Wednesday, February 04, 2015

Sorting - doing the nerd work II

As far as getting stuff signed by random baseball players in-person, I'm always going to be one of those 'card guys,' but it's gotten to where not many get signed for the time I put into hoarding them - I dread taking the time to keep up with transactions, dig around for cards and make sure certain cards are with the right organizations for a particular period of time.

I've never had cards for every single player within a particular team, but I still end up confusing myself by the number of cards I do end up with - I get depressed when I have a horde of unsigned cards that never get ink on them and I wonder if I can just ditch the cards for the most part.

As is, collecting cardboard to be scribbled on is a 'thing' for me and sorting out unsigned cards is just one of those rituals that have to be done - so I don't lose momentum as far as being out somewhere, being prepared and actually going through the process of getting the cards autographed.

Like my post yesterday with the Dodgers, I've gone through the my 'minors' cards for the Angels this time to see if I could weed out cards of players not with the team anymore - maybe it's because the Angels' system has been more than a little thin, but there doesn't seem to be too many prospects within my brick of cards.

Eric Aguilera - I assume still with the organization
Yency Almonte - I assumed he was still with the organization just the other day, though he was just traded for the since departed Gordon Beckham.
Mike Hampton - didn't see the former MLB pitcher listed among the 2015 minor coaching staffs for the Angels, might have decided to do something else.
Pete Harnisch - I get excited when the Angels hire a former MLB player, but I never get to see guys like Harnisch or Hampton, because they usually are enlisted to work with minor leaguers.

The Angels 2015 minor league coaching staff list was posted online - it looks like Harnisch is still with the team as a special assignment pitching coach.

Roberto Lopez - free agent; he was with organization for years and I remember his buddy chiming in and saying Lopez was 'Jose Canseco,' when I tried to get him to sign a card in Rancho Cucamonga.

Patrick Lowery - gone / looks like he last played in 2013
Paul McAnulty - hitting coach at Tempe
Mike Micucci - still with the organization as the field coordinator
Pat Rice - still with the organization as the AA pitching coach
Bill Richardson - still with the organization as the AA manager
Kramer Sneed - I assume still with the organization
Michael Snyder - I assume still with the organization
Paul Sorrento - helped out with the Angels when Don Baylor was hurt, looks like he is still with the organization as a roving hitting instructor
Stephen Tromblee - gone
Jonah Wesely - I assume still with the organization
Austin Wood - still with the organization
Andy Workman - gone
Alex Yarbrough - non-roster invitee

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