no real historicity, but this post features a micro-mini flood of four or five memorablia cards - I'll take a flyer where they still have some novelty, even if the swatches used have iffy provenance more often than not.
I didn't know what this Trot Nixon jersey card was and thought it could have been from the 2001 Fleer 100th Anniversary set - looking closer, it looks like it was a specially made card for the Boston Red Sox kids club back in 2005.
Usually all MLB teams have this fan club package you can purchase for kids that comes with some game tickets and other team branded knick knacks - I'm not sure if this cards was distributed randomly with those packages or it came with each one.
With a PED suspension through 2022 and generally immaturity issues in past seasons, Fernando Tatis Jr. ends up being an iffy player, where I might not consider collecting him - on the other hand, he's played relatively well [for an underachieving San Diego Padres team], where it may be fun to go against the grain and look for cards of unpopular baseball players.
I'll claim the occasional non-playing era cards of retired players, where it gives my stack some star power - when other collectors may not be focused on the retro player content in here and now product, maybe I am able to swoop in and snatch some neat looking cards, notably the occasional inserts and parallels.
Finally, I ended up seeing this packed pulled signed rookie card and made an offer to pick it up for $10 - maybe this card ends up being a little no-context now, but I wouldn't have minded adding this card to my collection when McCann as a star catcher in his prime, 15-20 years ago.

Thursday, August 10, 2023

Looking for some PWE cheap thrills

I have not been at an in-person card show in two months but that doesn't mean there has been a stoppage in fiending out on picking up cardboard - it's gotten to a point where everything just sits once I get it in-hand and maybe there has not been the ability to make sense of it all, much less blog about any hauls from social media commerce.

The cards I picked up [for $3 shipped] might just be the least important out of things I've bought lately - but gives me seemingly an easy task to talk about or to show off as proof of life goes.

I thought this was a real 2001 Bowman Heritage Miguel Cabrera peeking out from a seller's sale picture - I figured it wasn't a rookie card, but maybe early career prospect cards of eventual big league greats have some novelty where it's a cool find.
Go figure, the seller asked me if I was still OK claiming the card since it was actually a reprint - it might have been $0.50 or a dollar, so I just went with it since I didn't want to seem like I just had no idea what I was looking at.
A shiny foil card of Shohei Ohtani is never a bad thing to make a keeper out of - the Panini issue from a couple of years ago might be unlicensed by MLB, but he might be changing teams in the off-season, where that 'Los Angeles' on the card could mean the Angels or the Dodgers.
I like Vladimir Guerrero [Sr.] as much as the other guy and he actually played for my home team, so it's more natural for me to gravitate towards any of his cards with lingering nostalgia - this shiny card is from his Montreal Expos days is a loud one and and before he played for the Angels, I used to follow him a little bit because he was a fun player to watch.
I'm not sure I like how Fleer / Skybox mirrored Guerrero's image on the front with a reversed image on the back of the card - but maybe that just adds some fun to a card that is nearly 25 years old.