Monday, July 18, 2011

Angels - back home for three games and then back on the road for a lifetime?

Right now, I think I've been paying attention to Vernon Wells' at-bats - cautiously optimistic that after his brutal start, after regaining some life up through the All-Star break, that he will go on a prolonged hot streak that perhaps pushes his average to around .240 and his on-base percentage to around .290...

My life partially revolves around the Angels' home schedule, so there hasn't been too much 'being at the game in-person' action - ever since the last time I was at Angel Stadium before the All-Star break.

The rest of the Angels home games in the will feature American League West teams making multiple trips to Anaheim
- so I'm hoping to see more of the Texas Rangers in particular, since they are leading the division.

I'm planning on going to the Angels games on Wednesday and Thursday
- if the Angels sweep or at least win this upcoming series against the Rangers, then I have some hope about the Angels' chances about overtaking the Rangers.

These three games may not be considered a 'make or break' series, but the Rangers are the frontrunners and it doesn't look like they are slowing down for anybody
- if the Rangers sweep or least win this upcoming series, it might just be enough to separate themselves where the Angels aren't going to be able to do enough to catch up.

After this brief three game homestand, the Angels won't be back home until August
- so I'd better try to get out to a game in the next couple of days.

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Play at the Plate said...

Ok, we are not going to be friends for the next few days. But after that, it's all good. Go Rangers!