Sunday, December 15, 2013

2013 Topps 75th Anniversary hobby pack recap

Non-sports cards have little appeal to me, especially ones that were printed from the same junk wax era [1986-1992] as baseball cards - I saw random posts about this on Chris Olds' Twitter and tried a pack to see if I can hit anything on a one-pack impulse purchase for $4.

I had the same experience opening packs of the first year of Topps Archives baseball in 2001, where I didn't know what I had - but 75th Anniversary basically consist of reprints with write-ups about the original set on the back.

It's kind of fun seeing a mash up of different cards reprinted from Topps' non-sport trading card history - though the cards seems whimsical and odd, not focused on one theme or one product.

Pack one

#83 Michael Jackson

#49 Winston Churchill - Who am I?

#4 Tarzan and The She Devil

#2 X-Ray Round Up

#84 New Kids on the Block - Foil parallel

#15 James Dean 

#72 Grease 

#64 Comic Book Heroes Stickers

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Fuji said...

NKOTB Foil Parallel... Lucky! (using my best Napoleon Dynamite impersonation)