Monday, December 27, 2021

Card show pickups - mining for the miscellaneous

At the card show I went to, I was doing work digging through a seller's cheapo boxes - after tallying things up, it looks like I grabbed 108 cards that were 6 for $1, another 5-10 cards that were 3 for $1 and/or $0.50 each.
These were three Tyler Wade rookies out of the main brick of '6 for $1' cards I picked up - I wouldn't have cared about him before, though I got his autograph in-person years ago in the Arizona Fall League.

However, the Angels picked him up and while his upside is probably still a utility guy, he is relatively young and if he turns out to have some decent moments as an Angel - then I have rookies of a rank-and-file guy to root for.

These were '3 for $1' as indicated by the red Sharpie mark on the penny sleeves - is it hard to see the Kyle Tucker prospect cards and the Mookie Betts insert pictured up top?

To show off, I'm taking photos of my cards rather than scanning them - but maybe I've never learned the ideal way to do so, where my blog images look relatively decent.

I think the Topps Gypsy Queen Chrome Eloy Jimenez is a box topper - Jimenez looks like he's a fun player to watch, so maybe he's a pick to click as far as collecting on the down low if I ever see his cards out in the wild.

I thought the Anthony Rendon was just another Topps Chrome parallel but it was a challenge to figure just exactly which one was it - further research reveals it's likely a Black and White Mini-Diamond Refractor parallel from Topps Chrome Lite, a product I simply wouldn't have thought about existing.

I vaguely knew that there was a 2021 Bowman Chrome Lite box - but I didn't realize it was made for Topps Chrome as well.

I don't know if a 2021 card of Honus Wagner excites me compared to a card of a relevant baseball subject who is living and playing - but it's another look at the guy who is on that tiny card worth millions, so I guess it's a keeper.

In the bottom row there is a 1984 Fleer Ryne Sandberg and maybe old-school, pre-junk wax era 1980s star cards are keepers - notably when Donruss and Fleer started to be a little bit more high brow looking and may have been harder to find than comparable Topps issues.

Ramon Martinez was on fire for about a couple of seasons where he was the better known Martinez brother through the early 1990s - it feels odd to actually spend $0.33 on a random insert card of his in 2021, but what can I do when it shows him hitting?

Honestly, I don't know if I keep up with any sort of serious team collecting out in the wild - but it's a no brainer to grab a shiny parallel like the Topps Chrome pink Jared Walsh.

These were the $0.50 pick ups - the harder to see pair pictured up top are insert card of Vladimir Guerrero and Ichiro, who seem like they are a pair of bloggers' favorites.

Actually getting opportunities to get their autographs in-person back in the day - maybe it's even more a thing for me to make some of their cards I see keepers.

Are more comtemporary retro cards like the pair of Ted Williams keepers or are they just miscellaneous cards no one looks over twice [?] - I want cards of here and now players but want to build on the idea that certain old timers' cards are not going to get past me, notably inserts, parallels and/or base cards from more premium products.

I thought the Jon Lester was some kind of die-cut insert - I looked it up and it's only really base card from 2019 Panini Leather and Lumber and while its neat, I don't even know if the ridged surface is supposed to simulate anything.

Finally there is a 1981 Fleer Star Stickers Bruce Sutter card - he's holding a bat, so it's another add to my pitchers hitting collection.

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Jon said...

The Honus is a nice card. Thankfully it's not colorized!