Tuesday, February 03, 2015

Sorting - doing the nerd work

I don't know if I can say I was busy with it all of January, but most of what I did with my cards is sort the ones I try to get signed in-person - the cards are arranged by teams, between the MLB guys and the minor leaguers.

I try to keep the boxes I have for my cards updated, so that means trying to weed out cards of guys who are not playing for a particular MLB organization anymore - it's easier to account for moves involving big league players, though I'm always checking on MLB Trade Rumors, MILB.com or Baseball America for the obscure minor league guys whose unsigned cards still populate my 'minors' section of each MLB team.

There are always transactions I haven't accounted for though it looks like I maybe down to the Angels and Los Angeles Dodgers as far as players to check on - I went through my brick of cards featuring draft pick, prospect and minor league cards and on a piece of paper, list players' names who I figure may not be with an organization anymore [guys who are 25 or older, guys who were drafted in one of the last rounds and/or guys who weren't even drafted].

I then look them up online, jotting down where they may be, even if that means they are not playing anymore - afterwards I actually will pull the cards and file them away, whether to go towards my A-Z archive [of commons] or towards a collecting topic, mini-collection.

A small sample listed are cards I'm going through for the Dodgers' system - when going through my 'minors' cards, I just have to chuckle when I find cards of guys who are long gone, whose last stat lines came more than a few years ago.

Aaron Miller - I assume still with the organization
Hector Nelo - gone
Tyler Ogle - I assume still with the organization
Michael Pericht - gone / looks like he last played in 2012
Mark Pope - free agent
Chris Reed - still with the organization
Jordan Roberts - gone / looks like he last played in 2012
Andres Santiago - signed with the Chicago Cubs
Will Savage - gone / looks like he played in 2012
Steve Smith - I assume still with the organization
Brandon Diaz - IN THE MILWAUKEE BREWERS system / the card I have of Diaz is a 2013 Panini Perennial Picks and because the uniforms are Photoshopped out and there is no direct mention of the team a player belongs to, sometimes a random, loose card ends up in the wrong place.
Lindsay Pyc - trainer / gone

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Matt said...

Least I am not the only one who sorts deeply. I don't do the team moves like yours, but I have boxes and binders for pretty much everything.