Wednesday, June 16, 2021

Some newer card show recaps #5 [FIN]

I stumbled upon what would be my last table of the day, where I started going over dollar box cards - unlike the dollar box collection I stumbled upon in recap #2, maybe the cards here didn't have that nostalgic pull to them.

But maybe it's kind of like looking up cards on COMC, where I may not be interested in one specific card - but going down the rabbit hole, maybe I see a run of cards, where it's random and I want it.

After the fact, part of the challange was looking up and trying to figure out what exactly I had in-hand - whether it's an insert, parallel or a base card.

2010 Bowman Chrome Prospect J. D. Martinez #BCP165
2014 Topps Chrome Jose Ramirez RC #45
2018 Topps Factory Set Rafael Devers #18
2019 Bowman's Best Austin Riley RC #4 - x2
2019 Panini Elite Extra Edition OptiChrome Riley Greene #5
2019 Topps Independence Day parallel Aramis Garcia #659 - serial #’d 61/76
2019 Topps Update Vintage Stock parallel Tommy La Stella #US29 - serial #’d 57/99
2019 Topps Update SP Variation Tony Gwynn #US56
2019 Topps Update SP Variation Robin Yount #US168
2019 Topps Chrome Update Will Smith #47
2020 Bowman Chrome Sapphire Prospects Kody Hoese #BCP4
2020 Bowman Sterling Prospects J.J. Bleday #BPR-43
2020 Topps Archives 1955 Bowman insert Bo Bichette #B55-9
2020 Topps SP Variation Bob Gibson #508
2020 Topps SP Variation Dave Winfield #556
2020 Topps Vintage Stock parallel Nick Markakis #156 - serial #’d 15/99
2020 Topps Chrome Sapphire Edition Spencer Turnbull #445
2020 Topps Chrome Update Sapphire Edition Jason Castro #U-232
2020 Topps Pro Debut Chrome Dylan Carlson #PDC-142 - gum card
2021 Bowman Jasson Dominguez #BP-13 - it's nothing notable, but my first card of the teenage prospect nicknamed 'The Martian.'

Monday, June 14, 2021

Some newer card show recaps #4

I went through a table that had a ‘5 for $1’ box and started grabbing loose 2021 Topps Home Run Challenge contest / code cards - I don’t think they were scratched, so maybe I can use them, even though I consider them throwaways after I've used the cards for the codes.

I scratched off cards of Pete Alonso, Eugenio Suarez, Nolan Arenado and Giancarlo Stanton last week - Alonso and Stanton ended up being winners for me, so I await my prize cards in several months.

I missed on using a code for Vladimir Guerrero Jr. - not that I would have picked the right date, but he's been on an absolute tear and hit 3 straight home runs over the weekend.

Star power - I started to pull cards including some cheap binder material cards to add shine to my indidivual player collections.

2020 Donruss Optic Carolina Blue and White Prizm Anthony Rendon #155
2020 Donruss Optic Holo Prizm Anthony Rendon #155
2020 Donruss Optic Diamond Kings Lime Green Prizm Juan Soto #23
2020 Panini Optic Lime Green Prizm Max Scherzer #138
2020 Panini Prizm Numbers Game insert Shohei Ohtani #NG8
2020 Panini Optic Lime Green Prizm Bryce Harper #183
2020 Topps Chrome Aaron Judge Sepia refractor #50
2020 Topps Chrome Kris Bryant Prism refractor #53
2020 Topps Chrome Kris Bryant Sepia refractor #53
2020 Topps Chrome Max Scherzer Sepia refractor #139
2020 Topps Stadium Club Chrome Clayton Kershaw Emperor of the Zone insert #EOZ-11
2021 Topps Series 1 Jacob deGrom Rainbow Foil #200

Legends and icons

2020 Panini Donruss Optic Retro 1986 Holo Prizm Don Mattingly #R86-16
2020 Topps Stadium Club Chrome Cal Ripken Jr. #106
2020 Topps Stadium Club Chrome Stan Musial #187
2020 Topps Stadium Club Chrome Ken Griffey Jr. #270
2020 Topps Stadium Club Chrome X-Fractor Roberto Clemente #159


2020 Bowman Chrome Mega Box Mojo refractor Noah Song #BCP161 - he was the prospect who had to fulfill obligations to go to Navy flight school.
2020 Donruss Optic T-Minus insert Deshaun Watson #TM-10 - I thought this NFL card was pretty neat looking, though it's probably an 'infamous' add.
2020 Topps Chrome refractor Andrew Heaney #28 - I'm sure I have my share of Heaney's but this parallel goes towards my Angels Opening Day starters set.
2020 Topps Chrome X-Fractor Scott Kingery #64 - maybe some base running, dirt fetish or hats-off add.
2020 Topps Stadium Club Chrome Mitch Garver #20 - gum card
2020 Topps Stadium Club Chrome Xfractor Justin Turner #45 - honestly, he's not a decade stars / binder guy for me, but might as well be.
2020 Topps Stadium Club Chrome refractor Salvador Perez #206 - tools of ignorance
2021 Topps Series 1 History of Topps insert Sy Berger / first complete set #HOT-3
2021 Topps Series 1 History of Topps insert Topps Receives MLB Exclusive #HOT-7

Miscellaneous prospects - it's a little confusing and redundant [even if the checklist was actually different], but intriguing to see there were Mega Box Mojo refractor cards for both 2020 Bowman and 2020 Bowman Chrome; unlike the cards from recap #1, these loose cards came from 2020 Bowman Chrome Mega Boxes.

2020 Bowman Chrome Mega Box Mojo refractor Kyle Isbel #BCP-165
2020 Bowman Chrome Mega Box Mojo refractor Brandon Marsh #BCP-166
2020 Bowman Chrome Mega Box Mojo refractor Francisco Alvarez #BCP-198
2020 Bowman Chrome Mega Box Mojo refractor Marco Luciano #BCP-213
2020 Bowman Chrome Mega Box Mojo refractor Michael Toglia #BCP-225
2020 Bowman Chrome Mega Box Mojo refractor Trevor Larnach #BCP-249
2020 Bowman Chrome Mega Box Dawn is Glory insert Adley Rutschman #DG-13
2021 Bowman Chrome Prospects Brennen Davis #BCP-65
2021 Bowman Chrome Prospects Carson Tucker #BCP-77
2021 Bowman Chrome Prospects Brandon Marsh #BCP-112
2021 Bowman Chrome Prospects Drew Romo #BCP-126

Saturday, June 12, 2021

Some newer card show recaps #3

I’m trying to make something out of what was left of my time, going around to see what may catch my eye - I ended up seeing a 1989 Donruss Baseball’s Best set I relented to pick up.

I remember being envious of a childhood friend in possession of a loose Ken Griffey Jr. rookie year card laying around loose in his room 30 years ago - I finally got a graded version of the Griffey Jr. back in 2006 and didn’t realize centering on the back of the cards were generally ‘off.’

Even though it’s a nearly worthless card of a big league pariah - maybe another highlight was an early MLB card of Sammy Sosa, his only big league card from 1989.

I thought the cards were still factory sealed, though that might not be the case with the outer packaging - the cards are still in bricks wrapped in plastic, though might have been banging around in the display box after all these years.

I don't know if I should try to keep things 'as is' and preserve the set as best as I can or if I should just break things up - so I can make sure the Sosa and Griffey Jr. cards are actually in-hand and see what they look like as far as condition goes.

I stumbled upon a table with a ‘3 for $1’ vintage box - I'm up for having real, old cardboard in-hand, but at this point just haven't been that collecting to gravitate to them.

At the table, maybe the three or four row box of cards were set-up too neat, where there isn't that lure of not knowing what I may find - when clearly it's commons separated by year [from something like 1969 Topps through some scattered early 1970s years].

For the just the rank-and-file commons, I think the 1969 Topps tends to be boring and generic, while other vintage years don’t quite inspire the right perspective in me - I grabbed a trio featuring a 1974 Topps Sonny Jackson #591 [possible TTM], a 1971 Topps John Cumberland #108 [possible TTM] and a 1973 Topps Bob Didier #574 that has a pretty definitive tools of ignorance, plays at the plate image pictured.

I have 1990 ProCards AAA cards for Jackson and Cumberland [Cumberland was a one-time Angel] but those are kind of ugly cards picturing them as coaches - I wanted actual cards from their playing days and kind of found what I was looking for.

Thursday, June 10, 2021

Some newer card show recaps #2

I spent the longest time going through a table with seemingly never ending boxes of dollar cards, where I kept finding more cards to add to a stack I’m building up - the table wasn't getting too much traffic, where a few others may have passed by and spent a couple of minutes doing a quick check of things, but I'm the one fiending out, trying to flag some probable keepers.

There is a time element involved where I may give myself an hour or a couple of hours at most - I haven’t even circled back and forth to browse through the entire room yet, so maybe I'm getting self conscious about planting myself in one spot before my time is up.

I was finding baseball from at least the past 25 years, maybe mid 1990s UV-coated inserts, but also a lot of other sports mixed in from a bunch of different years like base cards stars and rookie cards of minor stars - there may have been handfuls of early 1980s stuff sprinkled in.

I'd never seen Perma-Graphics cards in-hand before and was almost tempted to pick up one or two [there was a Davey Lopes, Jack Morris, George Foster] - because they looked so different from your typical flagship Topps, Donruss, Fleer cards from the era.

I was worried about spending so much for cards [where I had 70-80 cards to worry about whittling down] that are kind of just ‘there’ and in the end - I had to let my imagination settle down and settle to pick up so-called priorities.

I feel like I have to quietly put back stuff I’m going through on a whim, where it's out of sight, out of mind - where a next time to pick something I’ve left behind might not happen, but I had to save my bullets.

I was dissapointed there no deals for these dollar cards in quantity, just straight up a dollar each - which was fair enough I guess and maybe as I was leaving the show, I could have swallowed my pride and broke down to pick up 5-10 more cards.

Rookie card stuff - I probably wouldn't seek out any of these cards outright, but I get some satisfaction in picking up a little run of XRCs/RCs featuring pretty good players, fan favorites types and a trio of Hall of Famers.

1988 Fleer Update John Smoltz XRC #U-74
1988 Fleer Update Craig Biggio XRC #U-89
1991 Topps Stadium Club Jeff Bagwell RC #338
1995 Bowman Bartolo Colon RC #22
1995 Bowman’s Best Bartolo Colon RC #73
1998 Bowman Jimmy Rollins RC #181
1998 Leaf Rookies & Stars J.D. Drew #332
1999 Bowman C.C. Sabathia RC #344
2001 Upper Deck Prospects Premieres David Wright XRC #52
2008 Topps Stadium Club Joey Votto RC #112 - x2
2008 Upper Deck A Piece of History Joey Votto RC #112

Inking it up adds - I can probably get any particular cards online, if I know what I'm looking for, but it's an accomplishment to find cards in-hand featuring a specific, collecting topics subset theme.

1993 Upper Deck On Deck Nolan Ryan #D20
1995 Megacards Ken Griffey Jr. Wishlist ...A Lot to Live For #10 - this one actually talks about his suicide attempt early in his pro career.
1995 SkyBox E-Motion - Cal Ripken Jr. Timeless Literacy Work #9
1996 Pinnacle Summit retail foil board parallel Chipper Jones #126
1996 Upper Deck Derek Jeter #156
1997 Pinnacle Totally Certified Platinum Blue Jim Thome #47 - on the reverse image, serial #’d 0986/1999; I could have probably left this card, but I collect cards for the images on the back sometimes and it's going to be harder to track any one specific card showing a mini-collection 'hit.'
1997 Upper Deck Michael Jordan Rare Air box set #54

Miscellaneous - maybe this gives me an opportunity to do some free style commentary on cards I picked up, even if what I type out gets a bit too long-winded and/or may devolve into something harder to understand.

1990 Topps Glossy Send-Ins Ken Griffey Jr. #20 - I find myself an old head, where Junior was my original Mike Trout from a past generation over 30 years ago.
1991 Pro Set Bill Belichick #126 - in my collecting life, what was worse than junk wax era baseball cards were junk wax era football [or basketball or hockey] cards.

What I do have here is a card features a coaching GOAT - so I grabbed it, even as a probable 'infamous' mini-collection add for all the chicanery 'The Hoodie' has orchestrated during his time in New England.

1992-93 Stadium Club Members Choice subset Michael Jordan #210 - maybe I'm leaning towards making a PC official, featuring all the cheap Jordans I find.
1993 Topps Finest Kirby Puckett #112 - this could be my first 1993 Finest card, maybe a landmark set I had no real idea about back in the day.
1993 Topps Stadium Club First Day Issue Vince Coleman #195 - this was the last card out I picked out and while I wonder why I subjected myself to picking up a random card of Vince Coleman, whose early high octane base stealing years with the St. Louis Cardinals was drowned out through the 1990s by firecrackers and generally bouncing around as a journeyman.

However there is some 'dirt fetish action' on the card and the little First Day Issue stamp makes the parallel a keeper - even if I don't have the original base card in-hand, at times I'd rather have parallels for my mini-collections.

1994 Topps SS Prospects Derek Jeter #158 - I don't like multiplayer cards of prominent players who end up with one or more random guys, but this second-year big league card of Jeter, chronicles his rise, where he was still plying his trade in the minors.
1994 Topps Archives ‘54 Roberto Clemente #251 - out of all the retro cards I found featuring Hall of Fame legends and icons, maybe this is the one I wanted to put away in my pocket because it chronicles the time Clemente spent with another big league organization's minor league squad.
1996 Fleer Update Smooth Leather Cal Ripken Jr. #9 - this ends up being a binder material card to put away.
1997 Upper Deck Derek Jeter #440 - I funnel my 'star cards' towards my decade / binder stars collection by default, where my player accumulations supercedes any mini-collection priorities.

In some cases, I'll relent to make a card like the Jeter a mini-collection add - with a little dirt fetish showing or even a bit of signage going on, where you can make out a certain brand of beer.

2000 Upper Deck MVP Game Used Souvenirs Manny Ramirez bat #MRB - I was excited to find a bat card out of the dollar box, even if relic cards haven't been a thing for the past 10-15 years and while I probably collected it just the same, UD MVP was more a budget collector brand.

Wednesday, June 09, 2021

Some newer card show recaps #1

Pictured is the Pelican case I bring to hold all my pick ups - I store it in a drawstring bag I lug around as I try to make deals for key showcase money cards at different card show venues, always ready for some action.

Seriously however, much of what I value are cards that may be dated, too plentiful and never going to be valued - I hunt the type of cards I do in the meantime, to have my own inspired smorgasbord to aspire to as a card collecting lifer.

I made it to another card show, a different one from the last post, though they were on back-to-back weeks - knock on wood, maybe the plan through the summer is to get to as many local card shows as I can as something to get me out of the house until I get tired of going to the same promoted places with the same stuff.

This latest show was held inside a gym with lots of tables and lots of foot traffic, so this was already looking better, even if what I actually find at various tables may not be line up with my ideals - it was actually little cramped all around as I tried to snake my way through the rows and find the first accessible table.

I landed on a table where I started to dig through the quarter boxes and was starting to pull cards out that interested me - even though I could have ended up with more different cards, I tried to grab multiples of certain basic rookie cards as I found them.
Miscellaneous - maybe a few more rookie cards of rank-and-file guys and other cards I picked up on a whim.
Angels content - I found a couple of 2018 Leaf Shohei Ohtani cards and I relented to make them keepers, even if Leaf branded cards from the past 10 years through present have no place in my collection.
Miscellaneous prospects - it feels like it has been at least a couple of years since I had any loose Bowman prospect cards in-hand, especially Mega Box stuff from 2020, so while related, pictured cards may not be actual first-year guys, they are shiny cards of hopefuls.

Saturday, June 05, 2021

Some high and dry card show finds

I was desperate to make something of my latest card show trip and for $20, relented to pick up some cards that may not be priorities - but cards of some current stars and some retro cards of legends, notably from more 'here and now' Topps products I may not be exposed to at all.

After a pandemic related hiatus, I've attended three card shows [same promoter] between the past couple of months and go figure, they've ended up being carbon copies of each other - I see the guy with the off-brand graded cards display and I don't think he is ever going to sell anything.

I try to be inconspicuous, but I get a little aimless when I’m going around the track of the same tables multiple times - there was one random table with some retail product and the lady told me the 2021 Bowman blasters were $50 each or two for $90; there might have been 5 or 6 2021 Bowman Mega boxes at another table I wasn’t going to bother asking the price for.

I was really hoping to get inspired rummaging through tables like I’ve seen and read, where I end up with more cards than I know what to do with - but reality falls a bit short of my expectations and maybe I felt like the treasure hunt aspect just wasn't happening.

I didn’t really see what I would consider old-school, old-timey weekend warrior sellers with boxes of loose cards that can be had for a dollar or less - sellers had their heavy hitter showcase material and maybe tiers of ‘the rest,’ featuring assorted singles in boxes or set aside, most were other than baseball.

I felt a million miles away from anything happening in the room, with the hustle and bustle over tables, guys wanting to make plays - even as things at the very moment are supposedly, finally on a bit of a downturn.

I think a good sign is when I can’t be pulled away, wanting to linger and hang around a venue - that really wasn’t the case here and things were just kind of ‘meh,’ even if I did end up with cards regardless.

2020 Topps 582 Montgomery Club Ronald Acuña Jr. #2 - $2
2020 Topps 582 Montgomery Club Fernando Tatis Jr. #5 - $2
2020 Topps 582 Montgomery Club Vladimir Guerrero Jr. #20
2020 Topps 582 Montgomery Club Juan Soto #6 - $2
2021 Topps 582 Montgomery Club Juan Soto #11 - $2
2021 Topps 582 Montgomery Club Ronald Acuña Jr. #18 - $2
2021 Topps 582 Montgomery Club Lost Set Joey Bart #2 - $1
2020 Topps 582 Montgomery Club Hank Aaron #12
2020 Topps 582 Montgomery Club Ted Williams #14
2020 Topps 582 Montgomery Club Willie Mays #15
2020 Topps 582 Montgomery Club Set 2 1968 Action Stickers Ted Williams #9 - $2
2020 Topps 582 Montgomery Club Set 2 1968 Action Stickers Willie Mays #20 - $2

Friday, June 04, 2021

TTM autograph received: Ernie Whitt

The former big league catcher signed my cards in about 3 months, including a 1984 Donruss and a 1990 Leaf - I wasn't familiar with his playing career, but Whitt had a nice run through the 1980s as a catcher who could get on base and hit for some pop at the plate.

There might be a Mandela Effect going on, but I have a random memory where I might have seen Whitt on TV over 30 years ago - grinding through an at-bat in a Atlanta Braves game, he had the most awkward looking stance to hit from and I guess at his age then, was clearly overmatched by the pitcher he was facing.

Wednesday, June 02, 2021

2021 Topps Home Run Challenge prize card - J.D. Martinez

Off some early 2021 Topps breaks, I pulled Home Run Challenge inserts for Freddie Freeman, Gleyber Torres and J.D. Martinez - pick a date when a player would hit a home run, enter the code on the Topps contest Web site [you have to be registered at] and see if the player connects on the game chosen.
Martinez was the only 'winner' out of the group and I felet pretty smart trying to guestimate when he would hit his home run - after seeing I had a winner, it probably took a couple of months for Topps to ship the winning [serial #'d to the number of correct entries] card to me.
I think I've only entered a single Home Run Challenge card before 2021 and didn't know much about the actual prize cards before - going through a box of cards at a show, I think saw a similar Martinez card from a previous year and I guess most of the winning cards printed from the contest are fairly common.

I'd like to point out, Martinez is not a favorite at all, but the slugger has put up significant hitting numbers - while putting together a collection of loose cards together in a page, I made sure to save space for Martinez's 2021 Topps Home Run Challenge card.

Monday, May 31, 2021

A-Z player challenge - my picks to click

I stumbled upon this blog post started by The Diamond King - maybe the idea of having a favorite player has been done before but to narrow it to one player per letter is a challenge that gets my mind working and maybe more importantly, participating in a 'community' exercise.

I didn't want to spend too much time going over my choices because they should be spontaneous no brainers - but to cheat a little, I'll mention at least one other player considered and in some cases, probably interchangeable with the ones featured.

In some cases, I may have players in mind I'm not going to bother mentioning - though I do considered them favorites regardless and have prominent spots as far my memory banks go.

As a little wrinkle, I'm going from Z-A

Z - Ryan Zimmerman - it was either the longtime Washington Nationals star or Barry Zito, who became the next big thing in Oakland as part of the Big 3 in the early 2000s.

Y - Michael Young - I saw him as a self-made ballplayer who might have profiled to be a more of a utility guy, but emerged as a hard hitting infielder who strung up some metronomic offensive numbers.

X - NA

W - Ted Williams - there are some legendary icons in the game I had to learn about as a fan and as a card collector, regardless of when they actually played.

V - Joey Votto - despite being on a late career swoon, I see him as having comparable numbers to Hall of Famer Edgar Martinez, except Votto spent his career in the National League where he had to play the field instead of primarily being a DH, even through his mid 30s.
U - Justin Upton - he's put together a solid career, though he's playing through his decline years as an Angel.
T - Mike Trout - the gold standard of big league ballplayers, he's probably an Angel for life, but are the injuries starting to pile up and will he ever star for a Halos team that gets into the playoffs?

If Trout didn't turn out to be the player he is, on my home team - I would have probably gone with Frank Thomas, because The Big Hurt was a prominent superstar when I was really immersing myself in collecting baseball cards in the early 1990s.

S - Tim Salmon - it's been 15 years since he was last a player, but there is still nostalgia for Angels legend.

I'll go with my home team guy, but Ichiro is probably interchangeable as far as 'S' goes - though if he is known as just 'Ichiro,' shouldn't he count for 'I' as well, rather than 'Ichiro Suzuki?'

R - Cal Ripken Jr. - Alex Rodriguez would have likely been the pick but Ripken Jr. had icon status through the time he broke the all-time consecutive games played record and no one was a bigger deal in the mid 1990s era than he was.

Nolan Ryan and Babe Ruth were also considered - Ryan actually had his prime years with the Angels, though I knew him mostly as a longtime Houston Astros player and a Texas Rangers icon.

Q - Robb Quinlan - I had to dig hard for a 'Q' and may have gone Carlos Quentin, but I'll go with the home team guy who managed to stick in the big leagues for 8 seasons.

I like the idea Quinlan looked like an ordinary guy who seemed like he was plucked off the street and was asked to suit up - he was mostly a fill-in player who put modest hitting numbers, but had some decent contact skills with the ability to put the bat to the ball.

P - Albert Pujols - regardless of decade of decline and his release in the final year of his contract as Angel, you can't ever take away his accomplishments at his peak or erase the numbers he has put up in his storied playing career.

O - Shohei Ohtani - I'm wondering what combination of pitching and hitting numbers is going to get him to the Hall of Fame one day, even if it's unrealistic to see him actually get there.

I hope there isn't something a major injury that derails his ascenscion to whatever numbers he is going to end up with - either as a pitcher, DH or even as a position player.

N - Pat Neshek - the former big league reliever has been a friend of the collector ever since he was in the minor leagues and while his MLB playing career has given him opportunities to more than just another guy, he has always kept things real as a card collector or autograph collector himself.

M - Pedro Martinez - if nothing else, his confidence and fire made him an alluring, if infuriating pitcher to watch work [if you weren't a Pedro fan or a fan of the teams he pitched for], where he had a reputation as a head hunter.
L - Tim Lincecum - a decade ago, maybe he was on top of the world, but things can come down so fast.

Maybe the wear and tear took it's toll on his delivery and his arm - he couldn't finish out the second half of his big league career on his terms.

K - Howie Kendrick - despite doing it with another team, it was fun for me to see his personality come out late in his career where he had some clutch hits during the postseason to help the Washington Nationals win the 2019 World Series.
J - Derek Jeter - he's on this list because he was a national player to follow, where he wasn't just some randomly good MLB player, but a Core Four guy who starred for a New York Yankees dynasty through the early 2000s.

If not Jeter, a pick here with would Randy Johnson - he wasn't too friendly, but once he figured it out, he was the most intimidating pitcher over the past 30 years based on his reputation alone.

I - Jason Isringhausen - maybe a case where I'm digging for a player whose last name starts with an 'I,' but Isringhausen was a guy who may have been ill-fitted to be the top flight starter, but was able to rejigger his career, where he emerged as a weapon out of the bullpen.

He spent his last big league season with the Angels - I don't even know why that happened, but it did.

H - Torii Hunter - maybe Rickey Henderson would be my choice otherwise and Todd Helton would be in the discussion, but I'm good with Hunter as my A-Z player challenge favorite for the letter 'H.'

G - Ken Griffey Jr. - the second half of his dominant, majestic big league career was derailed by injuries, but The Kid stands tall as the iconic MLB player of the 1990s.

Vladimir Guerrero and Tony Gwynn are probably up there as 1A and/or 1B - would pick Guerrero because he was the one who starred for the Angels, but Junior may have started me that rookie card craze.

F - Chuck Finley - he was a solid lefthanded starting pitcher for the longest time, but may have been a little more low-key, so he was more than a little underrated.

In some of the junk wax era cards [around 1988] where Finley was pictured with facial hair - I always thought he looked a little like actor Anthony Edwards in Top Gun.

E - Jim Edmonds - I remember him as a first base / outfield type who could handle the bat, but hit for marginal power nearly 30 years ago.

He turned into a great, power hitting centerfielder who had his best years as a St. Louis Cardinal - Edmonds is a bit like Damon where they might be knuckleheads at heart but they were able to accomplish a bunch of things between the lines.

D - Johnny Damon - from his clean cut all-American days in Kansas City to his Boston Red Sox Idiots years, I thought he was a high energy, fun player to watch.

He seemed to be a down to earth personality and mostly a nice guy when I got his autograph in-person - even if he was mostly a meathead who was arrested for DUI in 2021, along with his wife who was getting in the way.

C - Roger Clemens - maybe Rod Carew was the initial, ideal choice, but Clemens was more of a contemporary favorite [even if we are talking about mostly the past 20-25 years rather than 'here and now'].
B - Barry Bonds - you can't tell the story of the all-time MLB home run leader without the substantial PED suspicions and generally boorish attitude, but he was just a force of nature in his late career peak.
A - Garret Anderson - I've got to get the trio of Angels outfielders [Anderson, Jim Edmonds and Tim Salmon] whose stadium giveaway poster I put up on the wall nearly 30 years ago on this list.

Tuesday, May 25, 2021

1984 Donruss Ryne Sandberg #311

I don't know if it's worth what I paid for it, but I relented to pick up a second year Sandberg card for my 1984 Donruss pseudo set build - where I'm basically trying to see if I can as many cards in-hand, to get inked up at some point.

I got the card in the mail and the first thing that struck me was the irriated toploader used from Chernobyl - I cringed and chuckled at the same time, as I freed the card and tried to take some pictures.
I was relieved that the card itself hadn't yellowed out, like the toploader - if it wasn't such a 'safety hazard,' I would be inclined to keep the top loader as a memento.