Saturday, July 22, 2023

A retail value pack of 2023 Donruss

Without any licensing from either MLB or the MLBPA, Panini went ahead and made a 2023 Donruss set featuring only retired players and prospects - it's basically a flood of legends' cards that has served as boring evergreen content over the years and redundant prospect cards that are not ever going to be first year cards or true rookie cards.
The design is pretty basic, but kind of upbeat and colorful - the shiny parallels and inserts within a random pack makes these cards fun, where I guess I don't mind seeing the same old guys on newish cards.

Seeing retired player cards of guys like Ryan Zimmerman and Dustin Pedroia makes me feel older than ever - but it's not like I've kept up with them in years and that is how the passage of time goes I guess.

I haven't bothered to keep up with prospects where I don't know what to do with these cards - it might still be dime box fodder, but there is a Jordan Walker '90 Retro subset card and the St. Louis [Cardinals] outfielder is having a solid big league rookie season.