Tuesday, December 31, 2013

2013 trading card collecting goals recap

At the end of the year - I want to feel like I was able to own some of these goals.

1.) Reboot my Angels collection

A.) I'd like to put together a list of Top 30 PC cards in my Angels collection - by the end of the year, I want a collection of cards to showcase.

B.) I'd like to pick up a regional PC card per month - of course, I want something modern, blinged out and featuring Mike Trout, Albert Pujols or Josh Hamilton, but I'm also not looking to bust a budget.

C.) Account for an A-Z singles collection [inserts and other cards] of Angels by player - list in a database and have a physical place to store the cards in.

D.) Account for an insert collection of Angels - basically list cards in a database and be able to put away in binders.

E.) Account for loose Angels cards - whether they go into binder star boxes / A-Z archives / A-Z archives of Angels players whose autographs I still need / team box; team binders.

A work in progress / inconclusive - updated 12/31/13

2.) Personal collection cards - I've got to focus inward sort of the 'upkeep' in making sure things are relevant.

A.) Maybe find a better physical place to store my various PC collections.

B.) Continue to add to my various PC collections - of course, I want something modern, blinged out, but also I'm not looking to bust a budget.
My Top 30 PC cards should feature my most prominent 'value' cards – I want to say this collection will be the easiest to sell off even though the values may fluctuate over time.

My Top 30 alternate PC cards – maybe a collection of cards that maybe an extension of my Top 30 PC.

My Top 50 common PC cards – is a collection consisting more of 'rank and file' keepers with some 'gems' I may have not ranked among the first two collections listed.

Top 50 fun PC – maybe the idea of a 'fun' PC becomes a little absurd when the state of my 'serious' PC collections are just a little thin all around.

I got a list together and put my Top 30 PC and Top 30 alternate PC cards together though I really haven't done anything with them since early this past year - updated 12/31/13

3.) Pick up six PC cards for 2013

A.) Supposed players of interest:

1.) Tim Salmon
2.) Vladimir Guerrero
3.) Jim Edmonds
4.) Cal Ripken Jr.
5.) Albert Pujols
6.) Ken Griffey Jr.
7.) Alex Rodriguez
8.) Derek Jeter
9.) Kobe Bryant - still want a certified autograph
10.) Torii Hunter

Rotating interests - these are the 'other' players I'll be looking for first besides my Top 10.

Mike Trout
Ryan Zimmerman
Jered Weaver

My interests rotate so I'm not really locked into finding specific cards for any particular player - updated 12/31/13

B.) Supposed rookie cards of interest:

1.) 1960 Topps Carl Yastrzemski PSA graded RC
2.) 1960 Topps Willie McCovey PSA graded RC
3.) 1968 Topps Nolan Ryan PSA graded RC
4.) 1967 Topps Rod Carew PSA graded RC
5.) 1969 Topps Reggie Jackson PSA graded RC
6.) 1975 Topps George Brett PSA graded RC
7.) 1980 Topps Rickey Henderson PSA graded RC
8.) 1982 Topps Traded Cal Ripken Jr. PSA graded
9.) 1983 Topps Tony Gwynn PSA graded RC
10.) 1984 Topps John Elway PSA graded RC
11.) 1989 Upper Deck Ken Griffey Jr. PSA graded RC
12.) 1985 Donruss/Fleer Roger Clemens PSA graded RC
13.) 1994 Fleer Alex Rodriguez PSA graded RC
14.) 1957 Topps Frank Robinson RC

The one definite PC card I got was a 1980 Topps Rickey Henderson PSA graded '8,' though I may have pulled a possible PC card [2013 Topps Update Mariano Rivera SSP] or may have turned uncertified autograph [TTM/IP] cards into likely PC cards after being PSA/DNA slabbed - updated 12/31/13

4.) Reboot my A-Z singles collection

A.) Comb through the boxes to see if there is anything there and what I can weed out - such as rookie cards, certified autograph cards and other inserts that are 'dated.'

B.) I want to store various singles in top loaders in a box, list in a database and file away - organized mostly by player in 'ABC' order and then by card type i.e. basic rookie cards, parallels and certified autograph cards.

* Any card I picked up as a single and paid over $10 for
* Any certified autograph cards
* Rookie cards and rookie year parallels - I want to put together a 'default collection' but find the MLBPA Rookie Logo cards to be junky, so I don't know if I really count most as good enough to be 'A-Z singles' worthy cards.
* Any notable parallels / inserts - numbered, autographed, game-used material / patch cards
* Notable oddballs like promos, minor league cards, et al

C.) I'd like to be able to pick up 20-25 assorted singles - such as rookie cards, certified autograph cards and other inserts that maybe interesting. Are there any certified autographs I need as far as an impulse pick up?

D.) Pick up 15-20 first-year autograph cards - it doesn't seem realistic to go after prospect cards that are already signed when I'm eventually going to go for the players in-person.

A work in progress / inconclusive - updated 12/31/13

5.) Projects - look for other neglected things to pick up after when I may not just care at times.

A.) Finish my Topps team runs and my Topps sampler runs up to 2013 - I'd like to get these out of the way sooner than never. MAKE A 'PROPER' CHECKLIST!

B.) Transactions set - make one for 2013 in-season and 2013-2014 offseason.

C.) Underrated Idols / Superstar Talents / Through the Fire mini sets

D.) Collecting topics cards - add about 500 different ones with 250 either old-school [pre-1980] and/or vintage [pre-1973] cards.

E.) Organize my graded cards - it's harder to weed out any cards that are 'dated,' when the cards make up a chunk of my graded colllection...make note of any PC type cards but I don't want to physically separate any slabs. LIST IN A DATABASE AND PUT AWAY.

A work in progress / inconclusive, I probably worked on my transactions and collecting topics cards the most, my 'mini sets' died off, don't have the 'right cards' to finish off my Topps runs and I'm not sure where my graded cards are - updated 12/31/13

6.) Hoarding cards through various ways - I'd like to have an idea that I can go through enough cards in a particular year, so I can find common cards autographed, find common cards for various projects and also be able to have some pulls to talk about.

A.) Pick up six to 10 assorted hand collated sets instead of a blaster or hobby box if I want the product's cards to be autographed - 2012 Panini USA, 2012 Donruss EEE, 2013 Bowman Prospects, 2013 Bowman Chrome, 2013 Bowman Draft, et al.

For the most part, I've been picking up hand collated sets - updated 12/31/13

B.) Busting blasters or retail seems inevitable when product first comes out - but then I feel like I don't want to pay $20 for a retail blaster with relatively few cards or $60-$70 for a hobby box, just to basically get cards a guy spending $15-$20 would be able to get.

If I end up busting a blaster or hobby box - I definitely will wait to get a HC set first, then make a decision whether or not a blaster or hobby box is worth picking up.

C.) I'd like to bust five to 10 'guilt free' hobby boxes - try not to buy into hype when boxes first come out but be ready to pick up boxes for random hits.

I may have slowed down on actually picking up hobby boxes and the only hobby boxes I bought was a 2013 Topps Heritage Minors and a 2013 Panini Prizm Perennial Draft Picks - updated 12/31/13

D.) Pick up eight to 10 minor league sets - I'm not going crazy over them, but I find cards of players of note and then hope to use any leftovers as card depth.

I may have picked up three or four random ones, though singles might be the way to go in the upcoming year depending on who I need in particular - updated 12/31/13

E.) Build up a pack surplus to bust at different times of the year - as an in-person autograph collector, I can't hold onto an unopened pack when there might be a card inside I can try and get autographed.

Everything has to be busted, can't really say I can maintain a pack surplus - updated 12/31/13

Raul Ibanez - a rather unimaginative signing for the Angels

He's going to be an frustrating player to watch as a fan even though he is supposed to compliment the Angels lineup and not be the main guy - the best case scenario is that he runs into enough hot streaks during the 2014 season, so it doesn't feel like Angels fans are watching a 42-year old player living on borrowed time.

The worse case scenario is Ibanez is DFA'd by the All-Star break and while his salary [$2.75 million] for the upcoming season isn't extravagant [by MLB standards] - the Angels will have to eat it if Ibanez is another Dave Parker or Steve Finley.

The Angels, In Order $15 repack

I got a bunch of assorted cards to go through put together by Tom at The Angels, In Order - included was a set or two of newspaper inserts featuring the 1995 California Angels; I thought they'd be sort of actual cards, but they are printed on some kind of thin magazine stock, so they might not be sturdy enough to be autographed in-person.

1970 Topps Jay Johnstone #485
1976 Topps Traded Bobby Bonds #380T
1979 Topps Tony Solaita #18
1979 Topps Paul Hartzell #402
1979 Topps Terry Humphrey #503
1981 Topps Larry Harlow #121
1981 Topps Dave LaRoche #529
1981 Topps Joe Rudi #701
1981 Topps Jim Barr #717
1983 Topps Purina Reggie Jackson #19 of 33
1983 Topps Purina Rod Carew #17 of 33
1984 Topps Bob Grich #315
1984 Topps Mike Witt #499
1984 Topps Rod Carew #600
1984 Topps Fred Lynn #680
1984 Topps Andy Hassler #719
1986 Donruss Mark McLemore #35
1986 Sportsflics Doug DeCinces #173
1986 Sportsflics Don Sutton #175
1986 Topps Dick Schofield #311
1986 Topps Don Sutton #335
1986 Topps Al Holland #369
1986 Topps Urbano Lugo #373
1986 Topps Bobby Grich #486
1986 Topps Darrell Miller #524
1986 Topps Jerry Narron #543
1986 Topps Kirk McCaskill #628
1986 Topps Mini Leaders Gary Pettis #7
1987 Topps Mini Leaders Donnie Moore #46
1987 Topps Mini Leaders Gary Pettis #47
1987 Topps Mini Leaders Mike Witt #48
1988 Topps Mini Leaders DeWayne Buice #4
1988 Topps Mini Leaders Brian Downing #5
1988 Donruss Devon White #8
1988 Donruss DeWayne Buice #58
1988 Donruss Mike Witt #86
1988 Donruss Jack Lazorko #160
1988 Donruss Mark McLemore #181
1988 Donruss Gary Pettis #210
1988 Donruss Dick Schofield #233
1988 Donruss Brian Downing #258
1988 Donruss Jack Howell #333
1988 Donruss Gus Polidor #356
1988 Donruss Kirk McCaskill #381
1988 Donruss Greg Minton #505
1988 Donruss Gary Lucas #579
1988 Donruss Donnie Moore #621
1988 Donruss Baseball's Best Dan Petry #139
1988 Donruss Baseball's Best Johnny Ray #171
1988 Donruss Baseball's Best Dick Schofield #195
1988 Donruss Baseball's Best Devon White #227
1988 Donruss Baseball's Best Mark McLemore #251
1988 Donruss Baseball's Best Mike Witt #307
1988 Donruss The Rookies Bryan Harvey #53
1988 Topps Traded Chili Davis #32T
1988 Topps Traded Bryan Harvey #45T
1988 Topps Traded Dan Petry #85T
1988 Topps Traded Cookie Rojas 97T
1989 Fleer Update Lee Stevens #U-16
1989 Sportsflics Bob Boone #40
1989 Sportsflics Devon White #16
1989 Sportsflics Mike Witt #197
1989 Topps Jim Eppard #42
1989 Topps Mark McLemore #51
1989 Topps Mike Witt #190
1989 Topps Tony Armas #332
1989 Topps Bob Boone #404 - x2
1989 Topps Moose Stubing #444
1989 Topps Johnny Ray #455 - x2
1989 Topps Mark McLemore #547
1989 Topps Devon White #602
1989 Topps Bryan Harvey #632
1989 Topps Stewart Cliburn #649
1989 Topps Dante Bichette #761
1989 Topps Mini Leaders Johnny Ray #50
1990 Classic Johnny Ray #63
1990 Classic Bert Blyleven #142
1990 Pacific Baseball Legends Bobby Grich #31
1992 Fleer Mark Langston #63 
1993 Donruss Studio J.T. Snow #58
1993 Donruss Triple Play Chad Curtis #26 of 30
1993 Topps Finest J.T. Snow #156
1993 Topps Stadium Club Chili Davis #611
1993 Topps Stadium Club Scott Sanderson #679
1993 Topps Stadium Club Troy Percival #681
1993 Topps Stadium Club Russ Springer #736
1993 Topps Stadium Club Team Chuck Crim #2
1993 Topps Stadium Club Team Scott Sanderson #7
1993 Topps Stadium Club Team Rene Gonzalez #15
1993 Topps Stadium Club Team John Orton #17
1993 Topps Stadium Club Team Joe Grahe #18
1993 Topps Stadium Club Team Chad Curtis #23
1993 Topps Stadium Club Team DeShawn Warren #25
1994 Topps Chad Curtis #56
1994 Topps Russ Springer #113
1994 Topps Rene Gonzalez #141
1994 Topps Chili Davis #265
1994 Topps Stan Javier #446
1994 Topps Phil Leftwich #471
1994 Topps Rod Correia #532
1994 Topps Luis Polonia #566
1994 Topps Hilly Hathaway #596
1994 Upper Deck Ryan Hancock #523
1995 Leaf Garret Anderson #2 of 18 - Leaf Gold Rookies insert
1995 Score Summit Garret Anderson #122
1995 Upper Deck Collector's Choice Todd Greene #34
1995 Upper Deck Collector's Choice SE Andrew Lorraine #13
1996 Pinnacle Garret Anderson #5
1996 Pinnacle Jim Edmonds #221
1996 Topps Stadium Club Garret Anderson #227
1996 Upper Deck Lee Smith #288
1996 Upper Deck Troy Percival #289
1997 Circa Eddie Murray #33
1997 Circa Mark Gubicza #262
1997 Donruss Studio Garret Anderson #82
1998 Pacific Online Jim Edmonds #5
1998 Pinnacle Inside Jim Edmonds #64
1998 Pinnacle Performers Jim Edmonds #58
1998 Pinnacle Performers Todd Greene #114
1998 Topps Dave Hollins #53
1998 Topps Jim Edmonds #75
1998 Topps Allen Watson #211
1999 Fleer Tradition Darin Erstad #113
1999 Bowman Seth Etherton #31
1999 Bowman Chrome Chuck Abbott #191
1999 Upper Deck Challengers for the 70 Troy Glaus #42
1999 Upper Deck Choice Troy Glaus #39
1999 Upper Deck Choice Troy Glaus #5 - Starquest insert
2000 Bowman John Lackey #80
2000 Bowman Chrome Mike Colangelo #276
2000 Fleer Tradition Update Lou Pote / Bengie Molina #U21
2000 Fleer Tradition Update Derrick Turnbow #U56
2000 Fleer Tradition Update Adam Kennedy #U64
2000 Fleer Tradition Update Keith Luuloa / Eric Weaver #U112
2000 Fleer Tradition Update Juan Alvarez #119
2000 Skybox Impact Troy Glaus #5
2000 Skybox Impact Kent Bottenfield #92
2000 Skybox Impact Adam Kennedy #135
2000 Topps Troy Glaus #94
2000 Topps Garret Anderson #97
2000 Topps Jim Edmonds #107
2000 Topps Mo Vaughn #338
2000 Upper Deck Gold Reserve Mo Vaughn #1
2000 Upper Deck Ionix Mo Vaughn #1 
2000 Upper Deck Legends Mo Vaughn #3
2000 Upper Deck MVP Garret Anderson #1
2000 Upper Deck Victory Ramon Ortiz #7
2000 Upper Deck Victory Ben Molina #8
2000 Upper Deck Victory Jim Edmonds #10 - x2 / one was creased and beat up
2001 Fleer Tradition Mo Vaughn #21
2001 Fleer Tradition Scott Spiezio #169
2001 Fleer Tradition Bengie Molina #176
2001 Fleer Tradition Darin Erstad #191
2001 Fleer Tradition Garret Anderson #227
2001 Topps Garret Anderson #4
2001 Topps Darin Erstad #80
2001 Topps Troy Glaus #175
2001 Topps Mike Scioscia #324
2001 Topps Troy Glaus #390
2001 Upper Deck MVP Bengie Molina #6
2001 Upper Deck Prospects Premieres Jake Woods #2
2001 Upper Deck Prospects Premieres Ryan Budde #5
2001 Upper Deck Vintage Troy Glaus #3
2002 Fleer E-X Garret Anderson #65
2002 Fleer Tradition Update Troy Glaus #U363
2003 Upper Deck Troy Glaus #S1 - Superior Sluggers insert
2004 Fleer Legacy Vladimir Guerrero #30
2004 Topps All-Time Fan Favorites Mickey Rivers #18
2005 Fleer Authentix Vladimir Guerrero #61
2005 Fleer Skybox Autographics Garret Anderson #2
2007 Tristar Prospects Plus Jonathan Bachanov #52
2007 Upper Deck Artifacts Vladimir Guerrero #15
2007 Upper Deck Elements Jered Weaver #21
2007 Upper Deck Goudey Garret Anderson #40 - Red back
2007 Upper Deck Goudey Jered Weaver #106
2007 Upper Deck Goudey Francisco Rodriguez #123
2007 Upper Deck Goudey Orlando Cabrera #168
2007 Upper Deck Goudey Chone Figgins #192 - Red back
2008 Topps Update and Highlights Nick Adenhart #UH 129 - base and Gold parallel
2008 Upper Deck Darren O'Day #719
2009 Bowman Chrome Will Smith #BCP 13
2009 Bowman Chrome Luis Jimenez #BCP 22
2009 Bowman Chrome Anthony Ortega #BCP 57
2009 Topps Bobby Abreu #367 - Gold parallel serial #'d 0930/2009
2009 Upper Deck Goodwin Champions Jered Weaver #171
2010 Bowman Chrome Alexia Amarista #BCP 98
2010 Topps Chrome Bobby Abreu #4
2010 Topps Chrome Howie Kendrick #16
2010 Topps Chrome Erick Aybar #34
2010 Topps Chrome Kendry Morales #56 - refractor parallel
2010 Topps Chrome Torii Hunter #115 - base and refractor parallel
2010 Topps Chrome Jered Weaver #148
2010 Upper Deck Chris Pettit #24
2011 Bowman Draft C.J. Cron #BDPP 25
2011 Bowman Platinum Hank Conger #7
2011 Bowman Platinum Vernon Wells #88
2011 Topps Gypsy Queen Torii Hunter #WC 1 - Wall Catcher insert
2012 Topps Tyler Chatwood #317
2012 Topps Update Series Chris Iannetta #US 93 - base and Target red parallel
2013 Bowman Nick Maronde #129 - Gold bordered parallel
2013 Bowman Platinum Jered Weaver #3
2013 Topps Jered Weaver #36
2013 Topps Archives C.J. Wilson #75
2013 Topps Archives Jered Weaver #80
2013 Topps Heritage Joe Blanton #372
2013 Topps Opening Day Jered Weaver #32

Saturday, December 28, 2013

Featured autograph - Fred McGriff

I picked this card up because according to SCN it doesn't look like the borderline Hall of Fame candidate has answered his fan mail since 2008 - impulsively, I may pick up certified autographs that are considered low end pulls in ridiculously high-end products like Topps Five Star featuring players collectors may overlook.

There are still some retired players [maybe more 'fan favorites' than Hall of Fame legends] that sort of have an allure and while probably not notoriously tough signers - need to be contacted and be shown the money to ink up a number of pack insert certified autograph cards.

Thursday, December 26, 2013

Another Fairfield Company 250 card cube

This was a bonus in addition to a jacket my brother and his wife gave me as Christmas presents - as I kind of felt through the gift wrap, I had an idea what type of cards it was going to be from some big box store; the cube came with two random packs that add to the total number of cards in a box.

2008 Upper Deck First Edition Update
#367 Lance Berkman
#396 Tony Gwynn Jr.
#385 Andruw Jones
#312 Brian Roberts
#390 Hiroki Kuroda
#447 Matt Capps
#456 Scott Hairston
#483 Josh Hamilton
#492 Scott Rolen
#SQ-34 B.J. Upton - Starquest common insert

2012 Leaf Pete Rose

I like digging through these more than the usual 100 jumbo repacks - even though I found dupes of the same card at least a few times and two or three cards of the same player at least a few times.

1989 Topps Glossy Rookies Al Leiter #15 of 22
1991 Pacific Nolan Ryan #121
1990 Donruss Nolan Ryan #659
1993 Topps Ozzie Smith #40
1990 Starline Long John Silver Wade Boggs #6
1990 Score Wade Boggs #683
1991 Topps Glossy All-Stars Chris Sabo #15 of 22
1987 Topps Rickey Henderson #311
1991 Donruss Roger McDowell #166
1998 Fleer Tradition Update Jeffrey Hammonds #U69
1988 Donruss Greg Gagne #441
1998 Topps Darren Oliver #418
1989 Donruss Gene Nelson #540
1999 Bowman Odalis Perez #152
2007 Topps Javier Vazquez #147
1993 Score Select Donovan Osborne #276
1988 Donruss Mark McLemore #181
1990 Fleer Gary Gaetti #373 - x2
1997 Topps Jody Reed #109
1981 Fleer Rich Wortham #347
1991 Upper Deck Greg Myers #259
1987 Topps Joe Cowley #27
1990 Fleer Matt Nokes #611
1990 Fleer Jeff Montgomery #115
1987 Topps Gerald Perry #639
1992 Donruss Rheal Cormier #712
1998 Donruss John Valentin #208
1998 Pacific Crown Collection Jose Vidro #358 - x2
1987 Topps Dave Anderson #73
1987 Topps Bob Tewksbury #254
1990 Topps Stickercards Chuck Finley #62 / Doug Jones #218
1990 Topps Stickercards Bobby Bonilla #7 / Johnny Ray #174 and John Dopson #260
1990 Topps Stickercards Ozzie Smith #12 / Wade Boggs #253
1990 Topps Stickercards Gary Gaetti #41 / Cal Ripken Jr. #231
1988 Topps UK Mike Schmidt #67
1988 Topps UK Wade Boggs #4
1988 Topps UK Tony Gwynn #29
1988 Topps UK Paul Molitor #49
1988 Topps UK Robin Yount #87
1988 Topps UK Don Mattingly #45
1989 Topps Mark Williamson #546
1989 Topps Orestes Destrade #27
1989 Topps Hank Aaron #663
1989 Topps Wade Boggs #399
1989 Topps Mike Bielecki #668
1989 Topps Andres Galarraga #386
1989 Topps Greg Gagne #19
1989 Topps Frank Viola #406
1989 Topps Cecilio Guante #766
1989 Topps Stan Jefferson #689
1989 Topps Hank Aaron #663
1989 Topps Dante Bichette #761
1989 Topps Chad Kreuter #432
1989 Topps Terry Blocker #76
1989 Topps Ty Griffin #713
1989 Topps Randy Johnson #647
1989 Topps Scott Terry #686
1989 Topps Ron Oester #772
1989 Topps Glenn Davis #579
1989 Topps Dante Bichette #761
2010 Topps Delmon Young #468
2010 Topps Jason Motte #541
2010 Topps Bud Norris #546
2010 Topps Kurt Suzuki #285
2010 Topps Jason Kendall #248
2010 Topps Kevin Millwood #62
2010 Topps Derek Lowe #383
2010 Topps Nolan Reimold #653
2010 Topps Fred Lewis #545
2010 Topps Andrew Bailey #186
2010 Topps Kevin Correia #112
1995 Donruss Top of the Order Jeff Montgomery
1995 Upper Deck SP Jeff Montgomery #161
1995 Donruss Ruben Sierra #171
1999 Just Adam Kennedy #30
1989 Sportsflics Chili Davis #24
1992 Fleer Ultra Stan Javier #212
1997 Topps Brady Anderson #6
1992 Donruss Rheal Cormier #712
1999 Bowman Chris Gissell #199
1992 Fleer Ultra Mickey Morandini #247
1991 Score Phil Plantier #348
1991 Fleer Ultra Phil Plantier #38
1999 Fleer Tradition Update Chance Sanford #U-36
1994 O-Pee-Chee Chris Hoiles #167
1987 Topps Lance Parrish #791
1992 Leaf Butch Henry #435
1996 Upper Deck Collector's Choice Steve Reed #539
1995 Upper Deck Ramon Martinez #481
1993 Topps B.J. Surhoff #417
1999 Fleer Tradition Update Chance Sanford #U-36
1992 Fleer Arthur Rhodes #24
1986 Fleer Steve Ontiveros #429
1993 Upper Deck Gregg Olson #674
2000 Topps Traded Junior Zamora #T42
1992 Leaf Chuck McElroy #158
1991 Score Bobby Witt #410
1988 Topps Mario Soto #666
1988 O-Pee-Chee Mike Greenwell #274
1988 Topps Jeff Russell #114
1991 Topps Toys "R" Us Rookies Dave Justice #14 of 33
1991 Bowman Vance Law #222
1988 Topps Mike Loynd #319
1987 Donruss Steve Ontiveros #221
1991 Donruss Joe Boever #578
1994 Topps Jeff Shaw #469
1994 Fleer Delino DeShields #535
1996 Leaf Gary DiSarcina #134
1999 Fleer Update Danny Kolb #U-15 - x2
1999 Fleer Update Ray King #U-64
1998 Donruss Preferred Power Mo Vaughn #187
1996 Leaf Preferred John Mabry #98
1997 Pacific Prizms John Smiley #GD 130 - Gems of the Diamond insert
1997 Leaf John Mabry #35
1994 Topps Stadium Club Team Ben McDonald #284
1993 Upper Deck Bobby Witt #87
1994 Topps Stadium Club Carlos Hernandez #149
1997 Topps Finest Paul Wilson #94
1993 Leaf Bobby Witt #204
1992 Topps Bobby Witt #675
1993 Fleer Ultra Carlos Hernandez #400
1991 Line Drive Mark Wohlers #223
1998 Donruss Studio Bubba Trammell #172
1999 Fleer Tradition Update Joe Winkelsas #U-115 - x2
1993 Topps Pedro Munoz #119
1991 Upper Deck Pedro Munoz #432
1997 Topps Robert Person #116
1990 Score Rising Stars Kenny Rogers #46
2007 Tristar Prospects Plus Travis Snider #97
2007 Tristar Prospects Plus Daniel Duffy #66
2007 Tristar Prospects Plus Blake Beavan #73
2007 Tristar Prospects Plus Philippe Aumont #67
2007 Tristar Prospects Plus Mitch Hilligoss #98
2010 Topps Mark Teixeira, Jason Bay and Adam Lind #233 - 2009 AL RBI Leaders
1987 Topps Dave Kingman #709
1987 Topps Dave Anderson #73
1987 Topps Ron Kittle #584
1987 Topps Buddy Biancalana #554
1987 Topps Carl Yastrzemski #314
1987 Topps Dave Righetti #616
1987 Topps Neil Allen #113
1987 Topps Darrell Evans #265
1987 Topps Wade Boggs #608
1987 Topps Lou Whitaker #661
1987 Topps Glossy All-Stars Gary Carter #9 of 22
1987 Topps Glossy All-Stars Cal Ripken Jr. #16 of 22
1987 Topps Glossy All-Stars Darryl Strawberry #8 of 22
1987 Topps Glossy All-Stars Ted Higuera #22 of 22
1987 Topps Glossy All-Stars Rickey Henderson #18 of 22
2012 Topps Heritage Pablo Sandoval #HP 82 - black border parallel
1989 Topps Dave Meads #589
1989 Topps Luis Alicea #588
1993 Upper Deck Jody Reed #96
1983 Topps Marty Bystrom #199
1989 Topps Dave Eiland #8
1983 Topps Pete Vuckovich #394
1988 Donruss Roy Smalley #566
1989 Topps Al Nipper #86
1989 Donruss Tim Burke #274
1987 Fleer Don Carman #171
1989 Topps Glossy All-Stars Gary Carter #20 of 22
1989 Topps Glossy All-Stars Mark McGwire #2 of 22
1992 Donruss Studio Andujar Cedeno #34
1995 Bowman's Best Brian Barber #8
1992 Donruss Studio Mike Gallego #211
1984-85 O-Pee-Chee John Ogrodnick #62 - hockey
1983-84 O-Pee-Chee Robbie Ftorek #244 - hockey
1992 Donruss Studio Andre Dawson #12
1997 Upper Deck UD3 Manny Ramirez #51
1994 Leaf Brian Jordan #272
1992 Donruss Edgar Martinez #286
1991 Score Brian Holman #285
1993 Donruss Eddie Taubensee #560
1988 Topps Andres Thomas #13
1990 Fleer Dean Wilkins #47
1987 Topps Jay Tibbs #9
1987 Topps Phil Bradley #525
1987 Topps Jamie Quirk #354
1987 Topps Mike Felder #352
1987 Topps Tom Lasorda #493
1993 Donruss Jeff Montgomery #175
1996 Upper Deck Collector's Choice Danny Jackson #284
1995 Topps John Franco #280
1997 Donruss Preferred Brooks Kieschnick #154
1998 Fleer Tradition Dave Hollins #113
1997 Leaf Brooks Kieschnick #133
1998 Pacific Paramount Derrek Lee #163
1994 Donruss Studio Carlos Garcia #145
1995 Upper Deck SP Carlos Garcia #93
1997 Topps Bobby Jones #361
1992 Leaf Darryl Hamilton #12
1994 Topps Tino Martinez #693
1997 New Pinnacle Jermaine Dye #144
1998 Topps LaTroy Hawkins #197
1998 Pacific Crown Collection Brian Hunter #90
1999 Bowman Wes Helms #189
1994 Topps Pat Hentgen #304
1999 Topps Traded and Rookies Brian Hunter #T97
1990 Donruss Ozzie Guillen #15
1997 Pacific Jeff Fassero #343
2005 Upper Deck ESPN Garret Anderson #1
1987 Topps Tippy Martinez #728
1990 Score Rookie and Traded Alan Mills #89T
1987 Topps Scott Nielsen #57
1990 Upper Deck Doyle Alexander #330
1990 Score Rookie and Traded Wayne Edwards #85T
1981 Fleer Mike Lum #258
1989 Topps Benny Santiago #256
1981 Fleer Jeff Twitty #49
1990 Upper Deck High Wilson Alvarez #765
1986 Topps Traded Bill Campbell #17T
1987 Topps Bryan Clutterbuck #562
1989 Donruss Pat Perry #404
1986 Topps Traded Argenis Salazar #96T
1989 Donruss Andy Hawkins #583
1987 Topps Gary Carter #602
1989 Donruss Luis Salazar #352
1986 Topps Traded Bob Ojeda #81T
1987 Topps Gene Mauch #518
1989 Donruss Lance Blankenship #621
1989 Donruss Frank DiPino #393
1992 Topps Milt Cuyler #522
1989 Donruss Bryan Harvey #525
1995 Pinnacle Robby Thompson #385
1990 Fleer Bobby Thigpen #549
1989 Topps Steve Buechele #732
1989 Topps Phil Bradley #608
1990 Donruss Tim Jones #686
1999 Team Best Baseball America Scott Krause #58 of 100
1990 Score Eric Green #609 - football
1990 Upper Deck Eric Hetzel #673
1993 Upper Deck Glenn Davis #353
1993 Score Select Mike Moore #270
1993 Upper Deck Rob Dibble #675
1992 Score Tony Perezchica #702
1992 Score Terry Shumpert #248
1992 Score Pat Tabler #312
1992 Score Dean Palmer #392
1993 Score Select Tom Pagnozzi #37
1992 Leaf Kevin Ward #338
1992 Leaf Ron Karkovice #105
1987 Topps Dwayne Murphy #743
1987 Topps Tim Burke #624
1987 Topps Stan Javier #263
1987 Topps Tom Brunansky #776
1987 Topps Gary Ward #762
1987 Topps Reid Nichols #539
1987 Topps Reggie Jackson #300
1987 Topps Stan Javier #263
1987 Topps Calvin Schiraldi #94
1987 Topps Mark Thurmond #361

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Would Shin Soo Choo be a fit for the Angels?

Besides any wishful thinking, I don't think the free agent has been involved in any rumors regarding the Angels - he maybe a complimentary player who is going to be paid like a star, but Choo is an on-base machine who does just a little bit of everything.

Choo would leadoff for the Angels with Howard Kendrick behind him before Mike Trout, Albert Pujols and Josh Hamilton follow - if Pujols comes back healthy and Hamilton screws his head on straight, the lineup might be the best in the American League West.

On the field, maybe Choo plays right field since he has had a reputation of having a good arm - the Angels players who take a step back if Choo is signed would be J.B. Shuck [who is a fourth outfielder anyway] and Kole Calhoun, who can rotate between the outfield, DH and first base, if the Angels want to take advantage of his bat.

Unlike his previous two teams, if Choo signed with the Angels - he'd on the West Coast, where there is a little bit more diversity [as opposed to playing in Detroit, Texas or Ohio] and the flights back-and-forth from his native South Korea would be much easier.

I think the Angels can add another big money free agent or two - though maybe pushed to their limits, especially when the grumblings about any sort of Mike Trout contract extension get louder and louder each passing season.

RF Shin-Soo Choo
2B Howie Kendrick
CF Mike Trout
1B Albert Pujols
LF Josh Hamilton
3B David Freese
DH C.J. Cron / Kole Calhoun
C Chris Iannetta / Hank Conger
SS Erick Aybar

In the mail box - a 1989 ProCards Las Vegas Stars team set

The adolescent picked up this set for $5 plus shipping / handling to see if I could actually get the Keith Comstock card in-hand - I would feel bad for Comstock if the image was anything but staged, but I think the photographer and Comstock probably had a good time goofing around.

There maybe a number of rank-and-file players from this set who had already bounced back and forth from the majors to the minors as this was AAA set as opposed to a set consisting of youngsters from the low minors - though their cards in this set were not their first professional cards, the notable players in the set are Sandy Alomar Jr., Joey Cora and Carlos Baerga.

Sunday, December 15, 2013

Unwinding at the card shop with some finds

1997 Topps Chris Snopek #137 - Bernie Williams cameo
1997 Topps Pat Hentgen #330

1997 Topps Matt Lawton #428
1997 Topps John Jaha #446
2013 Panini Black Friday Adrian Peterson #13

2013 Panini Black Friday Russell Wilson #21 - the 2013 NFL Most Valuable Player candidate is your newest Texas Rangers minor leaguer.
2013 Topps Chrome Andy Dalton #33
2013 Topps Update Justin Grimm #US 17

2013 Topps Update Tim Collins #US 40 - Blue Sapphire parallel serial #'d 19/25
2013 Topps Update Luke Putkonen #US 43
2013 Topps Update Brett Marshall #US 51 - Emerald Foil parallel
2013 Topps Update Kevin Frandsen #US 58 - Emerald Foil parallel

2013 Topps Update Martin Perez #US 69 - Gold parallel serial #'d 0593/2013
2013 Topps Update Yu Darvish #US 79 - Gold parallel serial #'d 0849/2013

2013 Topps Update Bryan Peterson #US 82 - Gold parallel serial #'d 0529/2013
2013 Topps Update Michael Young #US 90 - Emerald Foil parallel
2013 Topps Update Salvador Perez #US 98 - Gold parallel serial #'d 0444/2013
2013 Topps Update Bryce Harper #US 100
2013 Topps Update Michael Morse #US 103

2013 Topps Update Ryan Kalish #US 108
2013 Topps Willie Bloomquist #US 117 - Gold parallel serial #'d 1044/2013

2013 Topps Update Ken Griffey Jr. #US 119 - SP?
2013 Topps Update Jose Fernandez #US 133
2013 Topps Update Jim Henderson #US 161 - Gold parallel serial #'d 0942/2013
2013 Topps Update Nick Punto #US 171 - Gold parallel serial #'d 1169/2013

2013 Topps Update Blake Parker #US 172
2013 Topps Update Reed Johnson #US 173 - Gold parallel serial #'d 0782/2013
2013 Topps Update Bryce Harper #US 180 
2013 Topps Update Dioner Navarro #US 184 - Gold parallel serial #'d 1803/2013
2013 Topps Update Brad Miller #US 224
2013 Topps Update Preston Claiborne #US 252 - Gold parallel serial #'d 0122/2013
2013 Topps Update Skip Schumaker #US 261 - Gold parallel serial #'d 0202/2013

2013 Topps Update Josh Thole #US 272 - Emerald Foil parallel
2013 Topps Luis Avilan #US 298 
2013 Topps Dylan Axelrod #US 305

2013 Topps Update Nate Jones #US 312 - Emerald Foil parallel
2013 Topps Update Junichi Tazawa #US 314

2013 Topps 75th Anniversary hobby pack recap

Non-sports cards have little appeal to me, especially ones that were printed from the same junk wax era [1986-1992] as baseball cards - I saw random posts about this on Chris Olds' Twitter and tried a pack to see if I can hit anything on a one-pack impulse purchase for $4.

I had the same experience opening packs of the first year of Topps Archives baseball in 2001, where I didn't know what I had - but 75th Anniversary basically consist of reprints with write-ups about the original set on the back.

It's kind of fun seeing a mash up of different cards reprinted from Topps' non-sport trading card history - though the cards seems whimsical and odd, not focused on one theme or one product.

Pack one

#83 Michael Jackson

#49 Winston Churchill - Who am I?

#4 Tarzan and The She Devil

#2 X-Ray Round Up

#84 New Kids on the Block - Foil parallel

#15 James Dean 

#72 Grease 

#64 Comic Book Heroes Stickers

Saturday, December 14, 2013

Autograph request through the mail received: Cameron Maybin

For the past several years, my TTM activity has really been non-existent - once in a blue moon, I can look forward to getting a SASE from a request I'd written off at least several years ago, though I don't really wait around the clock for the mail anymore like I did in the late 1990's through late 2000's.

With this request, I think sent a couple of cards, one of which was Maybin's 2005 Bowman AFLAC card - worth maybe a quarter, but a card I didn't want to lose when I thought a base card of a young prospect maybe worth something when it came from an 'oddball' set that one had to mail a redemption card for.

I got back a 2007 Bowman Draft card signed in black Sharpie - Maybin earned himself a 5-year contract with the San Diego Padres in 2012, but after a lost season this past year, he is looking for a bounce back season.

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Not a bad trade for the Angels

The Angels sent off Mark Trumbo in a three-way trade with the Arizona Diamondbacks and the Chicago White Sox - the Angels are going to miss Mark Trumbo's tremendous pop but not his streakiness with the bat.

There is a chance that Trumbo still has the ability to improve as a hitter - but the Angels were able to get a pitching prospect [though one that was originally in their system] and a serviceable pitcher for a guy whose power is constantly negated by the holes in his swing.

C.J. Cron is just about ready at 24 to figure into the Angels plans next season - the irony is he maybe a Trumbo clone who had a down year in AA in 2013, but the Angels should see what he can do at the MLB level sooner than never.

Speaking as strictly as a fan, I'm not going to miss Trumbo's occasional douchiness despite being a fan favorite - he's actually done the usual things normal ballplayers would do countless number of times such as signing autographs, taking pictures, make appearances at public events, making appearances on behalf of the team, et al.

Maybe he was just was never a warm and fuzzy guy and at times - he'd let you know in no uncertain terms that he'd rather be doing something else than signing another autograph.

Hector Santiago has actually been pretty good over the past two years as both a reliever and starting pitcher - he maybe the key that wins this trade early for the Angels because should be able to help the MLB team next season.

Santiago needs to walk less guys and hopefully he stays healthy, which is always a concern for any pitcher - but maybe it matters more for a guy that wasn't considered a top prospect and has sort of come out of nowhere to enjoy relative MLB success.

Tyler Skaggs hasn't been impressive in parts of two MLB seasons and he may not be better than a No. 3 starter - but he's young and gets to go back to the organization that drafted him 2009.

Saturday, December 07, 2013

If my eyes were to be believed LOL

I thought I saw Glenn Hoffman at a Best Buy, possibly looking for a TV with his wife - the last thing on my mind was spotting a random former MLB player [brother of Trevor and current third base coach of the Padres], but according to the address listed for him on SCN, he may actually live 5-10 minutes away from the particular store.

Thursday, December 05, 2013

Heavy lifting with lil pieces o' cardboard

I have to figure out where cards have to go sooner than never - I'm trying to eliminate situations where things are not in order and I end up feeling like I'm missing cards.

As the baseball off-season rolls on, I should be worried about MLB / MiLB related transactions, but in-between moving my nickel and dime cards to 'new homes' as players move on - I'm focused on trying to deal with some of my collecting topics cards.

I feel like I need to go over my collecting topics cards for the longest time since I might be missing something - which makes me feel uneasy because I'm supposed be on top of at least the cards I collect for fun. THIS SOME SERIOUS BUSINESS HERE.

Right now, I'm listing all my additions from this year as 'achievements,' though there is still a little bit of time to add some assorted cards - I'm physically putting the actual cards into collection stored in boxes and fixing any discrepancies between what I may have and what is actually listed on a file in Excel.

1.) For any particular cards missing or otherwise loose somewhere in the wild, I tried to highlight the listing in red meaning so I have some peace of mind to say - 'OK, I do not have this card among this group of collecting topics cards, but I should be able to account for where it is.'

2.) I deleted listings of particular cards even though it fits among a similar group of collecting topics cards - if I can get particular cards autographed in-person, those take priority over stuffing a particular card in a box of my collecting topics 'sets.'

I WANT TO MAKE ANYTHING HIGHLIGHTED IN RED 'DISAPPEAR' SOONER THAN LATER - so it's best to delete the listing of the card just so I don't have to worry about it.

3.) At times I've listed the same cards twice, so if I have dupes, I just note it in one listing and delete the other, especially if it's a card I've had in my collection prior to the current year - don't want to duplicate the general number of cards I ended up counting out through my database as far as my current year achievements are concerned.

4.) Collecting topics I officially collect - many of these consist of cards I've seen on other blogs throughout the past five years, though I think back to the Pinnacle and Triple Play subset cards from the 1990's as my primary inspiration [at least in name] as well as the advent of better baseball card photography and premium quality card sets [maybe starting with 1989 Upper Deck].

Tools of ignorance - done 11/29
Broken bat shots - done 11/29
Facial hair - done 11/29
Awesome outfield action - done 11/29
Nations - done 12/2
Shades - done 12/1
Hats off - done 12/1
Pitchers hitting - done 12/5
Interesting backs 
PEDs - done 12/4
Bonus babies - done 12/2
Local [OC] guys - done 12/4
High socks - done 12/4
Inking it up - done 12/4
Infamous - done 12/4
Awesome action - done 12/5
Retro uniforms
Cult baseball players / feats
Beyond the glory
Two-sport stars - done 12/5
Uncorrected errors - done 12/5
Players smiling

Angels acquisitions so far

This guy, Wade LeBlanc, Joe Smith and Clay Rapada - it looks like it has shaped up to be a great offseason to pick up scrubs fighting for a spot on the pitching staff in the spring, though I'm thinking the Angels might be looking to grab someone they might not need relative to their pitching woes.

Just throwing it out, but maybe Robinson Cano, who might not make it back to New York Yankees after they signed Brian McCann and Jacoby Ellsbury - signing Cano is going to jack up the Angels payroll [in addition to Albert Pujols and Josh Hamilton] but he who might be a force in the middle of the lineup as a No. 3 hitter through his mid 30's.

Tuesday, December 03, 2013

Featured autographs - Edgar Martinez and 2001 Seattle Mariners All-Stars

I sent in a 2001 Seattle Mariners All-Star 8x10 and paid $35 to have it signed by longtime Mariners star Edgar Martinez - I bought the photo in 2002 since the Mariners were coming off a 116 win season and they were one of the top teams to chase for autographs [at the very least for Ichiro], though I didn't realize it would take 12-13 years to complete.

I even brought the photo to a Seattle trip I took earlier this year, hoping I'd random see Martinez at the lone Mariners game I was able to go to - no dice on that, but I eventually saw a post through the SCN message boards where someone was taking items for Martinez to be signed.

I thought it might be a good opportunity to get the photo signed and not have to worry about carrying it around - though it seemed pretty ballsy to send the photo in to a random person who was going to get it signed for a fee.

I assume the person taking items has some sort of agreement to get at least a certain number of items signed - from what I stumbled upon, I assume the signing was at Sun Times show - Martinez was scheduled to appear on Sunday [Nov. 24], so that was when my item was probably inked up.

My biggest fear about this whole deal was something catastrophic happening - maybe my Priority SASE gets lost or banged up, the autograph was signed on the toploader [not likely, but who knows] or the autograph is imperfect and/or comes back wrecked.

I sent my photo, money order and SASE out early in November and got my package at the end of the month - upon closer inspection, the autograph was just a little imperfect, so I let out a faint groan, but it doesn't look bad at all and I can finally put it away, knowing it's finished.

The toughest autograph to get was Kaz Sasaki - he wasn't fond of signing or being mobbed, but I managed to get the 8x10 infront of him, where he relented to scribble on it.

Ichiro was running with black when I got him to sign - that kind of messed things up, but can't worry about when he maybe one of the toughest.

Sunday, December 01, 2013

Making my own $5 repack

I spent an alotted hour digging through an old standby's booth at a card show - by 'old standby,' I mean a guy who has set up off and on for at least the past eight years, with his monster boxes of cheap-o cards and other stuff i.e. trinkets and other sports related junk.

I don't know him well at all but I know if I stop wherever he is set up for the day - I could spend a long time just standing around digging up all sorts of cards, even if I spend only $5-$10 at the most.

I ended up picking up about 60 assorted cards - I don't know how the guy picks up the cards he has, maybe he works for a collector or something, so the boxes are sort of refreshed with newer cards.

These the cards are the ones out of the dime boxes
1996 Leaf Preferred Will Clark #16
1996 Leaf Preferred Garret Anderson #21

1998 Fleer EX 2001 Nomar Garciaparra #95

1998 Fleer Tradition Nomar Garciaparra #5
2009 Upper Deck Signature Stars Asher Wojciechowski #USA 40 - USA Star Prospects insert / x2
2010 Bowman Chrome Jae-Hoon Ha #BCP 85
2012 Panini USA Kyle Farmer #7 - x2
2012 Panini USA Dom Nunez #36

These the cards are the ones out of the quarter boxes
1983 Donruss Howard Johnson #328

1991 Topps Stadium Club Sammy Sosa #6
1993 Bowman Jason Kendall #162
1993 Bowman Jose Vidro #592
1993 Upper Deck Eric Karros #WI 9
- Iooss Collection insert

1993 Upper Deck SP Frank Thomas #260

1994 Bowman Tony Clark #209 - x2

1994 Bowman Ryne Sandberg #250

1994 Pinnacle Hilly Hathaway #127
- Museum Collection parallel
1994 Pinnacle Wayne Kirby #132 - Museum Collection parallel
1994 Pinnacle Eric Young #133 - Museum Collection parallel

1994 Pinnacle Greg Myers #156
- Museum Collection parallel

1994 Pinnacle David Hulse #162
- Museum Collection parallel
1994 Pinnacle Phil Clark #167 - Museum Collection parallel

1994 Pinnacle Sam Horn #170
- Museum Collection parallel

1994 Pinnacle Bob Natal #173
- Museum Collection parallel
1994 Pinnacle Roberto Mejia #181 - Museum Collection parallel

1994 Pinnacle Steve Frey #185
- Museum Collection parallel
1994 Pinnacle Kevin Young #186 - Museum Collection parallel

1994 Pinnacle Ivan Calderon #192
- Museum Collection parallel
1994 Pinnacle Jose Lind #199 - Museum Collection parallel

1995 Pinnacle Willie Banks #337
- Museum Collection parallel
1995 Topps Carlos Delgado #263 - Cyberstats parallel

1996 Pinnacle Ryan Klesko #153 of 200
- Starburst parallel

1998 Flair Showcase Larry Walker #33
- Grace / Showpiece parallel
2000 Bowman Jeff Bagwell #MP 10 - Major Power insert

2001 Donruss Tim Salmon #26
- "1999" Retroactive insert

2001 Upper Deck SP Top Prospects Josh Beckett #BD 5
- Big Town Dreams insert
2004 Topps Cracker Jack Dioner Navarro #201
2007 Upper Deck Rookie Edition Brandon Morrow #170
2010 Bowman Platinum Grant Green #PP 15 - x2
2010 Bowman Platinum George Springer #PP 48

2010 Topps Bo Jackson #CMT-36
- 2010 Topps Cards Your Mom Threw Out insert / original back?
2010 Topps 206 Ichiro #52

2010 Topps 206 Honus Wagner #69
- Gold parallel

2010 Topps 206 Ty Cobb #165

2010 Topps 206 Albert Pujols #221

2011 Topps Andrew McCutchen #60
- Liquorfractor parallel

2012 Topps Archives Torii Hunter #105
- Gold parallel
2012 Topps Archives Andrew McCutchen #77C-AM - 1977 Topps Cloth insert
2012 Topps Archives Giancarlo Stanton #77C-MS - 1977 Topps Cloth insert
2012 Topps Archives Josh Hamilton #77C-JH - 1977 Topps Cloth insert
2012 Topps Archives Monte Irvin #62 - Topps Gold Stamped Reprints insert

2012 Topps Archives Juan Marichal #420
- Topps Gold Stamped Reprints insert
2013 Pinnacle Allen Craig #40 - Museum Collection parallel
2013 Pinnacle Roy Halladay #55 - Museum Collection parallel

2013 Pinnacle Jon Lester #83
- Museum Collection parallel
2013 Pinnacle Matt Holliday #129 - Museum Collection parallel